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  1. the reason i asked is that i never knew it would be used for communication. hence mods like grouplink and similar that would establish that missing connection.

    so i wonder if the description is just off or if it's just a fancy way of saying: "yes we're saving in here if anyone on this side knows about dude X", when the communication is never actually happening eventhoguh the data is there.

    so it would be more of a data pool you can use to make scripts that actually allow communication between groups drawing the data using knowsabout etc blabla.

    just trying to get the exact picture of it here so this is mostly still a question (for confirmation of my current view on it).

    There is communication (or at least some form of information sharing) between groups when you use the guard waypoint of course, though it all seems to be pretty hardcoded stuff.

  2. knowsAbout isn't really the best command for any AI detection diagnostics.

    Will add something little more precise.

    edit: rev 131499

    [target is known by group,

    target is known known by unit,

    last time target was seen by unit,

    last time target endangered unit,

    target side,

    target position error coef,

    target position] = player targetKnowledge target

    That is very nice, looking forward to mess around with it. :)

  3. Not saying it is a perfect solution, but better than Tron-like movement.

    Well, i do prefer the somewhat more clunky and slow movement of older games (which didnt have inertia as a feature), but i really doubt that inertia is a good solution, i think it will most likely end up feeling like some sort of input lag.

    EDIT: Example: When i want to move to the corner of a building in real life, i do not have to consciously think about when i have to start slowing down to get where i want to go. If you would introduce it to ArmA stopping at the corner of a building (which is clumsy enough as it is if you want to carefully look around the corner) you would have to be constantly aware that your character is going to end up 'somewhere over there' when you stop pressing forward.

    EDIT53523: I just cannot make sentences anymore.

  4. For example, inertia. Changing direction, stopping, it's all instantaneous. Weight does also not factor into rotation speed. Making a loadout that is tailored for CQB doesn't really pay off, since neither is the weapon inertia pronounced enough, nor is there any penalty for heavy equipment. While not having any loadout, Assassin's Creed did a good job at that (see for example

    Have you tried walking trough a doorway in AC (or GTA, or The Witcher, or any similar game)? You end up moving in circles and slamming into the side of the wall. It's fine for a 3rd person action game, but for a (mostly) first person shooter? It's like controlling a drunk character.

    EDIT: Also, the 'pvp mp' crowd will probably murder you for that suggestion. :p

  5. This is tricky... at last check the slots themselves are considered "equipping", meaning that the only way to go hands-free is to have container space for a pistol and backpack space for a SMG or assault rifle/MXM/MX SW. (Vanilla backpacks do not support any other longer-range rifle or machine gun.)

    As with several things... VBS2/VBS3 covers this. (It specifies "Weapon on back" but the corresponding function mentions holstering as well as shouldering.)

    I thought we could do this back in OFP, but it was a feature that just kinda got lost somewhere along the way. (IIRC ArmA2, maybe missing animations or transitions or something)

  6. when it decreased in older games, what was it based on? also only large distance or blocked line of sight too? i remember it always being not very reactive or dynamic. atleast not in a way that would represent anything human/realistic. that's why i'm curious about people's interpretation of its values.

    It represents how sure they are about what they saw. If you actually are on the enemy side, and a tank, and a t-90 (if knowsabout is high enough). If you saw a tank and then it left your view you wouldn't slowly forget that it was a tank, you would remember that you saw a tank until it is no longer relevant at all, in which case you can forget all about it. At least thats how i interpreted the lack of 'slowly forgetting' when it comes to knowsabout.

    EDIT: To be honest, i havent looked at the actual 'magic values' in a while, just used to to check if one knew something about another one, so i have no idea what value represents what at the moment. In older games i used the actual values in some sort of target priority script.

  7. Knowsabout is for checking how much a unit knows about another units side/type/class, and it is fine for that. Using it for other things would be odd. :p

    EDIT: I guess knowsabout and neartargets are named a bit oddly for the information they provide, but changing it is going to be too much of a hassle for backwards compatibility, so i guess we will have to live with that. The EHs would be nice though.

  8. Is a campaign even needed ?

    I would guess the vast vast vast majority of the arma community does not even bother with the campaign I know I have never personally even started the arma 3 campaign or the arma 2 campaigns.

    Seems like a waste of time imo.

    And i havent touched MP in ages. Speak for yourself.

  9. The command knowsAbout is absolutely essential - at least to my own dirty needs. Then again, most of the time I'm using it to implement some ad-hoc event handlers that don't exist in the game, like detecting when a group spots an enemy (and which ones/how many/...) or is being spotted by some enemy, etc... So that might be a strong hint that we simply need those guys implemented natively instead - that is, some better query-commands that work on the group and single units too. And then sure, corresponding event handlers would be nice too, I guess. :cool:

    You may be able to hook directly into the danger.fsm for those purposes, though it kinda depends on what you want to do.

    In any case, removing knowsabout would be a hassle for zombie-like mods, or pretty much anything else that has some AI governance script.

  10. it would allready be a huge improvement if the cloud detection would really work so that you had really two different sunlight intensitys according to wether sun i hidden behind a cloud or not, the lighing config is implicating such a function but ingame its not really working that way... i was hoping for that for so long and i have serval WIP configs that would bring a lot more variation, dramatic lighting and awesome dynamic atmospheric effects with just this little improvement!

    could release this tomorrow but it isnt really working because the dropshadows etc remain the same wether sun is hidden or not, which defeats the purpose kind of... :/

    What did you change exactly?

  11. That would require the games to support independent head, arm and leg movement... Head is already kinda rare and mostly limited to simulator type games.

    I dont know how it works exactly (cant make out what makes him turn ingame, head or gun movement) but this looks like a lot of fun to me. Not sure why you assume we need individual limb movement.

  12. HDR sound bad? I think this is a matter of opinion, I think BF3 on "Home Cinema" (highest dynamic range) sounds amazing, with all of it's HDR stuff.

    Well, i cant deny that it can be done right, but knowing BI it will probably end up being the sound equivalent of

    . They really should get the basics right first.

  13. What effect would DirectX-12 have on FPS for ArmA? I understand they would be positive, but how drastic?

    Based on the estimates of how ArmA3 uses the CPU from other people here i would say 10% for the most obvious use cases. Which is of course a guess, but i am pretty sure it will be in that order of magnitude.

    EDIT: Estimate may be on the optimistic side, cant find the posts i based this on, did it a while ago.

    EDIT2: They may be adding some new graphical stuff that would not be as efficient in DX11, so it may not end up being 1:1 comparable.

  14. Those two things directly contradict eachother. More range means quiet things are quieter and loud things are louder. Sounds like you want less range if gun shots are too loud compared to other things.

    What we need is a change in volume dropoff over distance, it may not be realistic, but considering that realism would literally result in physical damage to our bodies i think we can let that slip. It would probably become more realistic because right now no one plays with realistic volume levels, and the result is that gunshots cannot be heard over a long enough distance.

    EDIT: Also, HDR for sound is the worst. It sounds horrible, and our brains do not process sound like that. Do not change the volume of things based on the volume of other things, that is not how it works in real life and our brain expects the same volume in such situations, so making it suddenly higher or lower just results in a terrible experience.

  15. I'm confused. Wasn't everyone in this thread a few pages ago saying that many sounds in the game were far too similar in volume to gunshots? Now people are saying other sounds are too quiet compared to gunshots? Which do people want? Less range or more?

    Edit: Megagoth, you're the one that made that video rallying for other sounds in the game to be reduced compared to gunshots. Now people are saying other sounds should be brought back up, and that gunshots are too loud?

    More range without ridiculous volume. Real volumes with real sound distances are too impractical to replicate at home, i have neighbours and i do not want to play with hearing protection.

  16. I keep getting this crash when near the Old Esseker area.


    EDIT: I really like what i have seen so far though, it uses objects in a nice and interesting way, generating cool locations. Really makes it different from other maps. Have you thought about posting this in the normal addons forum so it might get the attention it deserves?

  17. Interesting, Is that butt hurt coming from all over or is it just one persons point of view?

    As with all these 'social issues' no one in the real world cares. It probably extends to some tumbler and twitter posts, which are only read by people who like to complain about SJWs. :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Btw, my initial reaction to the game seemed a bit negative, and i still dont really like the graphics (very fuzzy starting at close-middle distance, and there arent any 'far away' distances because the drawdistance is rather short, but i already sunk over 50 hours into it, so i do really like it.

    EDIT2: Btw, i thought that the Nilfgaardians were supposed to vaguely represent something middle-eastern, with them coming from the south, their style, sun as a logo, and being ruled by an 'Emhyr'. Though i guess they are as white as everyone else, not that i give a shit about that.

  18. Can this game only be effectively run if you have some IBM supercomputer?

    No that wouldn't help at all, single core performance is important. Supercomputers generally have a lot of relatively slow cores, but as ArmA doesn't use them effectively it would run worse than on a high-end i7.

    Best (/only) thing to do is just to limit your FPS at 30, turn off the counter and stop thinking about it.

  19. Yeah like the new Cortana stuff that uses Bing to search for everything.

    I do like the idea of being able to yell at my PC from across the room to make it do stuff. Useless? For the most part, but being able to play with something like Cortana from the Halo series (with that voiceover) seems like a very fun toy. Would be even better if you could add custom commands to it.

    EDIT: Anyway, why is the Windows 10 upgrade free? What is the catch?