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  1. It has been enough of an issue to make me stop using it and the mods that require it. Shame because there are some mods I really love to use, but for me it's just not worth the aggravation. I've already changed some mods that used it so that they no longer require it. So there is recourse, but I don't have the time or desire to remove CBA dependency from all of them. ---------- Post added at 02:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:17 PM ---------- I agree with you, but your splash is so quick compared to mine, I wouldn't find yours so annoying at all. Those screens stay up for several seconds on my machine...very, very aggravating.
  2. Grizzle

    OA co 05 Show Presence

    All sounds good 'cept for the 45 min limit. What's up with that?
  3. I haven't played the latest beta yet, but I do think the tanks slid too much before so I think any change to minimize that is a good thing. I vote for not returning to previous slide strength.
  4. I don't think we need ratings at all. I just wish mission makers would adhere to some standard naming conventions in their thread titles. That alone would solve most of the issues with finding missions. I know a lot of them try, but it's still a bit of a mess.
  5. Grizzle

    Afghan War Diary - wikileaks

    Yeah, I think most of us thought this info would be a good source for some real world missions. I expect we'll see many more based on these reports. Dl'd your mission and will try it out.
  6. Place the button code in a separate function, create it on a thread then use Thread.Sleep. private void button_createbatchshortcut_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Thread myThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(doBatch)); myThread.Start(); } private void doBatch() { string batchFileName = ..... Thread.Sleep(1000); etc.. } Also some other suggestions to shorten the command line for peeps: - Install the games to a shorter file path (ie: c:\Arma2, c:\a20a) - Put a bunch of your favorite mods into a single mod folder rather than each having its own.
  7. Erm....then why does it also show when I end a mission and return to the menus? Is it de-initilializing? I gotta agree with the people that think it's seriously annoying. I think I'll have to remove CBA when I'm not doing anything that uses it and curb my use of those things that do use it. That's how annoying it is.
  8. Yeah, must have been a bad draw. It's just that I was immediately and mercilessly chased around by the enemy, which was fun in and of itself but I hardly had time to look around let alone decide which direction to go before all hell broke loose. :D I knew I would be alone, just not THAT alone :o As someone else already suggested, it would be nice to pick a starting squad if one wanted to. Or maybe ensure the player spawns within a reasonable distance of friendly ground forces. Other than that, I think I'll get lots of play out of this one!
  9. Well, it looks like fun, but so far all I've managed to do is spawn - alone - in the middle of nowhere surrounded by enemies and not a friendly in site. Needless to say after running around like a stooge in search of a friendly group I die in short order. I have seen some friendly aircraft, but still no groups of men. Am I doing something wrong or do I just have to try harder? ---------- Edit: NVM - I finally managed to find a group :)
  10. Grizzle

    Mythbusters ArmA edition.

    I tired it myself. Just like you set it up. Did about 6 trials using the bushes you indicated as well as another set a bit further east but even closer to the dirt road. Out of the six times they found me twice. I managed to avoid detection the other times buy changing my position behind the bushes so that I was facing the direction from which they were coming versus facing the road they would be running along. I was prone in all cases and if I had to guess I would say that my legs were sticking out in plain view when I was facing the road. By concealing myself in a straight line with their line of sight the only way they could have seen me is if they looked to their left as they passed by. They didn't. Seems to me they do block, but you just need to be careful about your positioning.
  11. Grizzle

    Mythbusters ArmA edition.

    Somehow I've managed to avoid running into tail rotors in BIS games. And I don't really see any need to start now. Maybe you should just avoid them?
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    Copy My Stance -UPDATED

    Yes it works in OA.
  14. Love your sig Grimes. :)
  15. Stunning!!! :madtongue:
  16. Grizzle

    Best A.I. script

    There's also the Urban Patrol Script (UPSMon) in the addons complete forum.
  17. Grizzle

    Mythbusters ArmA edition.

    Nice thread. Thanks walker!
  18. Yes, I have seen this too as it was what prompted me to play around with different "solutions". I have also expeirmented with setting the speed for each unit based on the speed of the leader, but even that doesn't help too much. It's obviously work needing to be fixed behind the scenes. To take it a bit further, the AI in ground vehicles need to be a bit more light on the gas and easy on the steering. They accelerate too quickly and in the scenario you described they tend to oversteer too much as well. Both things make for taking them out of formation in the squad and causing all sorts of poor behavior. Smaller increments of 'gassing it' and steering for each loop of the AI logic as it tries to correct it's path would lessen the issue I think.
  19. Regarding the driving AI. I don't think it's poor path finding so much. Try assigning a single vehicle multiple waypoints in the location of your choice and they tend to do fairly well at navigation - at least when those waypoints are on roads. Now add some other vehicles and group them with your first vehicle and watch how the driving ability takes a serious dive. The leader tends to still do fairly well, but the rest... forget it. If you really want to see the difference, place the following script in a file in your mission directory and call it from the group leaders init function like so: nul = [this] execVM "nameofscript.sqf"; This script breaks the group up so that each unit is a group unto themselves. It then copies the waypoints from the leader of the original group to each new group. They drive much better this way, though still not perfect. Not that this is some sort of solution, but it indicates a lot of the issues with poor driving stem from the group following logic when there are more than one unit in the group of vehicles.
  20. Why start FRAPS? Download the FPS mod for Arma2 and run it in game. Fraps is just going to hurt that much more.
  21. I think you have a valid point. I imagine if I was younger I might care more about the story, but at my age I've read/seen/heard every story there is to tell so all I really care about is having a few hours of fun making believe I'm a soldier fighting to stay alive, regardless of who/where/when or why. I don't need more impetus to play beyond that. If I want to sink my head into a story I'll read a book. Still the best way to convey an alternate reality IMHO.
  22. I suppose it seems strange, but I'll bet I'm not the only one. To be completely clear I'm waiting for BIS to sort out the Steam combined issues before I end up launching CO regularly (yes I know there are fixes to get it working and I actually have it working, but it's been flaky for me so I'll wait until they sort it all out.) The easiest solution is for mission makers to clearly define the requirements: A2 Only AO Only CO That way if people see a mission that takes place on AO islands but is labeled as CO they'll know it requires content from both. Let's not make the same mistake with SP content that afflicts MP with so many mods and requirements it becomes a chore to get things working.
  23. As one who has both, but plays them in stand alone mode I would prefer mission makers do everything they can to ensure that missions that don't require A2 content not contain any at all. I have already downloaded a few OA missions that wouldn't play properly because some content was A2. At the very least they should indicate if a mission depends upon A2 content so users can avoid them.
  24. I know everyone is different, by why does there have to be a believable and realistic "story" to go with this game? It's not an RPG, MMO or anything of the sort. It's not a world politics/war simulator, it's a military battle sim. It's about blowing stuff up and killing virtual bad guys. I can only imagine this comes about from that certain genre of game where you spend most of your time watching cut scenes and participating in a virtual story and very little time actually playing. Games shouldn't try to be books or movies just like books and movies don't try to be games.