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  1. Eda Mrcoch

    Latest screenshots available

    Is the terrain resolution increased? The hill in the first picture seems to be smaller than OFp standard.
  2. Eda Mrcoch

    Open Letter to the BIS

    lol I forsee 'open letter' to be closed soon.
  3. Eda Mrcoch


    Albeit it is impressive, I do not think that this can be made dynamic (sound changing as you change yours direction or position ingame) and therefore useful for 3D gaming. The sounds are just recorded on special equipment once and probably nothing can be done with them afterwards. Maybe I'm wrong.
  4. Eda Mrcoch

    Observer mode and replays

    There is "Commander" post for MP mentioned in the previews, so we'll probably get something that may be similar to Observer module. The simple spectator-ish view is possible even with nowadays OFp.
  5. Eda Mrcoch

    Travel to Mars in 3 hours!

    Oooh, the enigmatic Heim strikes again. I remember time machine design utilising his contrabaric (or hyperbaric?) fields from sci-fi book I read as a kid. He was quite an interesting persona.
  6. Eda Mrcoch

    Widescreen support?

    IIRC they're not overlays, but simple p3d models with texture.
  7. Eda Mrcoch

    Track ir

    I don't see that the new trailer is or will be posted on ArmA website anywhere in the quotation. They probably meant the old one we stole and mixed the info with BI message for them.
  8. Eda Mrcoch

    Idea Games NOT publishing Armed Assault/

    NOT publisher.
  9. Eda Mrcoch

    Armed Assault trailer

    Well, I've been told it was first shown on the Invex which occured on 24-27 October. (okay, it is not so long).
  10. Eda Mrcoch

    Arma czech previews

    Thx bör, saved me a lot of work.
  11. Eda Mrcoch

    Arma czech previews

    You must learn czech language and translate these scans Or maybe you can learn English and translate them for the community? Nevermind. As I stated a few times, I'm working on translations, but it is quite slow (got also some other things to do). They certainly won't be done until Monday. And they certainly won't be gramatically correct.
  12. Eda Mrcoch

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Well, he says at first classic introductory stuff, then he mentions how difficult is for game mag to get their hands on some of stuff like this, but thanx to the fact, that Viktor Bocan is an editor for Score it was quite simple. No more game info (which is in article). (he doesn't mention one more interesting fact, that their entire show is made by these people whose leader name is? Yes, Vojtech Novák - another BI member, SCREAM - they got quite a handful of connections to BIS )
  13. Eda Mrcoch

    Armed Assault trailer

    Yeah, but the VOB got different audio codec, not MPEG, it's AC3 or something.
  14. Eda Mrcoch

    ArmA Progress Updates

    They're form G2 indeed (same as in PC Gamer article). Level's pages 2-3 contains ArmA pics (except from lower right picture, which is from Game3), pages 4-6 Game2, the second (Score's) article is about ArmA entirely.
  15. Eda Mrcoch

    Armed Assault trailer

    No sound on Lo might be my fault, I encoded it in haste (on supercrappy 566 Celeron) - but it works perfectly in Media Player Classic (not in standard Win MP, probly it retained its VOB sound codec). It is however made from the original hi file, so if someone could reencode it from original rip to more suitable format, it would be nice. I'm tired. P.S. And no one gave The Man his Smile... Sinners!
  16. Eda Mrcoch

    Arma czech previews

    Pls add any other mirrors to this thread: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=49702 Suppose it would be better for trailer discussion too.
  17. Eda Mrcoch

    Armed Assault trailer

    It is the same, only a better quality (original DVD rip).
  18. Eda Mrcoch

    Arma czech previews

    I'll try to translate them if I have time on weekend.
  19. Eda Mrcoch

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Regarding the video: No one uploaded it yet, but even if it is done, I still don't know if he could post it in public as it is not only the BIS trailer but it is part of the Score's Live show (with commentary and so on), so they may not allow it. Their shows are released to open after about 2 months on games.tiscali.cz. BTW: I've been told that this is the same trailer which was on display on Invex (mentioned in this dubious thread). The best option would IMO be that BIS release the original trailer so we don't have to result to maybe illegal ripping. Placebo? Edit: Screw it, uploading now.
  20. Eda Mrcoch

    Arma czech previews

    No one uploaded it yet. I'm scanning all cz forums periodically. Seems it won't be today. And pls use the mirror for pics, I hope the guys personal hosting won't be busted for exceeding bandwidth limit. They do not know that it is posted here.
  21. Eda Mrcoch

    Arma czech previews

    Mirror: Level: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/1.jpg http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/2.jpg http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/3.jpg http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/4.jpg http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/5.jpg http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/6.jpg Score: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/sejmout0001.jpg http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/sejmout0002.jpg http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/sejmout0003.jpg Some pics from the video: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/squad/!mrc/arma/ArmedAssault.rar Don't have that video I repeat I do not have it. I'm in the same situation as you. Will post it as soon as someone from CZ community uploads it somewhere.
  22. Eda Mrcoch

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Muhahaa... Scanned articles are here (first post). They're in Czech. Video is not yet available as I do not have the magazine, but it has been promised by the guy who has it, that he'll upload it (it is only a small part of that gaming magazine DVD video). There is not much new info in the previews, so don't be overexcited. Edit: I'll start a new thread when I translate them. Edit2: No I won't. There already is a new thread. Damn I'm slow. And sober.
  23. Eda Mrcoch

    ArmA Progress Updates

    of course and some new info ...and there is reportedly some... erm.. some... some... how's that in English... some... yeah... some video on magazine's cover disc. I might keep you informed.
  24. Eda Mrcoch

    ArmA Progress Updates

    By the way, two new previews (one is ArmA/G2 and the other ArmA only) came out in Czech gaming magazines. I'll try to translate them to English (or more probably Engrish) over the weekend. Now if I wouldn't be so lazy...
  25. Eda Mrcoch

    ArmA Progress Updates

    OMG I got similar dream about Game 2 being on Mars about month ago. It was somewhat in CTI style, looking like the old game Battlezone. Scary.