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  1. Nathanz

    Destroyed HMMV Model

    Looking good Just make sure their aren’t any warped textures, unless you are rebuilding the whole model?
  2. Nathanz

    Far Cry military modding

    Hahaha You are joking, right?
  3. Nathanz

    Don't worry, be happy.

    Damn, thats a good reason to drink more water
  4. Nathanz


    Works for me with the fuelstations on the island, only I get a huge explosion.
  5. Nathanz

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    In PcZone magazine, ofp is #1 in the simulation category
  6. Nathanz

    Google searches

    Found this ChefTalk ?!?!?
  7. Nathanz

    next Operation Frenchpoint release

    Cant wait I guess the frenchman will "pwn teh n00bs" with this release
  8. Nathanz

    Ubisoft to Buy Codemasters...........

    Great, ubi will put some "anti warez" software in it and it will stop people that have bought the game and allow warez to play it. Has happend to me
  9. Nathanz

    Lets make our own VBS1

    Their is one in my modern pc package Their is one on the table with all object and one of its own to be setpos'ed.
  10. Nathanz

    FischKopp HMMWV

  11. Nathanz

    FischKopp HMMWV

  12. Nathanz

    -=Avignon Island+-

    ZIL-53 pack and Avia pack Yes, "very high"
  13. Nathanz

    -=Avignon Island+-

    Very nice island if I might say so myself The attention to detail is amazing and it runs with no lag!
  14. Nathanz

    Doom 3 has gone GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

    You can have more than 4 players in retail(no mods), I have played on a server with 8 player TDM. And some mods for people
  15. Nathanz

    Battlefield 2 announced by ea gamges

    It has been said (somewhere) that its a server side option.
  16. Nathanz

    Battlefield 2 announced by ea gamges

    ........Unless you play the Interstate 1982 mod oh and battlefield TV looks extreamly good, spotting cheatings with ease
  17. Nathanz

    Battlefield 2 announced by ea gamges

    Video presentation of BF2 (lots of action) Fileplanet Bittorrent link (Eurogame.net) (53MB) After seeing the video I cant wait, although its still looks beta (the blackhawk hovering weird and no plane damage when it hits the ground). Locking on missiles looks good and blowing the bridge up while theres a tank on top or simply ramming people with the dump truck is something to look forward to
  18. Download - 249KB(Down atm) Mirror @ OFP.info ---------------------------------- Come in 2 versions: Resistance box (Which can be setpos'ed) Resistance box on table ---------------------------------- What made me make this addon? Boredom, that and I had my digicam within reach (I was feeling lazy). edit: New mirror
  19. Nathanz

    Invasion44 MOD

    I'd say they are the best I've seen just about anywhere. Bingo.
  20. Nathanz

    Have you tried ofp on tv?

    Question: Can I change resolution ? or is it a fixed size
  21. Nathanz

    Y2K3 Vs EECP

    Y2k3 because I have all the addons needed
  22. Nathanz

    Gta san andreas

  23. Nathanz

    Gta san andreas

    Moar screenies: