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  1. 13 hours ago, wiki said:
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    It is a CTRG team skin.

    Whether it's actually Miller or not, only the devs can answer that.



    No i am pretty sure they used Miller. As far as i know he is the only model that has modeled hair (instead of just a texture like normal soldiers) and he doesn't wear a helmet by default.


  2. 2 hours ago, fraczek said:

    The airstrike mission question [armaverse plot spoiler]

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    Is the character that blinks in (seen from behind) after you exfiltrate, when the dialogue talks about whether it was CSAT or NATO (or more precisely, CTRG, which is obviously unknown to Nathan, as they have the CTRG tech and camo), actually cpt. Miller? It's been some time I last played the main A3 campaign to remember him that well to ID him just from a seen from behind scene. Would be really nice to ID that for the armaverse timeline (even though it is just speculation if it was really CSAT or CTRG in the first place).



    Yeah i am pretty sure that is him, though my memories of the ArmA3 campaign are too fuzzy to understand why he would be there or if it makes any sense. :p 


  3. Feel free to do whatever you want, however i do wonder why you feel like it is easier to do W+S instead of CTRL+S? W+S is nearly impossible for me to do as my middle finger blocks my reach of the S key unless i turn my hand in a really weird angle. Did you lose your pinky finger?\


    EDIT: Btw, in theory you may be able to detect the changes in animations and detect when you stopped in crouch stance, its not a real eventhandler but i think it could be done.

  4. 19 minutes ago, Muzzleflash said:

    Note there are two concurrency issues. One is ensuring multiple scripts work together correctly. That is that they don't intrude on each other. This is currently very simple by running scripts in the unscheduled environment where you can avoid undesired interaction. This is something you will need to extend sqf with features so scripts do not conflict. The second issue, is preventing multiple simultaneous running scripts from crashing Arma. Say you have a two scripts. Script A controls a squad, giving waypoints and such. Script B removes stuff far away from human players. If they can run at the same time, script B might be trying to use some command on a squad member or the group, but then script B deletes the unit at the same time crashing Arma. This can easily be solved by locking the entire game world so only one script may modify it at a time, but then no other script can run anyway making it all pointless. Or you can make more fine grained locking, like locking the squad member so only one script is running any commands related to the unit at the time, but that will be very hard to implement correctly.

    While BI may be able to prevent hard crashes i doubt they will solve all potential multithreading issues in such a way that scripters cannot fuck it up. If we ever want to get some form of multithreading we will have to accept that it is going to be just as difficult as in any other situation.

  5. CBA may have some functions you want that can help you to write some type of async system: Link

    Though i am not sure what your end goal is. As far as i know you either run it unscheduled (in which case the simulation halts entirely until your function is done) or run it scheduled and run into the max 3ms per frame issue.
    There are no real threads for scripting in ArmA3, it seems like all our scripting commands end up in the main loop somewhere (no matter how you call them) and you will never max out more than 1 core with scripting alone.

    If you have some reaaaally CPU intensive calculations you could theoretically do those outside of the game and return the results, but only if you can first gather all the data you need from the game.


    Note: I may be wrong, it has been a while :) 


  6. Ive mostly finished the campaign now and i thought it was really well done. It was well written and for the first time since OFP it sounded like the voice actors were all in the same room when they recorded the voices.



    I liked how we went back and forth in time and place through this little town. Showing places in the town in different points in time in realtime was a cool trick and really sold the differences in contrast from before and after the war, and it was nice to play as different characters and get to see the effects of their actions later as witnessed by others. It was also filled with some nice little details that made the world more believable, like stepping on the dead bodies near the church entrance will make one of the US soldiers call you an asshole.


    I hope to see elements of this campaign return later in other BI products. ArmA3's campaign lacked good storytelling (they tried a little bit, and it worked but there wasn't much depth or fleshed out characters and it was mostly an excuse for 'go here and kill the baddies') and often it felt like Stratis was never more than a really big paintball map. ArmA2 was much more ambitious with its interaction with civilians and stuff but that campaign was so buggy and laggy it wasnt received that well, though i appreciated the effort. It does not have to be shooty all the the time, some downtime to develop characters and let the story breathe a little works great. Even after 15 years those who played OFP still remember the 'I spy with my little eye' scene where you are doing nothing but waiting.


    It was good, and i hope to see more grown-up stories like this in the future. Who knows, maybe even something like 'Spec Ops: The Line'?


    EDIT: I now remember that ArmA3 had that 'walking around on the base' between missions, which was alright and i liked that you could listen to some conversations, but apparently it didnt leave much of an impression. I guess it was too seperated from the rest of the game, and there wasnt really anything to do besides walking around empty landscape for some side missions, but those too lacked any story behind it. The Witcher 3 would be a good example of how to set those up properly.

  7. Have you checked if volume of the game process is set to a very low percentage in the windows volume mixer?

    To check: Start the game -> Alt+tab out of it -> right mouse button on the volume icon next to your clock -> 'Open volume mixer'


    I dont entirely understand your bit about battleeye, does it affect your sound volume?

  8. On 17-3-2017 at 2:53 PM, jw custom said:


    Thank god, i was about to abandon this forum out of frustration :e:


    I had the exact same reaction. First i thought the forums were just broken, then i figured it out and wanted to yell at someone.


    In any case, making a forum button that does not bring you to a forum is a great way to keep new people away. :dozingoff:

  9. forcing me to either not play or spend 20 to 30 minutes setting up my keybinds and custom settings.

    Or just copy and pasting them from your old config. Should take less than a minute and its probably easier than figuring out whats causing this. (Could be related to having a space in your name, or something with file access rights, or something different, but its hard to tell)

  10. I wouldn't even consider this a game anymore. This is CGI level interaction at your fingertips, but it's not even just that. It's Art. Historical Art. The Campaign consists of stories of real people during different events, during World War 1. This is no game, it's a fucking master piece. I don't think anyone else could have pulled this off but DICE.

    That sounds interesting. How long is the campaign?

  11. Is it AI limitation? AI see and tell by radio protocol they see enemy. But  they don`t shoot. Even when I put crosshair at enemy and order to atack.

    AI can`t engage enemy at distance more 800-900m .they  Aim at enemy and wait and wait . same with all weapon and optics excluding marksman weapons and sniper rifles..

    skill and aim=1

    Engagement range is a (per weapon IIRC) configuration parameter and can easily be changed by de devs or modders. Big changes don't happen very often though, because the increased amount of shooting and missing adds a whole bunch of needed ammo conservation stuff which the AI currently knows pretty much nothing about, and just making them shoot further could break a whole bunch of currently existing missions.

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  12. One aspect that seems to lead to confusion is difference between an AI's ability to see and to hear enemy.

    For example, Ollem developed the TPWCAS mod in which the AI State is displayed via a ball displayed above their head:

    * No ball - unsuppressed.

    * Green ball - suppressed by friendly fire.

    * Yellow ball - suppressed by sporadic enemy fire.

    * Red ball - suppressed by heavy enemy fire.

    * Black ball - unit is fleeing (fleeing does not mean the unit is running away, but will not be able to be suppressed).

    So is there a debug mode where AI Alertness is visually reprensented? e.g. a multi-coloured exclamation mark where:

    * No exclamation - unalerted

    * Blue exclamation - alerted by audio cue

    * Yellow exclamation - alerted by partial-visual cue

    * Red exclamation - alerted by clear visual cue


    This I think would help mission designers, modders and even players enormously.

    Not for modders IIRC. I cant be bothered to check the ArmA3 files, but in ArmA2 we could identify these causes. I once made a thingy that replaced the ArmA3 danger fsm so it would tell me what the AI was doing to identify these types of bugs, but i didnt really learn anything new. (In general, pretend that they are actual people and you will do fine, though they are better at hearing and there are a few objects which are bugged and the AI kinda partially see through)


    EDIT: I also have some memories from years ago (ArmA2 times) where a dev once said that the AI requires visual confirmation to see if you are friendly or enemy before attacking, though ive no clue if that actually worked and if its still works like that in ArmA3, though may be worth testing.