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    Order choppter to landing

    Yes, that is an obvious omission for a much needed command. A work-around for helicopters is to reduce fuel to very near '0' and it will land but perhaps not in best location.
  2. Agreed. (Might be worth making a ticket in Feedback tracker) Another suggestion: Assignable key to take control of selected unit. (Rather than have to find and select from the create list)
  3. EDcase

    a pdf manual

    Basic manual: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Field_Manual_-_Zeus
  4. EDcase

    See through unit's eyes

    Keypad 'Enter'
  5. EDcase

    Zeus useful scripting commands

    Good thread but its a pity these common actions are not integrated into the UI. Making a helo land or hover SHOULD be an option button. (You can force a group out of a vehicle by pressing 'g'. Careful because they will jump out of a helo even if its high up)
  6. EDcase

    Most Realistic Sound mod?

    It is a very personal choice. I would suggest looking at lots of vids if you dont want to try each one. I prefer SoS. JSRS has some great aircraft sounds but I can't stand the echoey reverb on the weapons firing. Makes it sound like you're in a tin can.
  7. Can anyone make a grass size reduction mod like in ARMA2? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6042 [^]
  8. Not sure what you are describing really but there are 2 ways you can look around. 1) Freelook - Hold 'freelook' button to allow only head rotation with the mouse. (Move in one direction and look in another) 2) Aim Deadzone - allows the aim of weapon to move around the screen and not be locked to centre. (Currently not working properly) You could try making a copy of your *PlayerName*.Arma3Profile (Search MyDocuments) and then deleting it before starting ARMA. That will reset all key bindings. (You should not create a BugTracker ticket unless you know its a game problem)
  9. There are 2 files you should back up. MyDocuments\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\*YourName*\*YourName*.Arma3Profile (Contains all keybindings) and MyDocuments\Arma 3\Arma3.cfg (Contains graphics settings)
  10. Weapons, vehicles and aircraft are similar to existing experimental tech or slightly invented but still based on reality. Maps are realistic and inspired on Mediterranean region. I don't really understand why you are asking here. Just watch some youtube vids of ARMA3 and make up your own mind.
  11. These threads are pointless. BIS are certainly aware that people aren't happy with performance but the obvious fact is they can't easily get it any better. All we can do is help them find bottlnecks and hope that they make some breakthrough or at least some improvement in future. Stop moaning and deal with it or move on...
  12. I've been playing the ARMA series for a long time and I can honestly say that ARMA3 has improved all aspects of the game. Its still not perfect and there are still quite a few annoying bugs. Not more than ARMA2 though. The futuristic setting is not to everyone's liking but there are already some mods porting ARMA2 content to ARMA3 so hopefully soon everything will be available again. I can't go back to ARMA2 now... ---------- Post added at 01:28 ---------- Previous post was at 01:27 ---------- GReeves: That's not how my ARMA2 handled mods. Maybe you were using a mod organizer?
  13. Sounds really good but I do think there is a bit too much echo. Will that be different outside of towns?
  14. (OP) I would never play with these crazy realism groups either but who the hell do you think you are trying to tell other people how to play!?!?!? Get over yourself and find another server. Pointless thread
  15. EDcase

    How do i disable the Graphics limiter

    Check power option is on 'Maximum Performance'
  16. It may have been said already... (sorry I haven't read all 122 posts) But its worth stating again anyway. The community of creative people making missions and mods has kept ARMA alive all these years and we appreciate your hard work and dedication. Please use your time and effort wisely working together to make mods that don't conflict and overlap. Similar and duplicate mods will fracture the player community. Please support CUP
  17. EDcase

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    This is a fantastic mod idea and its looking great!!! Please keep it going. Wish I could help but all I can do is encourage you PS/ Since Altis is already abandoned I think its not critical to have a post apocalyptic island. What I mean is concentrate on the actual characters and vehicles then do the island & ruins after.
  18. EDcase

    TrackIR - Does it add £130 worth of fun?

    Not true actually. Most people who are disappointed by a purchase are the most vocal in denouncing it and making sure as many people as possible hear about their disappointment. Its true that some do not adapt to TIR or any head tracking in fact so there is always the possibility to regret a purchase but that is no fault of the product. It does what its meant to, and very well. If you don't like it you can sell it so its not a complete loss... Unfortunately there are a couple of annoying bugs when using TIR with aiming deadzone in ARMA3. See 'Vote to fix' below
  19. EDcase

    5.1 sound question re new headset

    Note that there are 2 types of 5.1 headphones: USB and multi-jack input (Using 4 separate 2.5mm jacks) I use the multi-jack type so don't know about the USB ones. Surround works well when the source is more than 50m away but for me there is a problem as the source gets closer to your character it becomes completely equal all around so its impossible to tell the direction. Is that just me?
  20. EDcase

    A suggestion for the "Old" weapons.

    Pity, I would much prefer a BIS DLC than the multiple addon variants that will come from the community. That's going to hurt MP... There will probably be one very good version that should become the standard one to get. Perhaps they will have more time after the final campaign episode is complete.
  21. EDcase

    TrackIR - Does it add £130 worth of fun?

    TrackIR was one of my best investments considering how much use it gets. It takes some getting used to and tweaking the setup, sensitivity curves etc. But once you've been using it for a while you really miss it when you don't have it. Look at some of my Utube vids for TrackIR usage. I use the metal tracker that comes with it and use an elastic band to hold it to the top of my headphones. Its so light you can't tell its there. Its fantastic when flying and I also use it as infantry including tilting my head sideways to lean. (can also be set up to move head sideways for lean) It is a pity Arma3 doesn't use all 6DoF for all cockpits but the littlebird does. (I think because config came from ToH)
  22. EDcase

    The tons of crashing?

    Could it be because someone was using addons?
  23. It does state in the link that they would complete the campaign before going back to core development.
  24. EDcase

    Development Blog & Reveals

    A good map needs variation. Making the player think about best approach to a target using natural cover and ground features. It doesn't matter if the ground is sand, snow, grass etc. What's needed are different forms of cover such as dense foliage, rocks, gullies, undulating terrain etc to make movements require more tactical thinking.
  25. EDcase

    What do I need before going MP?

    BattleEye will download what it needs automatically. As long as firewall permissions are OK. If you have any Windows come up asking about Firewall rules then 'Allow All' for them. Communication: Basic is tying messages using '?' to activate. There is built-in voice comms which is good. (Look at your key bindings) 3rd party comms such as Mumble / Team Speak. When you see the list of Servers, each one will be playing a different mission. Missions vary enormously because ARMA3 is essentially like a construction kit that mission makers can create almost any situation and rules they want. There are two main types: Co-Op and PvP Co-Op: Co-Operative means that human players are on one side together and fight the computer AI. There are many types with different goals. PvP: Players vs Player has many forms but essentially two or more teams of humans fight against each other to complete tasks or just get highest points. PvP can also include AI soldiers in the mix so you might not be sure who is human or not. Some popular missions: Wasteland: Survival PvP. Wander around looking for items/weapons. Be wary of other players who may kill and rob you. Domination (many versions): Co-Op: Clear towns on the map one at a time using supplied vehicles. Ammo boxes usually have all weapons available. To clear a town one must first destroy a radio tower which allows the enemy AI to call reinforcements. This must usually be done with explosive charges. Then there are 3 outposts that must be captured by standing near them. Most of the enemy force must be destroyed and possibly a secondary objective such as destroying a structure or specific vehicle. Insurgency: Co-Op: Clear sectors of enemy. Usually this mission uses a script to place enemy inside buildings which means 'house to house' clearing. Respawn is also handled differently for missions. It can be at base, mobile HQ, Squad-leader, Forward capture point. Just follow what other people are doing and don't be afraid to ask. Good servers will have players willing to help. If not then got to a different one...