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  1. EDcase

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    You can use ALT to look with your head in ARMA and ARMA2
  2. EDcase

    TrackIR full 6DoF implementation?

    Yeah, that would be great.
  3. At the moment ArmA2 does NOT support all 6 Degrees of Freedom. BUT... This guy got them all to work in ArmA1 using Kegetys Armalib addon so it shouldn't be long before its available for ArmA2 :D (hopefully)
  4. EDcase

    I'm Now 100% Onboard With ArmA 2

    I read through most of the posts and didn't see a mention of this so sorry if its already been covered... The statement from CM could be why one of the original creators of the OFP2 project, and long time fans of OFP, "Clive Lindop" left CM. (He's now lead games designer at Crytek)
  5. EDcase

    Enemy Accuracy way to good.

    Then the suppressive fire may be too accurate. If they only know your general direction then their fire should keep you on the floor but unlikely to hit you as they are covering a large area. A test for anyone with ARMA2: -Put yourself in the open but with plenty of grass coverage. -Place 3 enemy soldiers 100m/200m/etc away facing away from you in careless mode. - While prone, fire 1 shot in the air and use 3rd person view to see AI reaction... Tell us what happens ;)
  6. EDcase

    Enemy Accuracy way to good.

    Thats good but I think they get too much information about your position too quickly. 1 shot and they pinpoint you... Here is a question for BIS devs: How many states of awareness does the AI have? From the vids I've seen it seems to be 3 1. Knows nothing (careless) 2. Aware of danger but no threat direction. (goes prone) 3. Knows exact position of target. (as soon as one knows, the whole squad knows) I think you can observe the way AI handles a lost target. In Cadet mode you see the red target box on an enemy soldier and if he goes behind cover the target box keeps going on the same trajectory.
  7. EDcase

    Enemy Accuracy way to good.

    ^^ Yes, the main discussion here is about the AI seeing through ground vegetation (grass) I haven't got ArmA2 yet so I'll be testing soon... The way I think it should work is: -Shooting from behind cover or concealment, a few shots will make AI react and become aware of your general direction only. -AI can then scan in your direction or start to move towards you in seek & destroy mode. -Firing a few more times without moving will make your position known more accurately including distance so they can then start using grenades if within range. -AI communication to non aware AI should ONLY give your relative direction to them. In an urban environment its VERY difficult to tell the direction of gunfire so it should take a few more shots for them to home in on your location. We'll see...
  8. It does configure automatically the first time you run the game. Duno if it checks every time.
  9. I guess you could have different keys to activate "jump" over fence or "climb" onto something. Are there many things you could theoretically climb on? (not too high of course)
  10. That would be cool. But in a town wouldn't that script just make all the AI get in the nearest building?
  11. EDcase

    Quad core testers are needed

    I think you'll get more testers after the 19th ;) Me for one...
  12. EDcase

    Muzzle Smoke

    Ah, ok, so it should be fixed hopefully. I'd also prefer to have the flame brighter but thats for a different thread ;)
  13. EDcase

    Muzzle Smoke

    Hiall, Just want to do a survey and see if anyone else thinks that the smoke puffballs from small arms weapons is too much. They should be more subtle/transparent, smaller and not fly out so much. Here is an example of what I'm talking about: (not my vid) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2zPSqOAC9c Cheers
  14. I agree that it would be great for AI to use highpoints but I think its too difficult to code that. BUT, they do climb to find targets... (at the end) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sfHMpCRHJo
  15. EDcase

    Think ive triggered FADE

    FADE in action... (watch till the end) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2zPSqOAC9c Unfortunately the sidearms have always been all over the place.:mad: Hopefully its get fixed by BIS or community. :rolleyes:
  16. EDcase

    Muzzle flash needs variation.

    Please please get rid of, or at least reduce, the puff-balls coming out the muzzle. :icon_rolleyes: Some smoke may be realistic and help to spot firing enemy but not blobs of white shooting out. This is a good example of how bad it can look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2zPSqOAC9c (Watch till the end... its a good example of FADE too ;))
  17. I understood reading somewhere that ArmA2 would not be using hardware acceleration for sound... So we don't benefit from having a dedicated soundcard. Is this true? Cheers, Ed
  18. Oleg, I understand your frustration. Don't give up yet. The German release was not ready and its was NOT BIS idea but Morphicon (stupid/greedy). Wait until the next patch (sometime later this month) then try it again. Hopefully some/most problems will be fixed.
  19. Or just get a small fast HD dedicated for ArmA2 install...? Not quite as good as a SSD but alot cheaper and should be marked improvement from installing on the OS drive.
  20. EDcase

    Game very buggy..

    He didn't mention aim...
  21. EDcase

    Muzzle flash needs variation.

    +1 Asolutely they need at least 3 shapes and slight random size. I also think they should be brighter.
  22. EDcase

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    Argh, I want Freetrack support as well!!! Maybe with time... Adding a dll or altering files may result in FADE activation but certainly exlusion from some servers.
  23. EDcase

    Cheating AI from ArmA1 is back?

    A big AI cheat from ArmA was their ability to "see" through fallen trees. Is that still the case with ArmA2????
  24. EDcase

    Texture lag. How to solve it ?

    It may be an ArmA2 bug but the HardDrive condition is a big factor. Must be a fast one and defragged. ArmA (and I assume ArmA2) run best if installed on its own dedicated drive or partition. NOT on the OS drive.