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    Windows 7

    I'm fine with Win7 64-bit and 4GB. Ref further RC versions of Win7, there won't be any. The RC1 was released 99.999% ready.
  2. Mr Fenix

    Running with no Virtual Memory

    You *may* have a performance hit with pagefile disabled, depending on your setup and useage. I didn't turn off my pagefile until I'd done the math. It worked fine for two years on Arma1 with 2GB RAM. My Arma1 setup had XP 32bit which had just 16 processes running including Arma. Now with A2 and 4GB RAM, pagefile is suddenly required. The 2GB A2 limit and BIS' own memory management have changed things. Whilst I was sad to re-instate my pagefile, my A2 runs well with it. I'd like to know what kind of 8GB/12GB setup and usage pattern leads to poorer performance. Maybe you need 16GB for your rendering or number crunching.
  3. Mr Fenix

    Running with no Virtual Memory

    If you can run without a pagefile then do so. If you have sufficient RAM for your requirements, pagefile is a performance killer. Like the OP, I can do anything on my PC without a pagefile - except playing Arma2. Since A2 came out, I've grudgingly enabled a pagefile. I have Win7 64-bit. It's definitely something to do with A2's video options. By adjusting the size of the pagefile to a minimum stable, I can then cause memory exceptions by increasing view distance or increasing texture quality. ---------- Post added at 11:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:10 AM ---------- The day Microsoft have an opinion on memory management that's worth listening to, I'll eat my hat.
  4. Mr Fenix

    Set Priority Task Manager

    I've been in Windows technical support for a long time. Messing with process priority does nothing at best, and can lead to strange behaviour and freezes. Sometimes I am fighting malware and I resort to lowering the priority of certain processes out of sheer frustration but it never helps. Empty your temp folders, defrag and optimise your files, delete everything in Windows\Prefetch (and ideally disable it in the registry). Run lean with minimum background apps. Pause your antivirus, play with processor affinity. Leave priority alone. For a cheap upgrade, get another hard disc and run performance RAID. you can also improve things if you get more RAM than you need and disable the pagefile.
  5. The bugs are the price of us baying for an early release. I literally can't complain.
  6. Mr Fenix

    Set Priority Task Manager

    Do not do it. Ever.
  7. dunno, can't use my game pc tonight.. should be easy shouldn't it! http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createTrigger ...
  8. The way I use Arma2, it's more of an operating system ("What do you want to do today?") than a game. I love it.
  9. I've just had a quick look on my laptop (no Arma2 installed)... It looks like the trigger is always true. Doesn't it need to have the "Activation by" set to "blufor"?
  10. I have the same noise from my BFG 8800GTX OC 768MB. Quiet in Win7, noisy in Arma2 menus, quiet ingame. I guess its fan just rattles at a particular rpm.
  11. change "!isnil player" to "isPlayer" maybe?
  12. yeah, so will you pm me your email address? ;)
  13. I did a lot of work to make jip work in my random-towns version of evo for arma1. The mission had (has!) some issues but the client synchronisation worked an absolute treat. The new joiner is kept appraised of the status of the mission update process with messages from crossroad. I can send you the mission file if you want to pm me with an email.
  14. Mr Fenix

    Isolated Fog - How To?

    The downside of arma fog is that it can't be seen from outside, hence the need for particles as a bodge
  15. Mr Fenix

    3D surround sound

    I have an X-Fi gaming(?) PCI-E card which I just use for microphone. For audio, I have USB 5.1 Speedtouch Medusa headphones (with broken mic). 5.1 works fine everywhere except Arma2 where, for example, an enemy at 11 o'clock sounds like he's at 9 o'clock. It's literally doing my head in.
  16. People often ask me: "Fenix, why are you such an ace helicopter pilot?" :confused: For their benefit (and for mine if I ever lose my damn configs again :j:) here's how my joystick is setup for flight. :cool: Thrust - slider Left/Right Turn - <no bind> Bank Left/Right - X-axis Left/Right Pedal - Z-axis (twist grip) Nose Down/Up - Y-axis Et voila! :bounce3: Does anyone use the Left/Right Turn binds?
  17. Mr Fenix

    3D surround sound

    AFAIK 5.1 does not work. I have lots of trouble trying to run away or engage enemy because of this.
  18. Why is nobody sarcastic anymore? You used to see it a lot but it just, like vanished. Delta Force had loads of sarcasm which added to teh realism.
  19. Mr Fenix

    Joystick acting very weird

    I started a thread on joystick setup a while ago. You might want to try the setup I describe there. It's not for saitek but it solves a general oddness I experience with default axis assignments. PS I learned a couple of days ago that a whopper with cheese contains over 1000 calories... I' never eating one again!
  20. Mr Fenix

    Randomly lit interior lights

    It's all possible. For the lights I think you need to script "particles", an area I haven't looked at. The wiki will have something I'm sure.
  21. Mr Fenix

    Nuke Damage

    Maybe blow everything in 200m, then 450m, then 600m... 1000m with a little sleep in between.
  22. Mr Fenix

    Nuke Damage

    I was distracted when I was going to answer yesterday. I'm busy now, back later
  23. The way your script does the "waiting" phase, that's a a massive amount of checking like "a watched pot never boils"... better to make it sleep for 5, 10 or 30 seconds after each status check, surely?
  24. Surely as Derringer said: Lose the waitUntil line. Create a bomb.sqf file and move the bomb line into it Add sleep 5; to the top of the bomb.sqf Call bomb.sqf after camera.sqf