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  1. great mod and campaign thanks.

    only one issue with mod (and also with some other mods such cold war rearmed mod!)

    the commander MG on tanks rotate as gunner turns!

    and another thing, I'm just stuck on one of campaign missions which must find mayor of berezino, I searched whole are such that train end line with some enemy units and parked vehicles but couldn't find him.

    please give some hint where can I find him.

    thanks again and sorry for my english

    Mayor of berezino

    Is hidden inside PUB near square with tank statue. Building is guarded by paratroopers.

  2. This case as described above is not exeption. Vit likes to use other's work. It can be seen e.g. in case of "his" Mi-8/17 pack, which is textured by CSLA's textures without any word in readme or contacting us (at least as I know). Those textures were made by me (about 1.5 years ago), so i know them very well.

    Just for the full picture.

    Not only by you smile_o.gif

  3. about that Abrams...

    what years covers CSLAII? because that abrams is like M1A1 with 120mm M256 smoothbore gun.

    well, it could be M1E1(M1A1 was born from this M1E1 tank), but those weren't put to service in numbers...

    basicaly if csla2 covers 1980-85, U.S. used only M1 and M1IP(IPM1) abrams tanks with 105mm gun...

    We are planing just M1 for now. That gun will be repaired. Thank you for suggestion! Right now is model just basic and I didn´t found enough time for detailed studying abrams series :/ . As MAA said, Abrams is now in early alpha stage, so final result will be a little bit diffrent and much more realistic :-)

  4. Quote[/b] ]yay canada got owned

    Um...I wouldnt say that.

    We had the puck for most of the game. We played badly, you guys didnt play much better...we just didnt score.

    That´s qiute easy-we had good defense and the best goalie, that´s the reason why Canada cant´s score all the time.

    anyway Canada played good hockey. It was interesting hockey, but not so mutch like cz-swe.