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  1. hey guys im having some really bad issues with the c130h hercs ive been working on and ive tried just about everything to try fix the issue, ive tried altering and adding a new envelope in the config, altered flight variables (speed,pitch,elevation etc) and also tried in the model itself altering the mass and geo to no avail. Any one able to help me with this somewhat frustrating issue? I just want to get them flying on approach without rocking side to side and now not taking off when controlled by the ai with their superior intellect :p. churs crash out
  2. nzdfcrash

    Project RACS

    its rivalry equivalent to those of us downunder with us kiwis taking great joy in bashing aussies and vice versa, none of its serious stuff
  3. nzdfcrash

    Drunken Ai Pilots :/

    Heres a vid of the issue if it helps 2w8KT4CVzbo
  4. nzdfcrash

    Project RACS

    I think wld meant by drunken canadian pilot is as shown in this vid of a canada air herc operating in the utes area 2w8KT4CVzbo
  5. Abit of a tiki tour around kiska/skira in a uh1n for those who want to see the current layout of the island SbeBvWmIWXs
  6. nzdfcrash

    Drunken Ai Pilots :/

    so nobody knows how to fix this?
  7. And another herc rolls on, this time its soldier2390's baby Required Addons: -Community Based Addons Credits: -Rocket -Soldier2390 -eddyD -Deanosbeanos -NZDF CRASH Download Available Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LS4GVZIR
  8. Hey all just releasing the sasr units based off the bi force recon units. Thanks Em for the pic dude Credits: -Deanosbeanos -NZDF CRASH has a server key and bisigns for servers Download Available Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BYGLFD82 Armaholic mirror: - Australian Special Air Service
  9. Heres an update to the SASR units. Minor texture upgrades + Loadout changes thanks to VipersFang Download for the new version http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UAEVCDYG
  10. nzdfcrash

    ANG C-130H Hercules

    up the skill level of the aircraft maybe? its more so designed for player use and ai seem to freak out behind the controls
  11. will get onto desert auscam tomorrow should be released in the next few days if all goes well
  12. nzdfcrash

    PA_F88 - need help.

    looks like a few selection issues in the model firstly, hit me up on msn when you are online and i'll show you how to do rvmats dude
  13. Hi all This is Rocket's C-130H Hercules From Arma1 which i have ported over and painted in Canadian scheeme for the mod Operation North Star. A few issues such as damage textures not showing when destroyed but that will soon be fixed. Can Download From http://files.filefront.com/ons+c130+a27z/;13940151;/fileinfo.html Credits; -Rocket for his original Herc model -DeanosBeanos for his flare script which ironically is smoother on the fps in a2 -NZDF CRASH for porting into arma2 +config and model alterations To Check our progress go to either www.nzarma.co.nz or http://ons.armaholic.eu/ If you can find more errors can you please post so we can fix them asap
  14. Another one of Soldier2390s paints brought to arma2 adding more content and variety to arma2 and soon arma1. Required Addons: -Community Based Addons Credits: -Rocket -EddyD -Soldier2390 -DeanosBeanos -NZDF CRASH Download Available Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=85NOT92I
  15. Hey all another herc out of the production line, this time the USCG HC-130 Download Available Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SLVHU8WL Required Addons: Community Based Addons Credits: -Rocket -eddyD -Deanosbeanos -NZDF CRASH
  16. Hey all just a Belgian Air Component C-130H Hercules based off Rocket's C-130H. Download Available Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HOMZZAMN Required Addons: -Community Based Addons Credits: -Rocket -EddyD -Deanosbeanos -NZDF CRASH
  17. nzdfcrash

    Belgian C-130H Hercules

    just abit of an example of what would happen, rksl rock made a vid a while back showing why it doesnt work with out scripts
  18. nzdfcrash

    Belgian C-130H Hercules

    you can drive them up and inside but the physics of arma want like you much lol, the attach to scripts around will work tho
  19. nzdfcrash

    Operation North Star CC-130H

    Update 1.2 Fixed: -Can walk on ramp and inside herc now -eddyD texture upgrade -Prop blur to the right colour (red) Added: -Bi server keys Download Available Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UXICNK7H Required Addons: Community Based Addons (CBA) Also this will be the last update unless any major problems show up
  20. F-18a/CF-18 Hornet im working on for ONS and PA
  21. nzdfcrash

    District 9: The Movie. Your views.

    Films are there to entertain and district 9 entertained me, good watch overall
  22. nzdfcrash

    Organ donation.

    may as well if ya can help someone else who needs them badly
  23. not exactly NZDF but a small side project for our neighbours across the ditch that will someday when the f-35 is actually finished will acquire 100 F-35C to replace their F18a/b and F-18F.
  24. Hey guys NZDF Mod is back for arma2 and bringing in classic and current equipment with the purpose of representing our real counterparts in the New Zealand Defence Force. Just an idea of a few things we are currently working on to bring to the arma community. The Uh-1H Iroquois which is still very much a work in progress (70% Completed) The Nh-90 TTH (Armed and Un-armed, armed version with 3 mag58s) (65% completed) The Kaman Sh-2g Seasprite (90% completed) The P-3K Orion with working FLIR and cams (80%) The C-130H Hercules (w glass cockpit and interactive cargo system) (70%) The NZLAVIII. 1NZSAS Units (50%) NZDF Troops (40%) Screenshots will come soon of the troop units We are also working on the NZLOV (Light Operational Vehicle) in: -Armoured and Un-armoured Variation -Command and Control Variation -Special Operations variation -Ambulance variation A couple of us are remaking the Unimogs for increased performance and better model accuracy. + The NZ Landrovers and M113s (Now Retired) New Aircraft being created in NZDF Mod for arma2 are as listed: -A-109LUH (NZ) -MB-339 Aermacchi -Boeing 757-200 -A-4K and TA-4K Skyhawks (now retired) -BAC Canberra -BAC Strikemasters -BAC Vampires and of course the Kahu UAV programme New and Improved ships being created are: -New Anzac Class (HMNZS TeKaha and TeMana) -Inshore Patrol Vehicles (Brand New in the RNZN) -Multirole Vehicle (HMNZS Canterbury) -Offshore Patrol Vehicles (in development) Only ships i will have moving are the Inshore Patrol Vehicles (IPV) and the other ships will be stationary to reduce possible sideffects of having large ships moving. It is also quite possible that we will be creating some NZ units for a Malaya and Vietnam campaign. Credits for equipment and vehicles go firstly to Rocket for his C-130H Herucles as a base, Cheyyenne Ah56 for the Sh2 and P3k and Modemmaik,Rico and Afro for the improved nh90 as a base. Special thanks to the NZ Army Simulations center for their level of co-operation. at www.nzarma.co.nz/forums we will have extra screenshots and content.
  25. nzdfcrash

    Operation North Star CC-130H

    Updated to version 1.1 Fixed: -Damage Textures -Replaced old a1 rvmats with super shaders -Added ONS Faction Required Addons: -Community Based Addons Download Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2CQAPLCB