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  1. kernriver

    Alpha lite keys?

    How do I send keys?
  2. This reminds me of the thread where we demanded animated trigger finger in Arma 1. ;)
  3. As far as I know, only Supporter Edition comes with all future DLCs. Difference between ordering on Steam vs. BI store was that you couldn't purchase Supporter Edition on Steam, only on BI store.
  4. kernriver

    How to improve FPS in game

    Yeah, thanks guys, I'll try it, can't hurt I suppose.
  5. kernriver

    How to improve FPS in game

    So even if I had CPU with two cores, -cpucount=2 parameter would improve fps?
  6. Yes, this is odd. It would be good if urban prone worked with lean keys. So once you're prone, press adjust key and lean key (left or right).
  7. mr_hanky, read this: http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com/ Other then that, play, play and then play some more, you'll soon get the hang of it. :) EDIT: damn ninjas :o
  8. Yeah, I'm stupid, so? :p <-- talking to myself In all the excitement I didn't realize it works with adjust+movement keys, I was trying to use adjust+stance keys.:o It works great, now I just need some practice.
  9. kernriver

    Arma III + Fraps = Blackscreen

    Fraps woks for me now. What I did is: start Fraps, and then start the game from Steam, not the desktop shortcut.
  10. kernriver

    ALT+ TAB Back to Desktop

    Yes, this worked for me, I just left a folder window opened, thanks for the tip. Also this, but for some reason I couldn't do it.
  11. kernriver

    4 Euro discount voucher. :)

    Glad it worked for you guys. Prices were fluctuating wildly, first copy I payed 25.xx $, but when I went to purchase the second, the price was 32,99. Well, I used my coupon and lowered the price a little.
  12. kernriver

    4 Euro discount voucher. :)

    I just tried to buy a random game on BI store, and the coupon is valid. Not for Arma 3 though. :confused: EDIT: I tried it again, and it works, on Firefox. Previously I tried it on Internet Explorer. Maybe it's a browser thing? Although I haven't a foggiest idea why it would be so.:p
  13. kernriver

    ALT+ TAB Back to Desktop

    Same problem here, I can't Alt+Tab out of the game. Wanted to try it because there's some talk about it being able to boost your FPS a little.
  14. kernriver

    Arma III + Fraps = Blackscreen

    I have the same problem. Fraps + alpha = black screen, monitor turns off. What's odd, game actually loads, because I can exit with Alt + F4, and then monitor turns on again. Strange. So MSI Afterburner works? I'll try that.
  15. Has anyone tried to submit their discount coupon? When I try to submit it, I get the message that the coupon has expired, but in an e-mail that I got from BI it says: "...This coupon can be used for any future purchase (except the Chernarus Map Collection) and does not expire." :p Or maybe it can't be used for Arma 3 alpha? EDIT: Yeah, I tried buying another game with the coupon and it works. EDIT 2: When I first tried the coupon, I was on Internet Explorer. However, on Firefox it works. Either BI somehow "activated" coupons for Arma 3 in the meantime, or it depends on browser you use. Anyway, it worked. Thank you again, BI. :D
  16. kernriver

    Lost in Controls?

    Have you had any trouble mapping controls for stance adjustment? I can't get it to work. :confused: EDIT: I got it to work, but now I have a spasm in my left hand. ;)
  17. What keys are you guys using to adjust stances? I can't get it to work, I know I'm doing something wrong.
  18. kernriver

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Interesting. How often do you do it? Only when you start a mission, or when you see FPS drop, or?
  19. My first impression is: I'm impressed! I didn't play a lot, just a little in the editor to set up controls and video options. On my brother's dated PC (AMD x2 4600+ 2.4 GHz, 4 GB DDR2, GTX 275) the game runs suprisingly good, better than Arma 2.
  20. kernriver

    Arma 3 Alpha won't start

    Same here. I had to install beta drivers 314.14.
  21. kernriver

    How to prepare steam to install Arma3 on your ssd

    Thanks, Dorph. I've actually done that, and then tried to install Serious Sam 2, but I guess that game doesn't support it, so I was confused. It works with Arma 3 though. Thanks again. :)
  22. kernriver

    Ups and downs with Bohemia

    I hate to be the one to say it, but I told you so.:p Seriously, what's the big deal. Yes, I wanted to buy (not supporters edition) and play the game yesterday (march 5th), badly. So, I tried to purchase from work at ~2PM, no luck. Oh well, I'll do it when I get home from work, I thought. Tried it at 5PM. No luck. Ok, I went to a friend to help him set up connection from his PC to new TV he bought. We talked about football, computers, had two plum brandys. I returned home at 8PM, tried to purchase it. Nope, no way. I watched Dirty jobs instead. By that time it was available on Steam. I thought, feck that, I want to buy from BI, I'll do it tomorrow. So I bought it today (march 6th), and when I get home from work I'll dowload it and play. 1 day later. Big deal. Having said that, I understand why you were a little upset, granQ. :)
  23. Is there any official statement why did BI lower the prices? A pleasent surprise, of course.
  24. Placebo, those numbers are staggering. I was wise enough to wait till today so my purchase went smoothly (not that I didn't try yesterday :p). BTW, Arm3alpha is 1st on Steam top sellers list, as expected. :cool:
  25. kernriver

    Bistore closed

    This is exactly what I did. It took me approx. 30 seconds to buy the game and receive the key. ;)