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  1. Tibby595

    Gastovski, troska etc

    that women off of Eastenders!!!
  2. Tibby595

    Mix your perfect game

    after playing UT 2003 i'd like ragdoll physics too! it'd have to be a pretty big explosion to get you going but like if you're hit in the middle of your back while in mid air on UT2003 your body kinda folds around it, then you fall down which is cool!!!
  3. i'd like a planetside like thing most mp mission ( not rts maps) all have a special objective wouldn't it be great to have a "take over the island" thingy ok you might need 64 players but you would have to co-op with ur team with stuff like "A team distracts the main guards at point alpha, while tibby goes around and plants satchels at the back of the base" that kinda stuff!!! i don't like co-ops where you waltz around killing stuff a game like that where you need to plan attacks and stuff would be brill!!! even if we have to have 20 different game types i don't care!!! as long as we can convert console gamers and UT/CS gamers to turn to OFP then i'll be happy oh yes vote for bush.... yay vote for blair (sorry, me no glory supporter)
  4. Tibby595

    Some more suggestions

    i'd love to do that scene in we were soldiers it's middle of night as squad is missing they hear summat ask for illumination and BAM! 20 seconds/ 300 rounds later it all goes quite again man that would be fun...
  5. Tibby595

    Explosion shake

    you don't need a subwoofer (it's nice i know but) if you get yourself dizzy then play ofp everything shakes!!!
  6. Tibby595

    Crushable cars

    i agree!
  7. Tibby595

    Armoured personnell carriers

    it'd be wicked if you were in an transport plane and the pilot opens the door and you lose that loudmouthed asshole out the back hee hee hee
  8. Tibby595

    Enviorment seasonal changes

    i know it's fun to make mods for it ( and addons) but winter camo/ winter islands were supported by BIS is BIS gives us all ofp1+ mods have rolled into one game ( eg. winter maps and "bonus Sounds" ppl make) then we#ve easily got a great game not to mention a forum worth of suggestions ;)
  9. Tibby595

    Opf 2 not gonna be released at 2004.

    battlefield vietnam should be fun flying upside down letting of napalm grabbing an m60 and letting rip into that noisy bush over there and winning the game ;)
  10. Tibby595

    Will you buy ofp 2?

    Do you have Army experience? yes Did you like ofp 1? yes Will you like ofp 2? yes Are you prepared to die for it? yes THEN JOIN TIBBY'S ARMY! Your mission, when you choose to accept it, is to grab the nearest m16 and Law and join me outside Codemaster's studios (supposing they manufacture ofp 2) AMBUSH THE TRUCKS Steal one copy of OFP2 come home and kill commies PS. Your passport must be over 6 months of expiring PSS. You must have a FAKE passport PSSS. I meant to click yes...
  11. Tibby595

    Gastovski, troska etc

    what if troska got pregnant!!! that would twist your already-wierd-stories!!!
  12. Tibby595

    Bis & war veterans

    as long as we don't ask forrest gump...
  13. i don't care if OFP's 10 GB and 50 quid!!! if we can get OFP but with an extra "layer of icing" (thanx somebody ;) ) then it'll be brill! also: while looking for info in MOHAA i had a "perfect scene" in my mind: you're hiding behind a concrete pillar and a smashed up wall some mg42 spotted u and starts shooting you and doesn;t stop until he needs to reload/ he thinks he's got you... but when i come to mohaa the enemy ONLY FIRES when he sees you i know this is the smart thing to do but it would add atmosphere if you're REALLY pinned down
  14. Tibby595


    when you set it to 50 you get is a white line going from top to half way a flash coming and then repeating other than that i get a "screen test"
  15. Tibby595

    Which theatre are you most looking forward to?

    vietnam for me... i've got BFVietnam & a load of Medal of honour games in vietnam and i'm using them as target practise!!! although i will enjoy them too...
  16. Tibby595

    Seagulls and reality

    i hope they include dogs if the player dies in a village... i heard there was a mod/ addon which allowed the seagulls to "excrete" on enemies see why me wanna be doggy?
  17. Not to be too long but: I like Delta Force Black Hawk Down for it's abilities to walk around in the choppers Flashpoint had 2 objects, you and the vehicle, to that, if you chose to get in, it waited for 2 seconds for you to do an animation and then you are sat in the car if somebody clicks get in one second, you can drive off and they'll be in your car even if the animation isn't finished... BF is a good animation, but it still is hard to jump on an aircraft to air walk So what i want is DFBHD style vehicles, so you can get on, climb over, and use your weapons inside them... i say this because i'd love to airwalk on ofp it's hard to airwalk on a figher on BF, especially when the pilot doesn't like you and does loop the loops i suppose it's possible on the bomber but oh yes sorry >click< send
  18. Tibby595

    Getting in vehicles

    if you choose to shoot the flipping rotor that;s your fault!!! but i get where ur going
  19. Tibby595

    About chopper/plane

    Yeah specially one to eject , like ctrl+E "oh shit im gonna crash" *scrolls down the menu* Dauragon has been killed (friendly fire) you forgot the part where you start swearing about there not being a shortcut for ejecting ;)
  20. Tibby595

    Other nations

    That isnt an american accent SnypaUK. It sounds more like he is english. Witch is odd since everyone else has an Eastern Euopean accent in the game. he " retired" to the island he's not lived there all his life it also mention he used to be in AN Army anyone thinking ex-marines or SAS gone crap? well he's not crap he's actually quite good he's not dead for a start!
  21. Tibby595

    Weapons requests

    i saw this in a film ( i think in the gulf war) where some woman is a really good soldier and dies and deserves some really impressive ( don';t forget shiny!) medal.. but one of her comrades hits her by accident and she dies in a firefight, later on some general wants to know if she was worth the medal and all her comrades are jealous and try to make themsleves sound better ANYWAY while flying in a Huey over an enemy tank and a bunch of soldiers, she pushes out a box of ammo or summat else when it hits the tank she shoots a flare at it and it splodes i'm not asking to be able to do this, but if you had to, you could have a flare gun like a single use pistol which fired a flare ( don't tell me you ca get one) but you can aim it, and in real pressure where you have no choice you could shoot sum 1 with it... so if you get a well placed flare right INTO tank (firing for a heli right above it of course) you could make it splode! or hit sum explosives with it and make them splode so you could use it as a cig. lighter instead!
  22. Tibby595

    Not using islands?

    what about getting a few guys to sneak over to planetsides developer's studios and find out how they did it N/M the thousands of players you can have...
  23. Tibby595

    Getting in vehicles

    i know wing walking is not real but it's fun!!! most of the time you fall and in enemy territory cuz ur pilot does loop ala loops there cuz he no like you... i know u didn't like DFBHD ( well i didn't) but when u get in a vehicle, it's possible to move and i've read it somewhere "The M21 ~blah blah blah~ making it perfect for shooting out of helis" in ofp1 u can't do that at least if you can move around, you'll be able to use your gun, meaning you can shoot out of vehicles
  24. Tibby595

    Real vehicle sounds

    not just sounds real vehicle damage like popping the wheels was used when stealing supllies wasn't it?
  25. Tibby595

    Getting in vehicles

    i understand what you mean about not walking around vehicles but i want THAT KIND OF ABILITY so you CAN SHOOT OUT OF THE HELI and that way of getting in, rather than clicking your little menu also, walking on aircraft carriers happens, why not have that if the "object" made was only taking up as much room as you see then you would be able to walk on them unlike the "unofficial" AC where if you landed on it you'd slide off, it's as if there was a glass box surrounding it understand me now? my 2 main examples for this thread were BF1942 and DFBHD if you have played them you know what i want