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  1. Hello friends!

    I want to announce that i am working on a new movie, its called 'cold war crisis'. Yes i'm making it based on the campaigns.. well actually it is the campaign movie. So then to sort out things.. im making a cwc campaign movie.

    In other news.. I am looking for people who would want to apply as a admin over at armamoviemakers. So if your interested drop by. smile_o.gif


    Best regards


  2. <span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>NEWS:</span></span>

    Dear community of OFP!

    <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>We (Kenwort, Linker Split, Zinchux) have made our mods GUI menu pictures. We have made 5 versions, 1 is from Linker Split, 1 from Zinchux and the other are from Kenwort. Most of the layers are made by Zinchux. We have now released them in beta status but we cant decide which one to use in our MOD. So we ask you dear community to choose one that is the most best and maybe add a comment what to change for it.</span>

    Here is the dircet link to the poll thread!

    <span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>VOTE FOR PICTURE HERE </span></span>



  3. Damn it SOS Srey didnt Stryker tell you that we were curious about this so called LoopDogg ?? Why didnt you tell us that you are Loop Dogg??!?! mad_o.gif

    Next time you post images resize them! So the size is under 100kb!

    And did stryker tell you that he is not planing to make the weapons or you only think so?? As understand that he made them in Alpha status and will continue later, because now we are all making house models so the isle creation would speed up huh.gif

  4. Loop Dogg who are you to say this "There is an new modeler in our team. " huh.gif You are not in our team and honestly you are starting to bug me band.gif

    <span style='color:red'>NEWS</span>

    1) Most of the delta units are finished by bufferin but he is still working on some little things for the models.

    2) Rellikki has started to texture the delta units.

    3) We have a new modeler in our team polylux, he is now working on the builing models and vehicles.

    4) SOS Srey has already created some vehicle models for the somali side.

    5) SOS Srey, Stryker and Mav are working on a radio addon.

    6) Linker Split is still working hard on the house models to finish a minimap, so we could present you all our little trailer about our mod.

    7) Stryker is working on the weapon models here are some he is planing to create:


    M16A1 with Knife in front of the weapon

    M16A1 Launcher

    M16A1 Acog


    M16A2 Acog


    Car15 Acog

    Car15 Launcher

    SKS Simikov

    These are just some main news, more to come smile_o.gif Here are some screens of vehicles.

    Somali truck

    US truck

    <span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:16pt;line-height:100%'>I want to remind you that:

    We are still looking for more modelers and texture artists. Remember that this mod is going stright to ArmA once the tools are released!</span></span>

  5. jeez man! resize your images before you get a warning or pr!

    And yes these are our beta weapons made by Stryker! Most of the textures are from BIS some are modified by Stryker.

    THIS IS BETA stuff wink_o.gif

    Stay tuned! BHDMOD trailer incoming soon wink_o.gif

  6. No this is no april fool.

    This is really happening some noob somehow get our mods information and downloads, either its one of our guys or there is a forum problem but i doubt it cuz no one else can read team disscusion only moderators. sad_o.gif

  7. Bufferin has announced that he has almost finished the Delta force soldiers.


    As you can see, there are

    3 kind of assault units,

    2 kind of snipers,

    1 medic,

    1 misc.

    Still need to make some model(LOD,goggle,hand,some small model.)

    and texture is not completed.

    so It's almost done but not completed yet.

    Now these models need to be textured.

  8. Blackhawk screens:





    <span style='color:red'>Before you critize!</span> You can clearly see that these pictures are WIP so please no smartass replys smile_o.gif

    These pictures are from 22 February, outdated so the chopper looks different by now.

  9. <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>First page updated</span></span>

    The progress is moving faster now but we need more modellers who could help Linker Split with the house models.

    The soundpack and music pack has been made.

    We have two new members on our team, lets all welcome Rebl Man & yura, Rebl Man is helping us with the models. Yura is making the Blackhawk for the mod with miniguns in each side, new scripts and animations for the blackhawk. Thats all i can say for now. Stay tuned screens incoming wink_o.gif

  10. Hello fellow members..

    I want to announce that OFP:BHD mod is progressing, we are now working on our own Blackhawk, Linker Split is working on the island creating house models and working on the scripts, Stryker is working on the weapon models and textures..

    Zerg63 has spared some of his time and has started to create the truck for us. Bufferin is working on units.

    The progress is not going so fast though.

    We need more modelers and texturers.. if you have any skills in making house models, vechanicles and objects or you know how to make textures and use them please join our team.. with your help we can make the MOD grow faster.


    Email - kenwort@inbox.lv

    website - http://bhdmod.info/

    forum - bhd forum

    Here are some WIP:


    Best regard


  11. Well the progress keeps moving on... we have now zerg63 in team who is working on the truck, Zinchux has started to make the GUI menu picture and were starting to think about the effects and other fx stuff. So once there are some pics i asure you they will be posted here wink_o.gif

  12. hey Hutson[16AA]!

    The movie submission for some reason doesnt work.. i will check it once i get some free time.. i will disable the option for now..

    Actually every thing new you post in the forums etc a new movie or a new project or tutorial goes to the news.. wink_o.gif

  13. Hello everyone!

    I have to announce that we have recieved models and textures from the chechz BHD mod, they are not using them anymore and they dont think to finish them, so we have asked if we could finish theyre addons and add them to our mod. This makes our job much easyer becouse there are already some decent weapon models, a truck with hummer, some soldiers and even a blackhawk and ofcourse the main building but it lacks textures. We thank them for theyre support!

    New members!

    New members have joined us! A former BHD mod team have joined us to continue theyre work with us and make this mod much greater and release it as fastest as we can. Lets welcome them!

    Stryker: Modellmaker(1th), Mission Builder

    Streuner : Missionmaker

    Mav :Conficoptimator

    SOS Srey : Missionmaker, Soundmaker, Modellmaker(2th)

  14. Hello everyone!

    Red_Evasion@: We still dont know the estimated mission count but together all the missions will be somewhere about ~40

    olemissrebel@: I dont understand what are you complaning about? only two weeks have last.. dont wait miracles from us if you want something real join the army dont forget that this is the game the engine makes some difficulities.. As i stated before we are not going to make the MOD based on the real events its about the movie and the game..

    We just want to complete something in ofp that anyother mod hasnt done.. make a full working BHD MOD.. and thats our goal and we are going to reach it!

    Best regards!


    Lets not start a flame war!

  15. Hello everyone!

    Just want to update some info:

    About the UN there are some already made UN units and vechanicles but i think that we could make them ourselfs but if not then use the already made.

    We have found our config god.. Thunderbird84 will help us with the config and GUI, we are planing to implent different aniations in west and east side, different sitting animation in littlebird, standing and shooting RPG and much more like lean, crouh move etc.

    We will have some scripts made by Linker Split and Serial Killer..

    were working on a good Rotor failure script.. etc

    We will have two campaign one that is based on the movie and the other based on the Game Delta Force : BHD

    Thats some info for now but there is more to come.. stay tuned smile_o.gif

  16. Hello all!

    I thank you for some of the replys

    @Blazins: Thanks for the tags! Theyre such as we need smile_o.gif

    @olemissrebel, Gordon Frohman: Thanks for the info guys we are actually having a conversation with one of the men that was in Mogadishu in that time.

    I want to say that we havent even made something to post but we are working on addons and isle for now, we still dont know if were going to use already made weapons or are we going to create them ourselfs. But this is just week 2 so dont wait for something new already.. But stay tuned when we have something to show we are going to do it smile_o.gif

    Our forum and website is almost ready.. gonna publish the link once its done


    And if the tools are out for Armed Assault to edit we might just convert our work to ArmA and continue to work more deeper in this project smile_o.gif

  17. Thats right we are going to have new weapons, vechanicles, houses, mogadishu island, missions, campaigns etc.

    Im gonna list some already made addons that we are going to use in our mod:

    BAS Blackhawks [21 MB]

    BAS littlebirds

    BAS OFPOR rebels, civilians

    FischKopp's HMMWV pack

    MP 5T Trucks Pack v1.2

    Jam magazines

    If you dont see any text after a screen like WIP screens or so then those are just to keep people interested in the mod:)