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    V.I.R.U.S. What happened?

    By the sounds of this post, they've moved onto modding for Crysis. My guess is that they won't care about their ArmA assets anymore.
  2. ravenholme


    Hmmm, anyway to address this little bug me and a friend found just now: Because of the way Yomies are handled (Independents until they're switched to hostile when they notice you), me and this friend were being shot at by survivors and military for running over zombs in the supply truck. It's quite annoying =/ Ah, a pity you don't have QG, some of the things in there would be great additions, also.. you might be able to update it with some of the 1.14 things, like proper weapon emplacements and structures. Still great fun though, me and this friend are organising enough money to buy a Urals Repair/Fuel and a UH-60, and setting up camp at Valejo. (Could you add more vehicles for sale at the military base as well? The other helis, not the Gunship ones but the things like the Little Bird and Hip)
  3. ravenholme


    Is there any chance of an update that utilises Queen's Gambit vehicles and weapons (Really thinking of the Technicals in it), and maybe adds a "Recruiting Centre" for those of us who play singleplayer or small multiplayer? (Hire mercenaries, which you can either equip yourself, or you can hire ones that already have weapons, but they cost a lot more.) Love the map though, it's absolutely great
  4. ravenholme

    SP Fly Like An Eagle

    This is an absolutely great mission and I cannot wait to see what you and your fellows come up with next.
  5. ravenholme

    USEC F117A Nighthawk

    I have one tiny request, for your public release, could you remove the USEC markings in favour of USAF, or do them as a variant. Apologies for giving you extra work, but would make it more authentic for us who are not part of the USEC.