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    Silent Hunter 5 announced!

    This is probably the greatest thing about SH5: Finally some tools! Previously all modding tools were user-made and we had nothing from Ubi. It's now also possible to script in the game with a proprietary python-like "silent hunter script", although if I've understood things correctly it's pretty limited: You cannot assign new variables for example. There's also still no support for loading data from anywhere else apart from the original locations, so you'll actually have to overwrite original files to get your mods into the game :eek: Oh, and afaik Goblin editor is pretty much similar in function to the user-made S3D, ie. it handles the data files and allows you to import and export 3d-models into game-readable format but doesn't have any 3d-editing capabilities on its own.
  2. fincuan

    Silent Hunter 5 announced!

    Nothing in that list that's not available for SH4.
  3. fincuan

    RH Aks Pack ver 1.2

    The last time I checked his AKs use NWD's PSO-1-1 with a 400 meter rangefinder, calibrated for 5.45.x39. It should be pretty close to what they might mount irl.
  4. fincuan

    Which Internet Browser Do You Use?

    I hear you, but that's basically the biggest reason why I go Opera. Not only are the most important features are without needing a gazillion plugins, but the sync feature makes it worth using the same browser across several platforms. Having the same bookmarks, address history, quick launch stuff, speed dial, etc... at home, school, work and mobile phone and automatically synced in real time is a pretty big plus.
  5. Yeah that should be all. The script is now started EXACTLY once per mission, in MP just before you enter the briefing screen with the map.
  6. Put this to config.cpp: class Extended_PostInit_EventHandlers { class someNiceNameForTheClass { clientInit = "if (isMultiplayer) then {call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers 'pathToScript'}"; }; }; And make your cfgPatches "requiredAddons" look something like this: class CfgPatches { class Someclassname { .... requiredAddons[] = { "Extended_EventHandlers" }; .... }; }; Your addon now requires CBA, more precisely the ExtendedEventHandlers part of it, but at least it works :)
  7. fincuan

    Bullet velocity - inaccurate ?

    That data is from single shots only, as the variances were so small I didn't see a need for more. Remember, dispersion and most other external factors are disabled in these tests, so there's not much that can bring any variance. Doing a 10-shots average on one weapons shouldn't take long though, I'll see if I can get it done for M16A4 later tonight.
  8. fincuan

    Bullet velocity - inaccurate ?

    AKM At least we see why there aren't many 7.62x39 sniper rifles around :)
  9. fincuan

    Bullet velocity - inaccurate ?

    Here's a few sets of stock Arma2 1.05 ingame ballistics observations. I only ran it for a few weapons, because by all means this should revel if there are some general problem with the physics. My test were conducted on Utes in the default "editor conditions". After firing the bullet was "reset" to flying completely horizontally with its original initial speed, at which point recording was started. An FSM was used to output the relevant data to arma2.rpt each frame. I'll see if I can get the testbed to a releasable form later on, but here's the data. Anyone got reliable real data to compare these with? M16A4
  10. fincuan

    Bullet velocity - inaccurate ?

    Well in my opinion you rushed the ticket a bit. There might or might not be an issue, but not much credible ingame data. So far I found exactly one set of ingame measurements I would trust, those of InqWiper, and even those do not agree with my own results. An example: In my tests ~0.622 sec to 450m with 5.56 ball, using ACE which has basically the same NWD-values as my mod.
  11. fincuan

    Bullet velocity - inaccurate ?

    99.9% of actual numbers I used are tested and calculated by NWD, and according to him the resulting trajectories correspond very well to what they are in real life. He achieved this by modifying both initial speed and drag. I only ran a few quick tests which seemed to confim the same values still apply in Arma2. The small arms ballistics simulation seem very good to me, and I doubt the flighttimes are off by more than a few milliseconds provided that FPS remains at a playable range. Even if they were we are talking about so short periods of time that something like stopwatch and "I feel" measurements don't count. Also something which no-one seems to have mentioned yet: The initial speed might be 900 m/s, but the bullet starts slowing down the moment it leaves the barrel, and by the time it gets to 450 m it'll be travelling at a much much lower speed. The bullet also travels a longer distance than 450 m because it doesn't fly straight, it arcs a bit.
  12. fincuan

    Dragon Rising has been released

    According to public sources, Google will give plenty of them, those particular choppers were flown by 160th SOAR crews as normal. The Navy doesn't operate them nor does USMC.
  13. fincuan

    Scopes and ballistics

    Ok thanks for the feedback and thanks for testing things out for me. I'm an ACE-man myself now so now SightAdjustment-plugin for me :) I'll try fix that problem if I only manage to reproduce it first. The next version of Scopes is basically done anyway, so I should have the whole package out within a week.
  14. fincuan

    Scopes and ballistics

    Try without the sightadjustment-plugin that's part of fnc_scopes. That's the only thing I can think of causing trouble even in theory.
  15. Remove all his ammo after the first shot. In his init field: this spawn { _wep = primaryWeapon _this; _mags = magazines _this; _ammo = _this ammo _wep; waitUntil{(_this ammo _wep) < _ammo}; removeAllMagazines _this; }; This will stop him from firing, after which you can do the rest of the stuff, for example add back the ammo with {_this addMagazine _x} forEach _mags.
  16. fincuan

    Scopes and ballistics

    Ok those problems seem to be a case with GMJ_SightAdjustment. I've noticed similar problems as well with it, ie. weird stuff going on when changing weapons and problems when saving/loading, and this was before I had made any of my mods, but I have nothing to do with its development. Als note a few things: FNC mods should remove sightadjustment from all ACOG-equipped weapons, as according to my information they don't really have it irl either. The case of scopes adjusting in different increments is also intentional, and again they should be pretty much modelled according to their real-life counterparts. edit: I started thinking of something in the sightadjustment-plugin that could IN THEORY have an effect in that kind of behaviour. It shouldn't, but with Arma you never know. Could you please try without the sightadjustment-plugin?
  17. fincuan

    Scopes and ballistics

    None of the FNC mods affect keys in any way or add any keyEventhandlers, so the problem must be somewhere else. Could you please re-test without any other mods except for CBA and confirm these two things: 1. GMJ_SightAdjustment works 100% without FNC mods 2. GMJ_SightAdjustment does not work 100% with FNC mods
  18. thislist refers to an array, so it obviously will never be like a land unit. try: this and isServer and ({_x isKindOf "Land"} count thislist) > 0
  19. fincuan

    Cluttered Mission List

    Arma2\MPMissions\ and My Documents\Arma2(or Arma2 Other Profiles\Profilename\MPMissions\
  20. fincuan

    Ubuntu 9.10

    Looks fine to me. I don't remember exactly why those error messages appear, but it shouldn't be dangerous. This is the key: 17:09:15 Host identity created.
  21. fincuan

    454 Renamed MP Missions

    Conformity is a must. Try being an admin picking a mission when you have a hundred to choose from and thirty players screaming for blood. You'll quickly change your opinion.
  22. fincuan

    JTD Fire And Smoke

    A common issue with this mod. When certain things happen ingame a player who has the mod initiates calls to a few scripts script via CBA_fnc_globalExecute, and those not running the mod obviously don't have said script so they'll get an error dialog telling they're missing it. Not much you can do about it except for hope the behaviour is fixed by the author, or as a temporary solution place and empty script file at the end of that path if you don't want to use the mod.