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  1. Status_cz

    Smart Roadster Coupe

    looks very nice,but car looks little bit to small to me.
  2. Status_cz

    Csla 2

    Lacerta will be big expansion pack(for csla2).
  3. Status_cz

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Ofp didn't work? hehe ofp works well,but you know,if you are playing ofp 4 days you need sometime to have a rest
  4. Status_cz

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Photos from one cz OFP Lanparty I am on photo #13
  5. Status_cz

    On which OFP island would you spend your holiday ?

    My favourite island is Everon.
  6. Status_cz

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    Recaiver on m4 at left side?huh
  7. Status_cz

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Both thumbs up, Status! It seems the weather was quite fine up in North Moravia - I am freezing in my office staring into fog and rain all the day 22° C and not so cold wind and the sun is shining "babi leto "
  8. Status_cz

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Edgi,Autumn in Czech Republic is realy nice And who don´t beleave,check this photos ,I made them today on a trip to Hukvlady´s castle
  9. Status_cz

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Ceska Republika,Praha. Hradni straz Czech Republic,Prague Castle´s guard (bad to transalte:} )
  10. Status_cz

    How to texture a cylinder to get...

    You should use GIZMO mapping... try to search forums,here is somewhere tutorial how to use it.
  11. Status_cz

    Object not showing in viewer

    I don´t remember what´s the correct limit but 6000 faces is isn´t limit...my buldozer crash only if the model have more then 22 000 faces.
  12. Status_cz

    Real life photography/photo editing

    hmm do you ever dust your equiment/room Ofcourse....no dusting is just wasted time...if you dust,in few days will be there dust again FSPilot:Yeah...red,blue and...doh don´t remember :P Edit:There isnt so many dust like it looks,just a sun shines to much btw:People´s eye can see only 3% of all dust..i read this somewhere or hear in TV :]] reador:No no...That´s my room after testing of new csla dust script :]]
  13. Status_cz

    Csla 2

    Or use CSLA RIP ,if you dont like CSLA mod settings etc.
  14. Status_cz

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Nice photos boys :] Here are some photos...I made them in my room btw: this is not comercial on Logitech
  15. Status_cz

    3Dmark05 !

    1 FPS
  16. Status_cz

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    I guess it´s Apache from BoH
  17. Status_cz

    Csla 2

    Are you runing CSLA mod without other mods&addons? Yes. Just the radeon exe from csla patch 2.01 Hmm..strange Maybe there is too many addons in your /addons/ folder.Try delete addon folder (or some big addons),maybe it will help..it works for me ,but dont´t forget to backup your addons.
  18. Status_cz

    Behind the scenes...

    It will be cool.
  19. Status_cz

    Swedish Army use of OFP.

    It looks like they choose Battlefield 2 or they use ofp&bf2 ?
  20. Status_cz

    Csla 2

    Are you runing CSLA mod without other mods&addons?
  21. Status_cz

    OFP videography

    almost 1600
  22. Status_cz

    Custom CQB M4

    @Monty Thnx...I think you have true...addonmaking is only about fun,the same like missionmaking...anyway now is so many addons and no good missions Enjoy with missions ;] @STGN: Well,there is a question if you want beauty or playable addon...some people wants realy nice model & textures and some wants just playable addon and they dont cares how that addon is nice/realistic... If you want playable addon,it doesn´t care only on polys but also on count of textures,one 1024x1024 is better then four 512x512...that´s what I know from good "source".
  23. Status_cz

    Custom CQB M4

    Due to your ideal being higher than anyone seems able to produce why do you not try and make one yourself ? What do you think I am duing, Im currently working on my Black op pack which will contain some SOPMOD M4A1's(I have now been working on them for about 1,5-2 yuears now don't think I been working on the same model all the time I have made meany changes the biggest moves being whitin the latest month's) and M4 SPR's whit the wanted quality being over VBS it will also include soldiers so it takes time when you are not a texture god and go to school. @Monty: the thing that would improve earls most would be if you moved the forward bolt assist back to the end of the upper reciver(not the lower reciver) where it belongs hope you know what I mean and remember that you also should make the bolt assist and the case deflector have paint too. @Gordy: I dident mean very high poly, but you will see what I mean later. STGN If you are making realy detailed M4,it will have something about 7000-10 000 poly(with aimpoint+mount,m203 and other stuff) btw,curently in free time I also working on m4 (blabla...yes another),but this time a little bit more detailed then other M4 from CS etc...maybe I´ll finish it and make some pack,but i don´t beleave it,´cause I am to lazy ,anyway it will propably only for personal use. who´s interested,here is pic
  24. Status_cz

    Custom CQB M4

    Earl don´t use sharp edges on his CQB...try sharp some parts of weapon,I think it will be looks better...
  25. Status_cz

    Csla 2