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  1. quick patch to 0.85 whilst ive still got enough bandwidth. may need to get someone to upload the updated mod at somestage.

    to install just merge into your anzac mod folder and overwrite


    #fixed f111 afterburner effect trailing when off

    #fixed lack of warning sound when fired at with aa in f111, c130h

    #fixed typo in nzdf men loadouts

    #fixed as350 shadows

    #fixed as350 colours

    #fixed texture deformity on back of nz des troops helmet

    #changed so each weapon has a turret on anzac class

    #changed f111 heavy bomber weps back to snakeyes

    #added groups to NZ Troops

    #added Aus Anzac Class Frigate Variation

    #added tiger attack helo



    extra credits:

    hexagon - for the tiger helo base model

    deanosbeanos - for fixing critical errors in tiger

    mankyle - working on the frigates

    ANZACSAS Steve - for the weapons system on the tiger + custom sounds on the tiger

    f18 isnt ready yet imo before you ask.

  2. i offered it in the beggining and currently stand by the i dont give a rats ass approach lol. may upload part of the patch tomorrow seem if we keep adding more it will become quite a big patch, only downfall if i do such is no f18 yet but there will be a tiger arh and a aus anzac class thrown in