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  1. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">not sure about that  i was always under the impression that as the germans moved east to take control of europe  that they went the russian way too and russia was purely defending itself, from the german advance.<span id='postcolor'>

    I'm sure you know that in the beginning of WWII the soviets and germans both invaded Poland and sort of divided it between themselves (so soviets did a little invading themselves). Then they made a sort of alliance (The Ribbentrob Treaty) not to attack each other. In the officially accepted version of history, Hitler has been blamed to be so stupid that he entered a two-front war by invading Soviet Union after the treaty had been in place for a while. So was Hitler stupid or was Stalin about to breach the treaty by attacking west, so germans had to do a pre-emptive strike? Why else would soviet forces be in attack posture (a documented fact)?

  2. The attack of nazi Germany to Soviet Union in the WWII is generally considered to be an unjust surprise invasion of another country. However, there are some historians (finnish and russian) that claim the Soviet Union was plotting to invade Germany (and the rest of Europe), so Hitler had to do a preventive strike. These historians base their claims on several things, like the fact that the soviet forces were in attack formations and thus easily overrun by the attacking germans (the artillery was near the border instead of deployed far back to defensive posture and armour was in parking formations nearby the border ready to roll to attack).

    If this was indeed the case, it puts the whole issue of the eastern front into a new light: Germans actually did a favour for the rest of europe by banging themselves against the soviets, until both sides got so tired of war and decimated that the soviets never did come around rolling over the whole europe. Thus the whole "evilness" of nazi germany in the end actually just served to preserve the status quo in Europe.

    Or what do you all think?