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  1. EDcase

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    Great work CodeSkyWolf, One note about MP commands: #vote admin (name) can also be used by players. Duno if this option can be turned off by original server admin.
  2. EDcase

    My problem with the Aimpoint model in ArmA.

    Because normal use of an aimpoint sight involves keeping both eyes open it should not be so solid. Making the sight barrel semi-transparent when in aim mode would be cool. (even better if it could be blured)
  3. EDcase

    Beautiful Feeling

    I agree with everyone here. Its a great successor to OFP (the last best game ) Just like real combat you have lots of preparation time followed by moments of sheer terror. One thing which you won't find in any other game is the quiet reflection time.... Example: Flying to an LZ at dawn, sitting on the outrigger of a little bird, I look back and see another AH6 following as we swerve and dive low over the terrain... and since its MP you know they are all real people. Just another WOW moment. The motto for this game should be... "The closest thing to real combat without getting blood on your hands"
  4. EDcase

    Average age of the Armed Assault player

    I'm 38 and Loving ARMA. Played OFP since 2001 and all other games have come and gone. (Deltaforce2, JointOperations, Medal of Honor, BF2) First computer Sinclair ZX81 Â which had 1k ram Came as a kit project to build (soldering) While playing ARMA I think WOW, things have really moved on in such a 'short' time.
  5. EDcase

    Cant move while reloading

    I think we should be able to walk while reloading. The ability to cancel would be great but I doubt it can be implemented because of the animation joins. Being able to halt the reload to run for cover with an empty weapon would be a good solution and realistic too.
  6. EDcase

    Fond Farewell to OFP from ArmA

    Be ye not of sorrowful heart but rejoice in the rebirth of OFP... All praise ARMA
  7. EDcase

    aa super slow

    I thought tripple buffering was more processor intensive so would slow things down...?
  8. EDcase

    I enjoy ArmA!

    I'm adding my thanx to BIS for an excellent and unique game. Since playing the original OFP I was hooked and ARMA is so much more. Still a few things to fix and maybe improve but I'm sure that will happen given time. Like OFP, I'm sure I'll be still be playing ARMA for years. Cheers
  9. EDcase

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    1.05 is a great improvement in my opinion. Grass effect for distance (simple but effective) Improved Chopper handling AI improvements (there will always be more to do) Map to game transition faster plus lot of other stuff I haven't played online yet and I've heard that chaos noobs are a problem. Â Isn't there an autokick for multiple TKs? Â If not there should be. Anyway, there is obviously more fixing to do but thanks BIS for the hard work and its only gona get better
  10. EDcase

    Cobra Vs. UH60 -- Controls.

    The helicopter flight models are wrong, with the Cobra being the worst. Why can't BI consult an aeronautical engineer...? YAW(pedal/horizontal rotation) should NOT affect banking at all. The effect of YAW should reduce with forward speed untill about 80knots where it will act like a rudder. Â BUT IT NEVER AFFECTS BANKING Â
  11. EDcase

    Helicopters in AA

    I agree that V1.0.2 is a great improvement and helos are now quite usable ...but... Why does yaw affect roll? Â So using rudder will make you roll in the same direction. Â This is not correct. Â This is most noticeable in the Ka-50 and AH-1. Â The Blackhawk and Littlebird seem better. To confirm, rudder(yaw) WILL become less effective at higher speeds and above approx 100knots a helo will fly just like a fixed wing aircraft. Â In fact all the controls should become less responsive the faster you go. (not so much to lose control of course) WELL DONE BIS!!! Â It'll keep getting better...
  12. Hi all, Just wondering about opinions of new (patch 1.0.2) helicopter flight model & controls... I think its MUCH better ...but... Why is there an influence on banking when using yaw (pedal)? I just want to say thanks to BIS for the coolest game ever and keep making it even better.
  13. Sickboy, you (and your team) are the best... (appart from BIS of course )
  14. EDcase

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    Yep, just saw that  more waiting  Thats the great thing about ARMA.  Unlike other games that you buy, play, get bored of, there is always something to look forward to with ARMA Â
  15. EDcase

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    So then the question is... Can we use translation v8 after updating to 1.0.2? In my case I'm asking about the German version but I guess the question also applies to Czech version too.
  16. EDcase

    official complaint to BIS

    I would say A1 priority is to sort out the helicopter controls/flight models. I have some helicopter flight hours on a Robinson R22. I'm not saying I'm an expert but I do know when its not right. I agree that they should be as realistic as possible but the ARMA flight models are awful. If they cannot be made more realistic then at least leave them like OFP. At the moment its almost unplayable and totally unrealistic.