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  1. Ah I was thinking of doing that but any resolution over "32 x 32" will not be displayed.
  2. Nathanz

    Meaning of F.U.B.A.R.

    but fubar is not online slang... Â Well not just online slang but ... everything (even has the legend "said53" from rage3d)
  3. Nathanz

    Meaning of F.U.B.A.R.

    urbandictionary.com/ - All you will ever need for online slang.
  4. Update on the pc system: To be modelled:coke can(anyone have anything other suggestions?)
  5. Nathanz

    World War 2 Collection MOD

    If I say, change 01 into 02 thats a mod(modification) if I take my old graphics card out and add a new one thats a mod. Now if I change something in a config THATS a mod. I know Wilco is pretty descent guy. Now let this thread die or a mod close it, please.
  6. Nathanz

    Unofficial o2 manual

    It was posted in Nov.15th 2002
  7. Nathanz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Speeding BMW 1024x586 - 161 K Addons: BMW M5 and Nogova 2004
  8. Nathanz

    World War 2 Collection MOD

    Show some respect, The author edited all 265 configs of the units in the pack to balance them out. and it IS a mod. Mod is short for modification and he modified the configs.
  9. That plastic look? Eww If its used correctly it can make stone walls look bumpy or tyres.
  10. Nathanz

    BAS Strobe

    I remember the infra-red strobe on black hawk down. The part where the littlebirds cant identify who's enemy and who's friendly so a infer-red strobe is thrown on the roof of the enemy's and the littlebirds attack with miniguns Anyway, downloading now.
  11. Nathanz

    MARFY : I need to ask you a question

    You cant PM him because he doesn't have a account (that I know of) on this forum. I cannot find an email on his site either
  12. Nathanz

    The Forgotten Battles

    HOLY **** Â 1600x1200 From Pacific Fighters I cant wait! P.s: Some smaller images here.
  13. Nathanz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    1024x768 - 193 K
  14. Nathanz

    Banner competition

    imageshack.us/ No bandwidth limits or anything
  15. Nathanz

    Glow Sticks?

    Take a look or ask the guys at ECP, they made the timed grenades.
  16. Nathanz

    OFP Wallpapers

    1024x768 - 193 K
  17. Nathanz

    Vietnam EXPERT needed

    SpecOp9 or might I say Mark Desilets! (I think) Â Ontopic: Maybe look at mods from other games and see if they have any members that have good knowledge about the Vietnam war. That or you could maybe ask on some well known Vietnam war forums.
  18. Nathanz

    Glow Sticks?

    Huh ? Oh and its looking good. Maybe a little more glow on the ground though.
  19. Yes I can make a laptop, but I would need to find some good textures. Oh and wouldnt mind making a hi-fi system but again, I would need some quality textures.
  20. Nathanz

    Glow Sticks?

    Looking good
  21. I doubt it get get any lower. The box model only has 6 faces and the textures are in .paa format. Update on the pc system: To be modelled next: Monitor (Flat screen)
  22. Nathanz

    BF42 is the most realistic military game

    BF42 has the M1 Garand for the americans
  23. Nathanz

    Glow Sticks?

    That should be possible. Make a basic stick model then add (with the power of scripts) a light to the stick after it has been thrown
  24. Nathanz

    Russian military - videos

    What sort of gun is the btr-80 using in this vid ?
  25. No, I ban others (I hope hellfish doesn't ban me for adding the makeup) Ok, ontopic: I am starting on making the up-to-date computer system right now  (first to take the pictures for the textures)