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  1. I had this problem after installing driver updates a while back; then I removed them and it work. I have updated everything now, and hey presto it's broken again. Nothing in the update list jumps out to me as being the culprit, now, though I'm wondering wtf nvidia virtual audio is all about seeing as I have 2 soundcards which are not nvidia...
  2. Mr Fenix

    Constant CTD ARMA3

    I'm crashing all over the place today. Server's crashing too. And when it's not crashing, 10+ people getting crash/kicked from the game simultaneously whilst the rest of us soldier on.
  3. Mr Fenix

    Low FPS

    Is it better yet?
  4. Mr Fenix

    Low FPS

    I go from 30+ to 7-11fps the day the game is released. Oh well, at least I had a couple of months of alpha and beta. I just joined a clan and now I'm embarrassed I'll have to bin the game :'(
  5. In Steam's Arma3 properties, on the "Local Files" tab, choose "Verify integrity of game cache..." It told me I had 56 files with issues, and d/l the whole lot nicely for me.
  6. I have the same symptoms, in as far as I have not been able to play today. I double click a regular server in the list and this is what I get: - 1. The server's lobby background comes on 2. I get "Group channel" in green in the bottom left 3. A very slight pause. 4. I'm back in the server browser and the server list starts a refresh. (dev branch) ---------- Post added at 22:17 ---------- Previous post was at 22:04 ---------- just turned logs on and found this in it: - Missing addons detected: a3_map_altis That might do it!
  7. Mr Fenix

    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    The poll question was poorly written but the point it's trying to make is clear. I voted that I got <=5fps on Altis but actually I get 9fps on Altis compared to ~35fps on Stratis. I upgraded my gfx because of the Altis issue and that took me from 7fps to 9fps. It barely makes the slightest difference whether I have max or min settings (though I couldn't use max... or even native resolution... settings on my old card!). I've provided launch options in various combinations and they also seem redundant to the issue.
  8. I got seriously burned buying the German download of A2 in that there's never been a way to play it online in English. This means I've not been able to use the AI menus or custom mission menus since I stopped playing the original Arma. Is there some magic by which I can play A2 in English after installing OA from a UK DVD?
  9. Mr Fenix

    A2 German download + OA UK DVD..?

    Who said anything about a German DVD? It was a petergames download and it's locked to German (thanks a bunch BIS).
  10. Time to get your asses registered and clanned-up Who has the skills to answer this: http://clanbase.ggl.com/news.php?nid=327130 ?
  11. If you spawn a vehicle on the server it will be seen by all. No problems :).
  12. Mr Fenix

    Clanbase News

    Arma2 now shows as a selectable game. I guess this means you're in, kju?
  13. Mr Fenix

    Editing Evolution

    There are a lot of evo versions out there and who knows if they use the same methods. You have to use a program like Seeker (well,t hat's my favourite search tol) to search the scripts for vehicle names and relevant key words to build up a picture of how the whole thing is connected.
  14. better to run the script from init.sqf for players, not for the server. use a For loop and add a sleep command to make it pause before looping round again. make sure x_setup runs int he right place if you make this change.
  15. Mr Fenix

    Clanbase News

    clanbase is international. once the game supervisor is appointed, it all comes alive. yeah, i was a little premature announcing it but hey i was excited :)
  16. "Stop" makes them stop. "Wait for me" also makes them stop but has the happy side-effect of removing their anxiousness at being away from the squad-leader. You don't therefore get the "where are you?" messages and their morale remains ok.
  17. Mr Fenix

    Plz help me with my Arma 2

    The 8200 supports GeForce Boost which is a hybrid SLI configuration . Buy a compatible PCI-E card and SLI it with your onboard 8200. Worth investigating, maybe.
  18. Mr Fenix

    Clanbase News

    I'll help if it doesn't confuse me or destroy my social life! And I love AAS :)
  19. Mr Fenix

    Team vs Team Gametypes Poll

    If you're designing PvP missions, you might want to consider tuning them for Clanbase, as our petition for Arma2 ladders and leagues there has been successful.
  20. So which addons are you running? And what do you mean by "It's not my machine as I've had it working fine at a friends house."?
  21. Mr Fenix

    Evo~Blue V3.x

    this is my favourite Evo for Arma2. 3.7 has added lots of nice touches and fixes over 3.6 - and 3.6 was great. IMO, Normal version is not too hard for single player, so an easier version is unnecessary. After the next official patch, maybe you can add a setting for the number of players in order to scale the enemy. Or, you can script it so the server adjusts enemy reinforcements to suit the number of players ;). The hardcore version btw is not to be taken lightly! The first town held for 24hrs! The situation was partially caused by a UAZ-MG hidden in the forest. When I was working on my Arma1 Evo ripoff, I considered adding code to make the town surrender if there were players in the town for a certain length of time AND there had been no kills or deaths. Just an idea for consideration - it's great as it is.
  22. Mr Fenix

    menues not opening.

    the function keys set the editing mode i.e. it changes what you see on the map and what happens when you double click.
  23. I've been banned from the French "[G8][LEGION]" PvP server for the actions of someone else. I can't find any contact info for this clan so am helpless to sort it out. sadfaced!