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    What would you like to see in ofp2

    OFP was revolutionary, before OFP how many decent FPS/AS war sims were there - Delta Force 2 was the best you could get and that was you with a few other mentally challenged comrades called Alpha and Bravo who ran against an army of guys who couldn't shoot a house from two metres away! And then you have this huge expanding arena of vehicles and infantry all interacting (with a few glitches but it's better than a real American unit! to create an immersive computer game. Fabtastic! I'm not going to say release a patch for clipping because to my computer knowledge (quite limited) that is very hard to do and you might as well design a new game engine! What want is a realism pack that you buy like resistance that only people who want it get. It would include features that would appeal to the hardcore gamerd Realistic explosions - An infantry carrier getting hit by a LAW looks like a puff of smoke where the LAW penetrates and then it stops working because either the crew is dead or wounded or the tracks or turret are destroyed/dammaged. A secondary explosion is caused by it hitting ammo in the turret or the fuel tank and is usually quite rare because you don't usually waste ammo on it if the guys have jumped out or it's on fire. Realistic ammo loadouts - Hellfish 6 has given a brilliant description so i don't have to :-) Flight model - you hear everyone say this and i'm gonna add to the general flow, keep the easy option because it's great for the plebs to think they're flying really well and they don't need the gunner and that every air force in the world will want them! (exaggeration - don't take that seriously :-) ) But being a helicopter pilot in the RAF i think that even though it's a computer game give us some credit by giving us a real flight model as well! And give the gunner a bit more freedom (an engage at will command) where he will sensibly use your ordnance to enagage threats first then infantry etc gunner and rockets - in real life the gunner does have a set of controls to fly with if the pilot dies or has an urgent date or something. Rockets should be controlled by the pilot because you need to point them by pointing the aircraft at the target. By the way we have gunners because lots of helicopters have crashed in to things as pilots have been faffing with weapon systems, yes it is that hard to fly helicopters! realistic engagment ranges - you could have an option if people have the processing power to have realistic enagement ranges where M1 Abrams will happily engage with thermal imaging at 2.0 - 2.5km ranges Water - everyone says about water, i'm not that bothered but it would open up a huge area of possibilities e.g. on that guard mission where you lost at cards and you have to guard the area the russians could have special water guys come crawling onto the beach and harpoon gun you! If you call it NATO have the British! - I'm sorry to say due to our leadership that after America has decided to "liberate" a country e.g. Kosovo the first people there are the Gurkas/SAS/Royal Marines etc and the last ones there are the Americans with shiploads of goodies like haircombs!!! I'm sorry to offend any Americans here but the British forces breed a dislike of the Americans because they usually shoot us thinking we're the enemy. When we are forced to share a base with them they come over with a jeep full of Coca Cola and cornflakes asking us stupid questions like "do you have many mobile phones over there?" Also have the Germans and French because they are always there to help us and talk to and also because lot's of people in France and Germany play OFP. Blue on Blue - if you have americans in any scenario you're gonna have them blowing up anything that moves Animations - how many soldiers run with their rifles sticking out so if they trip/ or dive down their barrels get jammed up with mud? I've been looking at previous screenshots of OFP on the official website and the animations look more realistic! Even though the graphics aren't top notch i would really have liked to play the previous versions! Bloody hell i've typed a lot on my first post! Oh well hope you agree with at least one of my ideas!