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  1. Thank you , that has fixed my kernal32 errors, but now I am crashing with this error. Well atleast I am getting somewhere.

    Done some more testing it only will crash when there are other players on the server. I can play multiplayer for hours when no one else is on the server but that gets kinda boring.

    I do get alot of cannot load texture errors with other players which is there custom faces. Maybe that is a problem, i have no idea. Any more suggestions gratefully excepted.


  2. Can anyone tell me how to fix this. I crash everytime I play multiplayer. Might be when I first connect or 10 to 20 min into game but I will crash. Really Really suks

    All drivers are updated to the latest version. The game is a downloaded version from morphicon. banghead.gifbanghead.gifbanghead.gif


    My specs

    amd64 3500

    1g ram

    6800gt 256

  3. Well heres the description of a kenel32.dll error

    Kernel32.dll is the 32-bit dynamic link library found in the Windows operating system kernel. It handles memory management, input/output operations, and interrupts. When Windows boots up, kernel32.dll is loaded into a protected memory space so other applications do not take that space over.

    On occasion, though, users may encounter the "invalid page fault" error.

    This error occurs when a program or application tries to access kernel32.dll's protected memory space. Sometimes the error is caused by one particular program or application, and other times it is provoked by multiple files and applications.

    If the problem results from running one application, then the application needs to be replaced. If the problem occurs when accessing multiple files and applications, the corruption is probably caused by faulty hardware.

    If i had to guess it could be the copy protection trying to gain access and not being able to there for causing that following kernel error to happen or with OpenAL

    So whats your suggestion to fix it, coz its kinda frustrating CTD every time in multiplayer

  4. Has anyone else had this error and does anyone know how to fix it. started doing it after doing a system restore because of a video driver problem after updating it


    No entry 'C:\Documents and settings\Arma\Arma.cfg.3D_Performance'.


    AMD 64 3500

    1g ram

    6800gt 256m