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  1. y on earth cant we just download the stuff an make a mod folder and install it our selves liek the good old days?
  2. guys im a noob. int he CBA folder the stuff in the folder userconfig, where doe sit go? and dont say userconfig folder cos i cant find 1
  3. Nemesis_wales

    Oden Warfare

    Gutmasher is just a big gay! LOL love ur work oden
  4. Nemesis_wales

    Oden Warfare

    found some JIP bugs. sometimes when u join a slot, u spawn alone in middle of no where, hitting respawn dont work, have to go back to lobby an come back in. also some times u join, and ur not leader of ur AI, and it can be a pain to get it sorted, so again, hve to go back to lobby and come back in, normally after disbanding all ur AI 1 by 1 if u can finally regain control of them
  5. Nemesis_wales

    Oden Warfare

    hey thanks for ur awesome work m8. im in URC and we have ur oden 3 running, prob with arty like u know(and appears uve sorted- great, its awesome) but just a few other things kicked up - some times buying units ta base or towns doesnt work, ppl have paid for stuff but never recieved. stuff included arty, mi7 medivac, and other ppl also reported it but not wot. also, when i started missions i chose the invasion west 18 towns (so should of been no grass) but there was grass m8. thanks just seen in notes - buying from depot wont work if enemy nearby. only enemy nearby was a single soldier who refused to dissapear afte rbeing shot by EVERYTHING lol. there was at leats 1 in every town. 3 in novy sober, i get it in normal warfare 2, dunno if its just me?
  6. Nemesis_wales

    NVIDIA video card(s) owners read here!

    ok got it to work, but had to limit my RAM in msconfig boot to 6000mb.... however ill likely revert back to 182.50 drivers as it runs arma 2 exactly the same but with full 8GB. as i have 8Gb installed an dont wanna b limiting it just cos a game/drivers wont fully support it. but i find it weird the older drivers accept the 8GB of RAM but the new ones dont.. only good thing about BETA ones with RAm cut 2 6Gb is that in my config the VRAM has gone from 9 digits to 10 digits
  7. Nemesis_wales

    NVIDIA video card(s) owners read here!

    used beat drivers and had 15 frames on carrier with no textures on anything!
  8. exactly the same problem here m8!!! do u know if the SLI patch V1 will work on 182.50 drivers?
  9. Nemesis_wales

    Saving in ARMA II

    hit ESc and save, then when u die hit load. cant remember if it gives 2 options, 1 to go back to auto save, or ur save...
  10. Nemesis_wales

    NVIDIA video card(s) owners read here!

    i got that in arma 1 and arma 2! annoying as hell! right, ive done everything ont he very 1st post of this thread (except change from 8Gb to 4GB as the -winxp or -maxmem wouldnt work) and nothing, my fps on main menu carrier went up from 60 using crysis to 72 using arma 2, but in game is awful, i as getting 40+ frames BUT my textures wouldnt loads, vehicles would b a blob until u ran right upto it and waited a few seconds! very annoying, so looks like back to 182.50 drivers AGAIN! this is getting a bit beyond now, there seems to b no solid fix, just a few fixes that ppl have managed to get working, its like a bloody lottery, chances of getting a fix bloody slim :p heres latest config file language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=100000; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=1920; Resolution_H=1200; refresh=60; Render_W=1920; Render_H=1200; FSAA=4; postFX=2; HDRPrecision=8; lastDeviceId=""; localVRAM=204664832; nonlocalVRAM=204664832; as i said i tried everything on 1st post, so newest drivers 186.18 and SLI patch V1. also disabling VSYNc and forcing physx off.
  11. type in google... FRAPS.. download that m8. run it while playing game, remeber to go in fraps and change keys etc etc, cos as default the keys can conflict, ie i have my insert button to take screenings and my FPS showing top right
  12. Nemesis_wales

    M242 Tracer

    as was said, its supposed to b that way, slow rate, tracer every round, can spot the rounds easy, also for supporting infantry to see wot the LAV is engaging
  13. my intro at carrier was 60 fps any way dude, similar specs! also there new nvidia drivers! 186.18!
  14. LOL master of BF2 ha ha ha ha ha. cheered me up, a chimp could fly them all day long an pwn any 1 in BF2. this game is alot more 'in-depth'
  15. im a noob, i just started re-installing and realised i renamd the exe to crysis an forgot 2 put it back for patch lol
  16. i tired installing an got a error saying no arma 2 installed or installion corrupted
  17. so i gotta uninnstall whole game to i b able to install the 'new' 1.02 patch?
  18. Nemesis_wales

    Crew turned out while I'm in cargo

    not notcied this yet. mybe change there combat status to danger?
  19. Nemesis_wales

    Patch 1.03 suggestions

    have the campaign made playable!
  20. Nemesis_wales

    Infrared goggles?

    doesnt the jav fire unit have infra red also? i heard storys about the lads using the firing system with no tube loaded as the infra red helps them find terry taliban hiding etc
  21. Nemesis_wales

    Any comments on the Campaign?

    its buggy and performance is crap
  22. newest = 186.18 (18th june) or previos (im using 182.50 now) ok i had 182.02 1st, installed, looked okish... then put new drivers on... well it sucked... nothing was redering.. wheels looked like blobs, men had no uniform detail unless u ran right up close to stuff.... i messed with settings alot but to no avail.... im also using the crysis.exe. so... wot drivers are u using and wot setting are u using in game.... i had it pretty stable at preference - very high sp all were very high, change post process to lowest and Anistropic thing to disabled, filtrate %100. im gonna go in game and tweak again for 182.50 drivers. does any 1 know y in Nvidia control panel there no option to have the green bars showing ur SLI usage? ive been on remote assistance with a german friend who has it.. i dont.. is it cos my card? its 295 GTX so 1 card.. 2 GPU's.. so is this y? so... sugestions... comments... ur experinces... post here please
  23. Nemesis_wales

    Who got SLI to work?

    i have not got that, dont think ppl with 295 get it?
  24. Nemesis_wales

    Which Nvidia Drivers are You Using?

    yea sorry rushed, ahd to go out. i had a 4870X2. but so much hassle swapped to n vidia (arma 1)