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    Moveable Target Range

    Awesome! One of my old Favorite mission classics!! Thanks Kronsky!
  2. Dutch specifically asked me to respond. However since it has been over a year and a half since I have directly admin'd a server of 30-50+ players I feel I do not remember enough specifics of my own experiences. But I do believe there are currently evidence of some undesirable relationships between client and server. I am closely watching the following hoping for some resolution in OA or if not then definitely Arma 3. https://dev-heaven.net/issues/27001 https://dev-heaven.net/issues/32202 I have seen situations where we receive Red Chains and then I have seen the Admin manually kick one or two players and the Red Chain immediately disappears. I have recently experience situations like that for what its worth.
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    BRAVO Scott!! BRAVO!!
  4. The RSS feed is sweet indeed. The chrome desktop notification even when my browsers are not running is very sweet too! I will use both tools. Thanks!
  5. vipermaul

    ARMA 2 : OA beta build 84689

    Yes Pauliesss! !hanks for the unlisted fixes! It helps mucho!
  6. vipermaul

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 84527

    It appears these are also expected to be fixed. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/24413#note-4 http://dev-heaven.net/issues/24368#note-17 I haven't confirmed them yet however, still at work.
  7. vipermaul

    Stargate Universe [SG:U]

    BigMac, so you are saying Sickboy's idea of the Big Companies finding a way to embrace the Internet where many of the audiences are shifting too is dumb? If yes why is it dumb? Just last week I read an article from a report from "Convergence Consulting Group" about millions of people shifting over Who-is-cutting-cable-for-Hulu-Netflix-and-OTA
  8. vipermaul

    Sickboy's interview

    Bravo! Nice Interview!
  9. vipermaul

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 76067

    This failed for me also. Both directories where updated. With this DLL. No Joy.
  10. vipermaul


    Bravo!! :bounce3:
  11. Thanks for the update. Your tool is much needed.
  12. vipermaul

    A2 Testbench

    Congratulations alef! I know you have worked hard on this. Once Arma Groups Admins and Dev teams recognizes its true power, it will be much appreciated. Complex mission designers will probably also reap good benefits as well.
  13. OUTSTANDING!! This new feature can save some of us SO MUCH TIME. Lets say you want to take a mission's unit structure from one island to another to make a similar or new PvP mission, you would Copy & Paste the units into the new island to save time using the BI Editor right? But if you ever done this before then you know that the Editor strips the Playable setting of all units. And if it was your desire, and it is most of the time, you have to spend tedious amounts of time resetting each unit back to Playable one by one. Some of us advanced users have had to spend time creating an advanced search & replace of the SQM file. If you did that some of you know the pitfalls of and hazards of getting this wrong. CTD when the mission tries to load if you get one character wrong. As you wrote on your site: https://sites.google.com/site/macsarmatools/sqm I cannot wait to try this. It will save some of us mission makers SO MUCH TIME!For Coop missions I hope that you can some how differentiate between the Sides or Factions if the mission makers want to only make some of the units Playable. But either way I sure this feature Add is a WINNER!! Thanks again SBSMac! Your tools really speaks to our hearts!
  14. Very well. Thanks. This will be fixed in the next release.
  15. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. #include "f_waitForJIP.sqf" Has been there forever and I don't remember having any problems in the Arma 2 days of using F2 Spectator such as this. Can you please PM me a copy of your mission that demonstrates this issue? And we can make sure a fix is submitted.
  16. vipermaul

    1.07 in XP Dedicated Server Question.

    Thanks for saving me alef!
  17. vipermaul

    dedicated server wont start...

    Yeah I had the same issues for hours. My final solution was ended being the same as above. Wish I would have seen that thread much sooner. Thanks anyways.
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    As the server handles a lot of processing like AI and other things for example, a COOP mission against 200 - 250 AI using DAC 3.0 or even conventional means, I would hope some of these excellent client side performance improvements would make there way to the server side eventually someday.
  19. We should get this reported in the CIT bug database if it isn't already.
  20. vipermaul

    New Beta Build 71195 Up!

    New Beta released [71213] with no change log. Thanks Kju and zGuba for the heads up.
  21. How is it freezing? Any crash dumps? Try just ACE *without the beta. Or try exThreads=0 or 2 The beta crashes in certain situations when using exThreads=3 I have been trying to track this down to lines of code. EDIT: Ah I see here.... Missed that post. Looking forward to your bug report.