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  1. I got some serious problems with my brand new ATI HD6950 card and Anti-Aliasing enabled (no matter if on Low or Very High) while running the latest beta patches. Looks like there are some major changes made on grass and tree models/textures since those artifacts are not there in 1.57 stable...

    I'll post some screenshots later

    That might be the Atoc feature. You can turn it off in ArmaA2OA.cfg

    Also I have very low texture problem. Even if settings are set to very high, high or normal... textures appear in very low quality after some time.


  2. )rStrangelove;1852104']Nice video but doesnt count. You'll create the most stress on the game when you're on the ground' date=' in a big city.

    When flying the highest detailed LOD levels are not shown.[/quote']

    It's around 14 - 24 fps. Keeps jumping from low to high fps in big towns with 10k VD. Takistan & Chernarus.

    Anyway.. why would anyone want 10k viewdistance on the ground :D I understand the 10k in air but on ground... that's just silly :)