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  1. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    I always want you in my slot darling.
  2. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Thanks for agreeing Kirq. Here is a comparison with the reaction times: The soldier in the open is in cover in 3 seconds. In the ArmA video he shoots like 5 rounds over 8-9 seconds. Edit: Looz, leaving this country tommorow 18:00, take over.
  3. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    The video has some very nice sounds, however it also demonstrates some other things - Infantry are easily mobile on a 45 degree slope .... When standing and leaning, there is no weapon sway which is highly unrealistic. When firing from a standing and leaning position, recoil seems to do nothing, which is also highly unrealistic. AI seem to react to enemy fire as effectively as a roast potato would.
  4. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Paragraphic, I am trying to bring awareness to these issues that 3% of the OFP community have been crying out about since day one. Sad truth. Money and all that. We get a shiny OFP, the military gets what ArmA could easily have been and the generic shiny game sales drop for 6 months. Then ArmA is abandoned by the majority for the latest fad. The minority is then left with a game engine where they can see their boot laces in great detail, but cannot replay a battle, or save their MP campaign etc. As Natalie Portman is hot, I am going to paraphrase a starwars line. "So this is how OFP dies, in a roar of shiny applause" Sorry .. had a geek moment.
  5. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    In order for people to agree on anything generalisations are made and conclusions drawn. There *are* people in the OFP community who are in dire need of basic schooling. There *are* people in other game communities who have yet to find OFP/ArmA and would be much better suited towards it.
  6. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    I would prefer BIS to make the extra money out of their military clientele who have lots of it as opposed to creating a game that will attract hoardes of brain-process deprived 13 year olds.
  7. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Berghoff + Malcolm, it is about first impressions. With a cover like this, people can hardly distinguish it from Call of Duty 2 or some other completely generic glam shooter. This will be reflected in the community soon. Watch and see.
  8. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Mr Malcolm, please for the love of my sanity please find me a picture of any soldier in any army of this planet where soldiers wear clothing that reflects light like bloody tinfoil. One of the most basic principles in modern camouflage is - REFLECTION = DEATH! This is why you see binoculars with hessian nets around the lenses, you see tanks with shutters on the optics, you see rifles with a dull matt black coating, you see goggles covered up when not in use and light colours like the skin on ones face and hands is smothered in something called camouflage face paint.
  9. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Let's compare shall we. VS Before: Gritty, Real, As close to war as you want to get etc. Now: ALL BF2 PLAYERS OVER HERE!!! Get your shiny m4s! No brains required.
  10. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    No it won't.
  11. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Well, I suspect heavily the answer to all those questions is negative. Unfortunately the only people BIS seems to listen to come from 2 groups: Group1: These people just take screenshots in the editor all day and occasionally play CTF or some other mindless DM mode. They can often be found whoring around the addons and mods complete threads saying things like "good job team!!!! great work!!!! Keep It Up!!!" even though the addons in question are generally broken in MP, have addon dependency issues, irregular model lighting and a whole load of other small bugs. Group2: The elite little crew of addon makers who interchange between VBS and OFP and battle between each other to make the ultimate US special forces units or M4 SOPMOD models. Their ultimate goal is to play Hexenkessel TDM with 24 units on the map all with reflective goggles, realistically modelled boot laces and wavy radio antennas.
  12. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Correction: I really don't think after 3 years of culminated X-Box/ArmA development we should be getting an OFP with new graphics and some basic optimisations. I would like to know if: > We can export a logfile or any data at all from ArmA in the commercial release. > We can save the status of MP games. > We can disembark AI from a non local vehicle. > We can reload a non local weapon. > If infantry soldiers still run at 23 kmph!!! > If infantry soldiers can run at 15 kmph up a 60 degree slope!!
  13. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    My tech boffin says OFP also had a similar command that was later disabled in the commercial version. This could be the same.
  14. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Guys, I don't give a flying monkey toss about reflective UAZ windows. I really don't think after 5 years of development we should be getting an OFP with new graphics and some basic optimisations. I would like to know if: We can export a logfile or any data at all from ArmA. We can save the status of MP games. We can disembark AI from a non local vehicle. We can reload a non local weapon. blah blah blah
  15. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Does anyone here know if: If locality bugs are fixed? If ArmA can export a log file?
  16. Jinef

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Well, considering I already have starforce with LOMAC Flaming Spliffs I don't really mind. Makes wankers buy the games.
  17. Jinef

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    You're a looney. Edit ... retarded spelling.
  18. Jinef

    The so-called "grown up" community

    Pity you don't express the same rationale in your politics Mr Nemesis6.
  19. Jinef

    Who will Host ArmA Dedicated Servers

    CiA server bravo 6. Best group of mature players.
  20. Jinef

    Great JIP mission ideas

    Ok, if it was technically possible. I think it would be out of the scope of Zeus ... What would be far far far more useful is a saveMP game function.
  21. Jinef

    Who will Host ArmA Dedicated Servers

    Zeus is waiting for info on Linux. We will be there at some point however.
  22. Jinef

    ARMA Publicity

    Give them a mouthful about how they missed out all the useful features like replay in order to implement chinstraps.
  23. Jinef

    Soviet tank squad doctrines

    Keep it simple stupid.
  24. Jinef

    Vehicles, what do you want

    M-Gator please. I know a little boy who would be very happy about it.
  25. Jinef

    Close quarters game

    You might as well just have a script that check when 2 sides enter a town and then kills off 70% of each side instantly. There is your urban battle simulated with as little CPU as possible. Unfortunately rainbow six and swat are not the same concepts as OFP. They are conducting police actions, while OFP is conducting warfare. Different concepts, different tactics, different games.