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    Weight impact

    Fitness is taking it too far, unless we all had digital passports and the game replicated us as we are IRL. I'm a tall guy; it's always been a bit weird running around as short as the rest of you :P in-game. Back to topic.., the lack of implications for carrying weight does impact on my own immersion and enjoyment of this game.
  2. Mr Fenix

    patch 1.05 problem

    The 505-branded UK retail version is v1.04. The correct patch for this is v1.05 Euro. I expect the International version works also, though it's a much bigger download and therefore a waste of time. If your patch doesn't work, download it again. Until triangles writes a 2+ paragraph description of the problem and how it happened, we should all now boycott this thread. If he's too stoned to convey the error, there's no way I want him playing on my team . -Fenix out.
  3. Mr Fenix

    Ingame VOIP not heard

    In v1.04 I was able to hear more people than were able to hear me. I remember just one session where the whole squad could speak and be heard - and it was great. In v1.05, I haven't heard a soul, except for the increasing use of .ogg sound-clip files where some folks have put their own voices in to preset voice-commands. AFAIK, this is described elsewhere as a known issue. In the meantime, I'm running TeamSpeak and Ventrilo at the same time whilst playing so I can talk to my clan and my on-server team. I've also unbound the ArmA VOIP key. When I did use the VOIP, I was neevr quite sure whether I should hold the key down or just tap it once for on and once for off. According to the HUD it seemed to work like an on/off switch. -Fenix out
  4. Mr Fenix

    securom of my ass ...

    I really sympathise with you poor guys suffering from this stupid DRM bullshit. It's unacceptable to have such constraints placed on you? I mean, Process Explorer ffs! What if you had to remove Microsoft Word in order to play the game? Just how fucked-up is it going to get? This software (Starforce, Securom) must be written by traffic-wardens. Nobody else could be such a tosser. BI, 505: how could you be so dumb and/or cynical?
  5. Mr Fenix

    Maximum Number of Players

    I played on a server where i was the 74th person on there. It was fine.
  6. Mr Fenix

    Disable custom sounds?

    I saw that setting work on a server today.
  7. Mr Fenix

    winmm.dll Error

    If it's audio, don't forget to update at www.openal.org
  8. Mr Fenix

    Excessive RAM usage on 1.05 on Client PC

    One change made was to use more available video RAM for textures. The problem here exists with a PC that has 512MB system RAM trying to feed a ravenous 512MB video card. I'd wonder if that was a problem with the system. If it's an AGP computer, some guy said reducing the aperture helps. I'm currently testing that for myself and can't yet say (I've been busy). If anything in my first paragraph is true, lowering the texture quality will speed things up, as would having enough (more! RAM. -Fenix out
  9. Mr Fenix

    Is two controllers setup possible?

    That makes it one controller. I have the same problem as the original poster. Two controllers aren't currently supported. I've got the following: - -Microsoft USB joystick -Saitek steering-wheel & foot-pedals. I want to use those pedals in choppers whilst using my joystick (not bothered about the steering-wheel itself). -Fenix out.
  10. Mr Fenix

    6thSense.eu Presents: ArmA Coop Nights!

    Yeah, I'm UK so I guess I was on at 00:45 CET. Perhaps I got the wrong server; there were at least two 6thSense.eu servers running. Doh!
  11. Mr Fenix

    Hardware Issues: Tips/Tricks/Solutions

    Very welcome info on graphics there, especially the AGP aperture which explains some of the crashes I've had. I couldn't understand why the game was crashing 256MB short of the 2GB available memory limit. I had turned off the XP swapfile, maxed-out the aperture and told ArmA to use a maximum quantity of RAM but I didn't take into account the aperture when deciding on that maximum. When the game RAM demand collided with the BIOS aperture allocation, ArmA crashed every time. The one other fault I had, which persisted even after I upgraded my nVidia GF6600GT 256MB to an ATI X1950 Pro 512MB, I narrowed down to audio. I disabled onboard 6.1 and installed a branded Creative PCI card, and still got crashes, even with hardware acceleration and EAX disabled. Then, I noticed just one line in the troubleshooting biki which said update your OpenAL drivers (www.openal.org). WTF is OpenAL? Who cares - updating it has eradicated my crashes. Now the game's stable, I've reapplied my motherboard o/c settings. I'll put the sound back as it was and then I'm going to experiment with the AGP aperture to see what changes. I've mentioned it in another post somewhere that I'd love to know more details about how the interplay of graphics settings with graphics hardware works - so you can see definitively whether what you've set is optimal or not. -Fenix out.
  12. Mr Fenix

    #reassign and #restart commands

    I don't use the #restart or #reassign commands any more, purely because in the past, they sometimes trip the server up - fatal if there's no admin elected. Now it's #missions all the way (and the openal system update) and the game suddenly runs solid. -Fenix out
  13. Mr Fenix

    6thSense.eu Presents: ArmA Coop Nights!

    Was there about 11:45 and the server was empty Part-timers! Hope to catch ya next time.
  14. Mr Fenix

    Server config?

    Perhaps it's hanging at startup because of this: - The biki's example reads: - Doh!
  15. Mr Fenix

    Server config?

    Ironically, have just found http://www.theavonlady.org/theofpfaq/mp/dss.htm explains a little, but not enough. It now seems like the script I'm asking about above is related to map-cycles. I don't want a map-cycle; I want a mission to load at server startup. -Fenix out.
  16. Mr Fenix

    Server config?

    The biki doesn't go into enough detail. Â Can someone post their server config, please? The bit I'm having trouble with is the script at the end of the example config pertaining to missions. Â It presents the following code pertaining to the ArmA Demo but doesn't explain what it's for: - My own server has the following code: - This empty class is the one given in the biki main example. Â I suspect it's emptiness is the reason my server doesn't load any missions at startup. In fact, when a client (successfully) connects to my newly started internet server, they are rpesented with the background graphics and "Waiting for host" in the centre of the screen. Â This never moves on until the uber-admin logs-in, at which point it's possible to send the '#missions' command to get things moving. I have searched the entire Universe (including the internet) for help with this. Â I have also tried editing my config script to make it like the biki demo example except using a default v1.04/v1.05 mission, expecting the server to initialise with it. Please help. -Fenix out
  17. Mr Fenix

    1.05 Dedicated server needs CD?

    Thanks, I've just discovered that it is included in the v1.05 patch so doesn't need downloading.
  18. Mr Fenix

    1.05 Dedicated server needs CD?

    The wiki points to armedassault.com to download the dedicated-server executable, yet it's not there. Please, where does it come from. v1.05 would be nice... -Fenix out
  19. Mr Fenix

    Server performance settings help

    How come I couldn't find this when searching the wiki?
  20. Mr Fenix


    I don't use the new gui drivers cos my card is an old 6600GT and the max version recommended by the manufacturer XFX is an older one. However, with that card, I got improved framerate by increasing the maximum render-ahead to 9. I did a bit of mental arithmatic to arrive at 9, working out how many fps I have and how much control/animation lag it would cause. -Fenix out
  21. Mr Fenix

    How do i disable hdr?

    How come it doesn't bother me? Tonight when I play, I'll try to find fault with it on my system. I reallly will!
  22. Mr Fenix

    Crash to desktop

    SBSDelta, those aren't generated messages, they are message strings hardcoded into Windows executables. When an error occurs, the executable reads what you read and displays it.
  23. Mr Fenix

    How do i disable hdr?

    Ah, thanks for clarifying. I already have a theory that if you mess with your vidcard's vibrance/intensity or change the game gamma and contrast, then HDR doesn't look right. First thing I did with the game was change gamma and contrast and I very quickly changed it back. Playing the game with the curtains drawn and roomlights off has been recommended to me in certain circumstances, not that really find that acceptable. Can you alter the screens own brightness instead of the video driver or game settings? And for SP, a setting to turn off HDR wouldn't hurt anyone. -Fenix out.
  24. Mr Fenix

    How do i disable hdr?

    You'd have to be a bit clearer for me to understand your criticism there; the scenario was a little ambiguous. To start with, are you talking about daytime or night-time? Mayeb it's just too early in the morning for me? Using the cheat mode (3rd-person view) will dramatically detract from the realism of HDR to the point where it could seem random. You deserve everything you get if you play like that, ppl! -Fenix out PS It's a personal fault of mine that every time I hear a criticism of HDR, I suspect the player would be happier with rocket-jumping Quake hi-jinks .