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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Bowman is at least a planned part of my Brit infantry mod, obviously it's all time dependant but still...
  2. It depends what you plan on actually doing to be honest. It's completely possible to release a very high quality mod as an individual. As an example there are lots of weapons, infantry and islands that have been made either individually or by only a few contributors. To shed a bit of light on my personal experience, I began modding in 2008, 3 months after starting I'd released what was basically just a retexture (although there were small model changes to the BIS samples). I had absolutely no experience in anything tech related, couldn't model/code etc. Most of the progress was through trial and error. Plenty of times during the process I had no idea why something was behaving in a particular manner, often it was a case of changing one thing at a time until it worked. 5 years later and I'm still learning new stuff but at the beginning I'd have never imaged I'd be doing it so long, or still learning! I get a couple emails a week from people asking for advice or help, and I'm always happy to give it, often it's prompted me to plan on writing a step by step guide for how to get an infantry addon completed. The issue is, although often the questions I get are similar, each response I give tends to be different enough that it would be hard to cover in a one size fits all guide.

    WIP British Infantry

    Just a quick update, added a few pouches to the models. As always, most is still very subject to change, especially the MTP texture so don't read too much into the look of it lol! Planning on sorting out the NVG setup in the near future. Larger Larger Larger
  4. As DH said, the "naked_body" model is completely swapped out for a uniform model when one is applied. With armour models, it is applied on top of the uniform. With that in mind. If your uniform model was just a pair of trousers, the whole naked body model would be replaced leaving just a pair of legs lol. That said, you could take the top half of the sample model from BIS to give the impression it's still there (if that makes any sense). Issue would be weighting the upper body slot so as not to clip through the top half of the naked body if you did it this way. Alternatively you could just not use the naked upper body, but that would look a bit odd lol

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    Someone pointed out that the last mile (26th) was dedicated to Newtown. That was only 0.2 miles from the finish, close proximity to where the explosions occurred. apparently some Newtown families were in attendence in that particular area according to AP. Hopefully just coincidence. lol!

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    Well there are reports police are gaurding a suspect/person of interest in hospital. People are suggesting the person is 20 years old. EDIT: From Boston Common, police stand round cuffed individual.

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    JFK Library blast was confirmed by police according to Sky News. BPD officer says devices that exploded were in mailboxes.

    WIP British Infantry

    If that's what you're into I won't say anything... :p But in seriousness... well sort of... the scrim will be coming in a few variants if I have the time. I do plan on adding proper NVGs when I get the chance, currently the BIS one's don't fit my NVG helmet clap (too high up the helmet) so it's something I need to look at.

    WIP British Infantry

    Cheers guys, glad I've finally had time to make some progress on them. Still, a long way to the finish line yet though! @Messiah, "cracking" might be a little optimistic, more like "limping along" with these :P Still, having them in game is something to show for what time I have been able to devote to it. Probably planning to add sidearm holsters, pouches and any other thing I can model for the vest/belt area soon... EDIT: Oh and adding the blanking patch for the pocket, by the way, do squad.xml's work the same in A3? Not had a look to be honest. Will probably use the whole blanking plate for people to use for their clans (unless people have a better idea)


    All the "veteran" addon makers are sad panda now. :( Either way, creating something from scratch takes far longer than re-texturing existing objects, for every previous version of ARMA it's been a similar pattern, super ambitious "original" content won't happen overnight.

    UK Armed Forces

    EDIT - Derp, reference was to hat... To elaborate further on Cross888, the highest LOD is only for an unclothed soldier anyway, so you'd still have to take the uniform into account (hence leaving the gaps), so without the uniform to use a reference in O2 it wouldn't make a huge difference which LOD is used really.
  12. As pufu said, using texview or O2 is the best method. You can save .paa's as TGA in texview by adding the .tga suffix without any issue as far as I know. Then it'd be the simple case of opening it in Photoshop as a targa rather than paa.
  13. Hmm, if you haven't added the arma hands to the model then there shouldn't be any appearing AFAIK...
  14. Hands are directly part of the model, there are some available in the ARMA3 sample IIRC.


    Bit late to this whole discussion but still... Personally I won't be using Steam Workshop in it's current form if I released anything for Arma 3. Most of the reasons have already been discussed by Rock et al. On top of that though, I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to modding these days. The last thing I'd want is having to waste time trying to get a mod removed from SWS because someone else has uploaded it without my permission. On top of that, with the current SWS setup, what would happen if you uploaded a model that used part of a BIS sample? Would you be "giving away" their own IP by uploading it?

    Survarium (MMOFPS)

    With it finally confirmed that STALKER 2 is no more. The team have got hold of some funding and moved on to development of Survarium. To quote their site: Apparently they will be answering questions on twitter in the next day or two so hopefully a bit more info will emerge then. http://survarium.com/en/
  17. STALKERGB's British 3 Rifle MTP OA Addon v1.3 Right well this is what some of you may have seen from the 4 Rifle thread, I felt that they needed a rename seeing as I've moved into ARMA 2 Basically contains all the infantry you will need (hopefully). All units are using the new MTP the Brits employ although there is a very small amount of DPM on peripheral objects on the infantry. This is completely compatible with ALL OA's new features. So any site that has an OA release section can put these under there. V1.3 -Completely rebuilt/weighted upper body on ALL units. -Consolidated textures so overall size of the addon is smaller. -Added Crewman class. -Added the L129A1 sharpshooter rifle (placeholder). Not very accurate to real life version but will do for now. -Added Groups to config. Can be found under BLUFOR/UK ARMED FORCES/INFANTRY (STKR). -Resized Mk 7 Helmet slightly. -Replaced helmet strap to be more accurate. -Replaced nearly all DPM with newer MTP pattern. DPM only found on smaller peripheral objects. V1.2 -Added missing AT weapon proxy to Marksman and Sniper. -Added Lead Scout in full MTP. -Added Light Rifleman with MTP Assualt Osprey. -Created new open top mag pouch. -Added THERMAL MAPS to units. (OA only) -Updated units to use backpack system. (OA only) -Added OA material settings for skin on arms. (OA only) -Added Daysack, ECM/Comms Pack and Patrol Pack to BIS backpack system. (OA only) -Updated config for users with OA (with or without ARMA2). -Created seperate config for people with just ARMA2 (alpha test) -L115A2 NO LONGER OPTIONAL, replaced L96A1 with L115A2 in all configs. V1.1 -Shadow problems fixed (mainly backpack related) -Added Light Rifleman -Added T-Shirt model (on light rifleman) -Added OPTIONAL L115A3 config to main 7zip. So no need to DL the config seperately (although most mirrors seemed to combine them). V1.0 -New Mk7 helmet on all units. -Created Osprey Assualt, applied to most units. -Created Mk3 Osprey in Hybrid DPM, found on AT Rifleman and Medic. -Introduced new multi terrain pattern to units -MASSIVE reduction in sections. Most units have only 5. The older ones had like 20 up! Larger Larger Larger Larger ################################################# These units use the P:UKF Weapon pack which can be downloaded from HERE Now that the L115A3 is a requirement you will also need the OOPz/UKF L115A3 addon ################################################# ### The units can be found under "UK Armed Forces" in the editor. ### CLASSNAMES STKR_BritMTP_SL - Section/Squad Leader STKR_BritMTP_R - Rifleman STKR_BritMTP_C - Crewman STKR_BritMTP_RL - Light Rifleman STKR_BritMTP_MK - Marksman STKR_BritMTP_G - Grenadier STKR_BritMTP_E - Engineer STKR_BritMTP_M - Medic STKR_BritMTP_TL - Team Leader STKR_BritMTP_S - Sniper STKR_BritMTP_AT - AT Rifleman STKR_BritMTP_AR - LMG Gunner STKR_BritMTP_RL - Light Rifleman STKR_BritMTP_LS - Lead Scout STKR_BritMTP_LG - Light Grenadier ########CREDITS######### -SUMA (massive thanks) for allowing me to use my "traced" OA model parts. -Protegimus for sending me the L129A1 sounds. -JOHNNY for the source release of his Army SF, parts of textures/reference and model bits used. -Sander for the Hybrid DPM -SafetyCatch for the MTP Camo as seen in the SJB SAS Pack. -P:UKF for being very helpful with classnames for weapons and reference. -THANKS TO ANYONE ELSE WHO GAVE ME INFORMATION RELATING TO BRITISH FORCES YOU ARE TOO NUMEROUS TO NAME. -If I have forgotten anyone, PM me and I'll stick you in here :) -And obviously BIS. -The rest was done by me STALKERGB. Anyway, Link below: STALKERGB's British 3 Rifles MTP V1.3 OA Addon Armaholic.com mirror STALKERGB's British 3 Rifles MTP V1.3 OA Addon Armedassault.info mirror STALKERGB's British 3 Rifles MTP V1.3 OA Addon STALKERGB's British 3 Rifles MTP V1.3 BAF Voice config. (Optional) #####ARMA2 Users########### Link to ARMA2 version of the 3 RIFLES addon v1.2 ######################## STALKERGB .bikey link Link to Updated config for new UKF Weapons ARMA 2 Only Hope you guys enjoy. STALKERGB/Matt

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Although I'm far from familiar with the Cyberpunk 2020, and as CameronMcDonald was getting at when someone suffers from "Cyberpsychosis" cause by "Cybernetic Implant Rejection Syndrome", Max-Tac (informally called Physco Squad) frequently respond to deal with the situation. Often they recruit from those they deal with and "reprogramme" them to work for Max-Tac.

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Although the video is CGI CD Projekt have apparently stated that it's their target render quality for when it's released, which although there's no date, I'd imagine, is in 2015. Gonna be interesting to see what kind of avenue they take, wonder if you'll be part of MAX-TAC...
  20. Speaking of which: (Obviously I can't verify whether or not it's been PS'd but it popped up in the thread asking people to vote on Metacritic, which incidentally is sitting at 1.2 user score) Ban Message WarZ
  21. Buy button has been removed from the store page on Steam now: Store Page
  22. lol, not that everyone will be confused but i imagine some unwitting customers will think it's the dayZ standalone...
  23. I can only speak from my personal experience but in the past I have been contacted numerous times by a variety of clans wishing to make small edits to my work, (normally badge changes etc). So actually I've found most seem to go through the "proper channels" before making any change. Obviously it's not always the case but still, not everyone is just editing things behind addon makers backs. This whole thing feels somewhat similar to what HFB Servers are doing, they list a number of different community made maps as part of the server deals: HFBServers Feels like they are cutting a very fine line at best, certainly doesn't seem morally right though.

    Unity 3d

    I have only really messed about with modding a game that used unity but it certainly seems a decent engine. I have a feeling though it doesn't support multi-cores (although I think Unity 4 fixed/fixes that?) Either way Kerbal Space Program is made in Unity and it's already an awesome game in alpha!
  25. True, it has been amazing but Star Citizen does still use 10/11 million in private investment too (not sure where I heard that figure though)