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  1. 11 hours ago, _xetex_ said:

    Hostname of your Linux machine must be - lower case, not have "_","-" , numbers and other characherts.


    Good example: linuxmaschine, haretuerk or e.t.c.

    Yes, I knew that and use lower case only... thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I do have all files you can imagine: OFP 1.96 original, Arma:CWA (Steam, both, win and linux), linuxserver1.96.shar (server binaries) etc.

    Some years ago I was able to manage installing and running OFP servers but on older linux machines. Now I always receive following error message:

    WATCHDOG (15151): [Mi 17. Jan 22:04:44 CET 2018] Starting server (port 2302)...
    22:04:45 Dedicated server created, memory used: 4112 KB
    Server creation failed : 2302

    Hours of googling this error message could not help me. Suggestions about a misconfigured firewall must be wrong, because there is no firewall running...

  3. Here is my latest Multiplayer Coop Mission, using no addons.

    Type: Coop

    Players: Up to 9 players (2 A10 pilots, 7 ground team members, two of them with laser designators)

    Side: West

    Island: Everon

    Addons required: none

    Uses the spectating script v1.2 by Kegetys (thanks!)

    Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/336292953/_coop_kf__09_hornets_sting.eden.rar.html


    Russian special forces landed in Saint Pierre to enlarge the harbor for managing the support by large cargo ships. The area is protected by russian infantry and anti aircraft facilities.

    You start south of Regina. Advance to Saint Pierre and destroy the defending facilities! You are commanding a special task force equiped with laser designators and two A10 Bomber with laser guided bombs.

    Intel reports russian troops operating in the woods and mountains.

    • Seek and destroy all russian anti aircraft facilities

    • Seek and kill the russian officer in charge Ivan Gulaschov

    It is not possible to do an airstrike directly to the targets because of the bad weather conditions. Use your task force with laser designator to lead the way for your A10 bombers.


    I made a small and stupid video about it. But better you play the mission!


    You can try this mission on "Kanonenfutter" Server:

  4. Nice mission, but I think way to hard!

    I also played it some times, and the special agent never won!

    AI units shot him, he got ran over by civ cars or he crashed with that stupid Bond-car.

    That Bond-car is to slow on small roads. Maybe he should drive a Bond-jeep...

    But: very good mission-idea, better than serial killer, nice Bond-feeling, good job with that dynamic mission objectives.