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  1. Lepardi

    Americas Army 3

    There are bigger maps, and smaller maps in AA. Bigger maps like Radio Tower are very suitable for flanking.
  2. Lepardi

    Americas Army 3

    What prevents you from flanking in AA?
  3. Lepardi

    Americas Army 3

    Nope, they won't add jumping to AA3. Weapons will use real ballistics, and the bullets will leave at the end of the barrel, as they should. If you'd really play AA, you would know that tactics are in a much bigger role than in ArmA. And there is no such thing as rambo stand in the middle of the street, you are dead the moment you do that.
  4. Lepardi

    Americas Army 3

    Yeah it looks kinda crappy in the vid, but the new screenshots if you scroll down show pretty significant improvement to the old Pipeline. The game isn't even at beta status yet so.. Also a new article just released with a few pics of some of the new maps: http://www.wargamer.com/article/2639/america%27s-army-3-details
  5. Lepardi

    Switch between team members

    If the campaign has it then it's not going to be worth playing it.
  6. Lepardi

    Americas Army 3

    AA3 site has been opened, many new screenshots and some in-game footage in the developer video. Â http://www.aa3.americasarmy.com/#
  7. Lepardi

    HDR lighting

    ArmA HDR is just something horrible, there should be an option to change it off.
  8. Lepardi

    GTA 4 / PC

    Well obviously you don't need them because you have a high spec PC. They are aimed at those of us with lower end hardware  And if you actually read it you will see that the monitor is not running at that resolution. It only tricks the game into thinking that because of the stupid decision by the developers to tie some graphics options to the resolution. But why even bother playing with low end hardware?
  9. Do you use fraps to show framerate?Once i had crazy fps readings(100-300) when using it.I'm using ECS framecounter,it gives real fps which are about 10-70.This is achieved with xeon @2.75 ghz and 4870 x2. No I don't think so. I use fraps and it shows correct framerate with vsync enabled (60fps) for example. I don't get crazy fps readings with it.
  10. That is false information, go test it yourself properly before you start saying. It's around 100 FPS when you will get uninterrupted mouse control/aiming. What you said applies to most of the fps games out there, but not ArmA. ArmA has horrible input system.
  11. Lepardi

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Doesn't the i7 suck for games because of the tiny cache?
  12. It still requires over 100fps to be able to aim decently in ArmA. FIX?
  13. Lepardi

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    ArmA worked without crashes for me on my GeForce 7600GS 512MB AGP, never crashed so you are proved to be wrong. Don`t call me an Nvidia fanboy because of that. Yesterday i put an HD 3650 AGP card in my PC, now ArmA works slightly faster than before. Because of ArmA i don`t needed to switch to ATI, it`s only that you get newer GPU`s for the AGP Port from them. ATI should hire Nvidia to build their drivers, take years to install them. Apparently the problems happen with 8 series and onwards, with newer drivers than 17x.xx. Same goes with the flickering problem.
  14. Lepardi

    New BIS service available

    on how many tree samples from real life You based this upon ? 10, 100 or 1000 ? i'm pretty sure i saw such looking pine tree at least once no, the trees are fine, but they're scattered too much.
  15. 2GB on Vista is not enough, and you need like a 1024mb gfx card to run arma above normal settings without stuttering unless you play at low resolutions like 1024x768.
  16. Lepardi

    To ArmA Developpers: aiming system

    It affects CQB, when clearing buildings it's hard to hit enemies while moving because it just sways so much.
  17. huh?? I can't say i need that mutch ( can't say i reach that high an fps, since i've got it locked to the v-sync ) to control my weps. Do you run any mods that are messing things up ( or is it fade?) Try forcing off your vsync and go to a low fps area, try aiming. Then go to a desert area and put your settings to the lowest and look at the sky, the difference is just enormous, aiming feels so easy and smooth like butter, the gameplay turns actually enjoyable at 100+ fps. When it's low 50s I feel like the gun is sailing around on it's own, absolutely no control over the weapon compared to 150fps.
  18. Are there any plans for doing some changes to ArmA input system? It is just not right that in order to have a normal control over your weapon you need over 100 frames per second!
  19. Hey, This issue has been in ArmA since the release, but never was a problem in OFP. It totally ruins the feel of the mouse and aiming in ArmA. When you move the mouse slowly with your wrist, you might end up doing a 360 turn, but when you quicly flick the mouse the character will turn some 45 or 90 degrees at max. The aiming should be based on how you move the mouse, this huge negative acceleration effectively ruins the gameplay in ArmA. It's so wrong, please fix it! Edit: Video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx6FSYMEJuA&fmt=18
  20. Lepardi

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Huh???Of the two cards you mentioned, definitely go with the HD4870 1GB. And yeah, it's worth the extra money. Texture flickering which occurs only on nvidia cards: And ArmA has bad stability issues with nVidia cards, constantly keeps crashing.
  21. Lepardi

    Negative mouse acceleration in ArmA

    Ok I made a short video showing the problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx6FSYMEJuA&fmt=18 My mouse is operating 1800dpi@1000Hz, and sensitivities are set to the lowest in arma settings.
  22. Lepardi

    To ArmA Developpers: aiming system

    Also it would be nice if it didn't require 100+ fps for perfect control. In other games it doesn't matter that much even if it's 30ish fps.
  23. Lepardi

    Massive Z-fighting

    I have that problem only in BF2 since it's an engine bug. I had that bug before I changed my 8800GTS to HD 4870 though.
  24. Lepardi

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    What are the correct values for non-zoomed FOV with 5:4 resolution? I have like doubled performance on graphics demanding areas when I press the minus button, and it looks nicer without the tunnel-like vision. Nvidia cards have too much problems with ArmA/other games. Get a HD 4870 1gig, theyre around 200€ after the AMD pricecut.
  25. Lepardi

    Arma Vs Ofp

    Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis > Armed Assault Better atmosphere, AMAZING CAMPAIGN, and much better gameplay creamed with terribly good music. Flashpoint singleplayer was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life, while ArmA was just 'meh', and quit after a few missions.