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  1. Yeah, that's partly why I'm talking about a scheduler.

    And how do you think the 'system' does that ? :) One possible implementation is to maintain an ordered list of waiting threads/tasks but that means overhead every time you add one to the list since you have to do it in the right place. The other common one is to just set a wake-up time in the thread structure but then all that happens is that the scheduler has to check this for every thread every time it runs - in other words, no different in practice from checking the time within the script.

    The semi-hypothetical scheduler is already checking what's due to happen. Adding something to the list has little effect on performance as the list-item is not even looked at until the time it is needed.

    Computing a waitUntil (or the other kind of trigger) is relative hell for the processor because the required condition could sneak up on it from any direction.

    Here I am become a half-baked philosopher! Suma, put us out of our misery!

  2. If you read the manual you'll see that different sights are levelled at vastly different ranges, and I think this may influence how people perceive the sights and the weapons they're on.

    If you know where the zero is, you can point and shoot with a greater variety of weapons.

    I printed out this page and keep it on my desk for reference during play

  3. No, it's on a lower level than the OS, which is why any OS (Linux, UNIX, Mac etc) wil suffer from the same issues. But nonetheless, if you put 4GB of RAM into a PC with a 32bit OS, a gig will be unusable.

    And the low-level reason is your graphics card eats into your 4GB.

    If you have an AGP system, you lose more RAM according to your BIOS AGP aperture setting.

    XP 32-bit has a RAM limit of 4GB. The RAM available to you is either all your RAM or 4GB minus your VRAM, whichever is smaller.

    Maturin, a "let me google that for you" moment indicates your card is PCI-E which means it demands none of your 4GB system RAM for itself - though it will still reduce your available RAM by the size of your VRAM (see my quote above).

    Anyway.., you say it's only happened once... Uninstall the game and have a lie-down.

  4. I wouldn't be happy with that, but I am happy for myself because I have 3 screens and in 1.02 I couldn't see text I was typing or tell which channel I was typing in etc. In briefing screens I couldn't read other people's stuff either.

    So BIS, if you're fixing this, don't forget about me with my triplehead!