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  1. Come on now guys, everyone has their reasons for not releasing something. To put it bluntly... no one here has the right to demand anything from anyone. People work their ass on in their free time to give you something that you will enjoy, and you bitch when you don't get it on time when something goes wrong? It's just, sometimes this community amazes me with the maturity level when things go wrong, and other times it just disappoints me. If you don't like something, offer to help or do something better; don't complain about release dates. I haven't found one mod or addon worth downloading that the author involved made the addon to get praise... I think that's something that came out of left field and has for some reason stayed. Since ECP has been mentioned in this thread, I'll address that. There are bugs... still. Would you rather have an ECP full of bugs, or wait for something that works as advertised. It's like buying a Porsche, but instead of getting everything checked out and waiting some you choose to not wait and get something that hardly runs. Trust me, we would love to get this thing out the door tonight, tommorow, next week, as soon as humanly possible. But seeing as we have a commitment to quality, we aren't going to release it until we are sure it is as bug-free as possible. I'm almost positive all the mods and addons worth waiting for in the community feel exactly the same way. Your sarcastic comments don't help, either. I don't mean to come off as angry in this post... but it's hard to understand why people think modmakers don't have anything better to do in their lives then make addons for other people. Go out, make an addon, and then see where we are coming from.
  2. Homefry

    Colt Whisper .308

    CLICK ME! There were just a few small errors in that link... (It was: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin.....1.rar)
  3. Homefry

    New Engine

    I've seen the press release stating that there is a new engine contained in AA... well I'm wondering what details this new engine contains... Do we have any of the improvement to physics or to the vehicle code, or is it just the graphics detail? Some detail would be nice.
  4. Homefry

    Messor Island Released

    Very nice island mate... I've posted a link at Opflashpoint.org.
  5. Homefry

    How bout ...

    I simply fail to see the point in this... to tell you the truth. Frankly.. it's a game (call it a sim if you like), and it is a COMBAT simulator, not something to simulate filling sandbags and building towers nail by nail. It definetly wouldn't be something to include in the engine, when one or two people will use it. I don't care if you can use time compression or not. Your filling sandbags... in a game. Or are you missing the part that this is a game? Seriously... this can be done in OFP already...
  6. The core itself is roughly around 5 or so megs if I remember correctly... maybe 10. The point is... it isn't a problem to be used with 56k (it's how I downloaded it... ). The things that are big are the Dynamic Range sound packs.... but they use an optional config so you don't have to use them anyway.
  7. Homefry

    Ah-1W - Super Cobra

    Looking good Pure.
  8. Can't you drop the dive system... then pick up an AT4 or the like?
  9. Homefry

    HKG36 v1.0 & HKMP7 v1.1 released

    Oh, sorry mate... it's fixed now.
  10. Homefry

    HKG36 v1.0 & HKMP7 v1.1 released

    Link over at opflashpoint.org.
  11. ? Laser mate... looking good even for a beta. Looking forward to the full release.
  12. Homefry

    Silent hunteriii

    Mikhail's Navy? I was thinking PT-109... but either way.
  13. Homefry

    arabic objects

    Looking good mate...
  14. Yes... this thread has come back to bite us...
  15. No release tonight mate... I don't mean to make this a common occurance but nothing is going to happen tonight, I'll guarantee you that.
  16. I've thought of a similar use... to cut out the AI during helo insertions. Just have the player fly it once.. while making the mission, have the program output the helo position, direction, and velocity, then save it to a file. Then have a fast setpos loop using the saved data to move the chopper.... Well, it makes sense to me anyway.
  17. Are they set up correctly in the configurator? If you turn them on ingame... do they show?
  18. Homefry


    Download link over at opflash.org. http://forums.opflashpoint.org/viewtopic.php?t=18156
  19. Homefry

    BWMod Update release

    Awesome work gents.. this is some nice stuff. I think I'll fire up the ol' OFP tonight and try these out.. work can wait until the morning.
  20. Homefry

    Wizzywig's tomahawk Relesed!

    Awesome work guys... I'm liking it a lot. Any chance some of the trigger stuff can be made into a gamelogic?
  21. Homefry

    New Engine

    Proof? Hmm, no response from someone official. We still don't know what was added to the engine to make it 'new'.
  22. Homefry

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    Hmm, now we need to know what the new things included with AA are... from someone that's been there to see *cough*...
  23. Homefry

    BIS @ E3: Confirmed!

    Jeez mate... when you posted that I thought we had some new screens...
  24. Homefry

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    http://www.e3expo.com/exhibit....Dir=asc Scroll down.
  25. Homefry

    SPC 6.8 and stuff

    Yeah mate... if your still working on the stuff an update would be awesome.