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  1. to wipman Hmm memory problem, sometime due to out of memory using for the graphic chip i thing, but you have 1gig, so the best just put the file, not into another folder but just put your Hemmt folder only on the main arma and add line for the folder to your shorcut and try again. I no probably have another problem with the 3d model himselft, this hight quality model so,,, probably to much vertice again, and to hight to run corectly into arma engine, but try what i say, our probably dont no arma work about memory limit for addons things but probably if you put all the addons ou mod into one folder thats create this king of error. Try what i say and if the error show again just go on the addons creation forum and ask for help about that, probably somone no what is it!
  2. Moderator are very nice person, he just send me a pm about my file, i no the process, if have no process everyone will convert with no authorisation everything from ofp to arma our arma 2, but for me, fact are, i always send much mail from the guys from combat! team but never responding, much time before i decide to start me project, so yeah the 3d model himself and some small texture are used, but i work too much hours on thats, to make only a conversion, i fix many vertice, and replacing some, to reflect most posible the original HEMMT truck, after model are creating, i start apply texture, much from Bis, from Arma 1, and much directly creating from me by Photoshop, next part part, fix the script file to make wheels, and animation things works, thanks for the guys on the 1 Infantery Division to make this posible, because am the only one guys work on thats, all the process be very long, so i learn much i cant, to give us much posible good result, but i never finish all the thing i be love to finished, exemple, i try to find a code to put a sound when the truck go back bip bip bip! but no chance! creating wreckage model and shinny things effect, i do shining a bit and shadow to but, i dont have all the skills to be the best, you see :( so i try to finnish the most important things, see truck corectly ingame including first view and ready to fix every vehicle need repair, ammo our fuel. so please enjoy! and give 5 star to the moderator W0lle. I have much work never done, exemple ERT at Ofp, you remember that? firefighters emergency vehicle never release! i work on that truck about 1 month, textured, 3 model are finnish long time a go and ambulance starting textured, i will probably send a mail to the guys, if it is posible to release that addons pack i finnish to texture, you will see news about thats, probably soon, cause the guys have website on again.
  3. DevilBass

    Female Soldier [Feature request to BIS]

    anfiach: Just one question, each time somone make opinions on this thread you just make answer after that, What you need to prove? your completly dissagree women soldier to be ingame? i call bis sexist right, because is not posible in 2009, you create a army game (simulation) suposed to represent real life, and dont have any women soldier model, thats completly unbelivable! am 100% sure you dont see me link i put before! http://www.irandefence.net/showthread.php?t=29 Open your eyes, and tell me! all the picture ist a real fake? you see 65 full page of women soldier around the world and what? me real sister is on the real army actualy in Canada, and trust me, now is on Afganistan for 4 month on the front line, he play same role from the men! your agurments give me a bad feelings...all your reply is a personal opinions but is not the truth truss me, see afgan women soldier to... thats fear! is not just a game. Army changed a lot past 10 years, and yes women soldier are important, thats the part of the war, and the thread here are, you like to see a female soldier in future, Yes! for sure! and am completly dissagree, have only men soldier on everygame, world! time to change. I dont agree make addons for that, because i repeat, war real war have women soldier, so why is not ingame? lol no more comments. 609 reply on Bis forum since Jun 2009 wow! i no now for what!
  4. DevilBass

    Female Soldier [Feature request to BIS]

    Am 100% agree, if female are recruting in real army, why you dont see any female soldier model to? c'mon Bis dont be sexist! thats a bit ridiculous, add this feature on future patch please! Canada, USA, FINLANDE, ITALY, FRANCE what you whaiting for check thats! http://www.irandefence.net/showthread.php?t=29 See Women Soldier around World and please dont feel me angry, just add female soldier, many of them die in combat to, so thats will be a honnor if you add women soldier in future patch.
  5. DevilBass

    Ground deformation [Feature request to BIS]

    Apparently not actual ground deformation but 3D craters, similar to what happens when a plane crashes. So I guess you could call it pseudo-deformation. Lol yeah but if Ace team no be there in Arma 2, Arma 2 will be lost forever. Peoples no thats, and Bis to i things! Bravo! to you, only one things to be add in future Ace, please adds what Bis just removing, tracks shadow and foot prints. :p and am will be ready to play Arma 2 again.
  6. Maybe, if bis selling VBS1 and all they expansion pack for less price, commercial use! many peoples will probably buy him, same for VBS2, peoples have cash for that, make real fun, thats military use game, are incredible, are more realistic, but arma 2 still empty, add some shit like animal stuff, like deer hunter 2010, and just removing some things peoples like, exemple shadow tracks, foot tracks, just removing in Arma 2, no sense. they engine of Arma 2 are too hight for most peoples have less system specs, but the big problem, is how much fun you have to play with it!? i dont see anything more from Arma 1 are more interesting! me nothing, i just return to play Arma 1, cause actualy i never return play Ofp, they engine is too old, but yes i agreed for most of you! Ofp will be the only 1 game are the most fun ever to play, i have more then 100 000 user creating addons, mision stuff ect..but in Arma 2 where everyone? am pretty sure, if Ace team no be there in Arma 2, Arma 2 will be lost forever, i dont understand why Bis dont sell commercial addons stuff you see on VBS 2 for Arma 2, why peoples well lost time to create, addons exist on VBS 2 and more detailed and realistic then Arma 2, waste of time completly. And for me, i dont have the same feeling, when i play Ofp since last 6 are 7 years a go, am lost a bit and am tired playing most game turning on graphic only! just to upgrade your computer, thats actual system $$$ kill gaming. Anytime if you selling VBS1 and all of is expansion pack not more then 200$, just tell me, i will buying for sure and all my friend to. See in VBS 2 what peoples like to see ingame, i no this is for serious gamer only but how many peoples probably buy thats, if price are acceptable and costing less, i dont have 2000$ us to play with it! but look! thats a real game, not commercial shit everyone play it at this time! open your eyes, and feel dreams! lol http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=116&Itemid=64 http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=114&Itemid=64 http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=71&Itemid=64
  7. I agree! Bis please, dont remove what peoples love before! I dont understand why anyone on Bis team talk about that! track thing and foot print, are there many years before! Since Operation flashpoint, Arma 1, and now gone completly on Arma 2, i just ask something to Bis, are you sure, no more track thing and foot thing, will be more realistic? :confused: Peoples need thats, because everyone use thats for tactical and its more real, now all the 3d model look flying above the ground, not bad!
  8. Hi! am very happy to play Arma 2, but only one things i dont like much and i dont understand why bis remove thats thing, is ground shadow, (dont no how to say that in english cause am french canadian, but i show you what i talk, with 2 different picture. This thing is old, you see that at Ofp and Arma1 but now is totaly gone on Arma 2, just tell me why you just remove what peoples like! now you dont no if a enemy vehicle pass 2 min before you, you dont see anythings on the grounds, thats not so realistic ever.:mad: Before (OFP, ARMA 1) After (ARMA 2)
  9. DevilBass

    Why Bis just remove what peoples love!

    I see a shadow there, or are you talking about the vehicle tracks? yes thats i talk about. in arma 2 i cant see any track thing.
  10. DevilBass

    Ground deformation [Feature request to BIS]

    Hi there! what about mod calling ECP on ofp, i remember that and this is nice cause he just add some craters into grounds sometime, when misile our vehicle exploding. So thats problably posible to make a small mod! am pretty sure peoples will love thats, if somone make it, maybe in Ace mod? Sorry for my english, speak more french. There a small video, show what i talk: look at exactly 14sec. the hole!
  11. Hello, how the person in charge to ace 2? i like to talk with him, so if you in ace 2 team, just send me pm, thanks :)
  12. I dont like Arma 2, you need to upgrade your computer again to play, Bis just go forward about graphic engine, remove many things, from Ofp and arma, but arma 2 just suck, how many copy you gone a sell for Arma 2? just enought to paid what he cost to create ? am not sure, about that, cause many peoples, not able to play actualy. Yeah all your right, Ofp, have old engine, but, old engine but amazing gameplay, effects... i remember ECP just add some cool effects, crater on the ground, after hit amour ect... crew just exit , cry and run on fire, thats the small things like that, peoples like, not at all only graphic. Every compagny not understand business things, and Bis is not and the right position actualy trust me, he turn the success into a big disaster for commercial game sell. Bis just ask me some things please. How many copy of Ofp your selling? How many addons, creating by the community made for Ofp? How many copy of Arma 1 your selling? How many addons, creating by the community ? How many copy your selling of Arma 2 ? How many addons, creating by the community ? How many copy your selling of VBS 1? How many copy your selling of VBS 2? And how many peoles buy Arma 1 and Arma 2 and never playing? because maximum system specs are crazy, where the middle on thats? graphic things? cmon, am out, tired, playing low settings, just to have some fun. Poeples, tired, lost moneys just playing game, game costing only 50$ to play? and 600$ and more, because all the time, you need to upgrade your system, to make fun, what a waste of moneys and time. You gone see here if level up graphic so faster and remove some old shit pay for that. The big success From Ofp, is lost forever now, if you dont change your mind, and marketing strategy in future, your probably lost all the serious gamer inself, and you probably stop made public game, but sell commercial use only like vsb 3? Arma 2 is unplayable, they engine is to hight, many good things peoples like, just removing, unrealistic things, adding, removing, + many news bug, engine, stability ect.. what king of the game you try to create? i dont understand. Sorry for me english... french Canadian here :)
  13. Hello all, first sorry for my english, i speak more french. I like to create a Reverse Gear Warning system on my truck but i dont no how, to put a new line on .cpp file, i remember in ofp script working perfect, .sqs but into arma, i dont no what i need to do, so if somone like to help me, to add a reverse sound to me truck, i will very appreciate that. exemple:
  14. DevilBass

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    Hello everyone, thats my first post on that topic, first sorry speak more french, montreal city here!, ok first have some fresh idea, need to be in next ver. evolution, our posible to somone to remake mfcti from ofp to arma, thats will be very great. Am a fanatic from ofp playing mfcti crcti every night, more funny ect... Actualy evolution not very finnished, need more future and fix on this! to more fun. 1- Have too many enemies in town, thats why lot of server crash, our many peoples have hight ping. actualy much server have only more then 8 players, thats to hard, have too many enemies respwn until tower not be down, kamov, plane, amour, and infantry. Enemie ai is to hard, all this ai have radar in eyes, compared to ofp mfcti, you have time to shoot ect... but now no one have time. so you die fast, waste time and fun. Enginer class: if any vehicule repaired will return automaticly in base. thats will be nice to. Special class: recycle, if you select that class, posible to you depend what level you are, recycle every dead our some enemies amour need to be fix, and give you some points. MHQ: after die you have 2 choice appears, first will respawn at main base our 2rd respawn at moving MHQ ( for exemple medic amour, be set mhq) only the first class colonel still move mhq, if mhq destroyed will not posible to move it again. Thats will be more fun and even for all, much town is too far away, many town need more then 10min to go in there, waste time and many chance will be hit there, in 1 min. If you not in town, when say town its clear, you dont loss all the points, you will have some point lost, but no more all points then peoples in town be cleared. because every soldier on the same team try and probably work hard to take town but sometime you die and you respwn at base our whatever and you lost all point because you not in town, at the time town be clear. thats frustrated a lot if you work 1 hours to take town, and die last time, say town clear. And last one idea, if you level up (rank) you dont lost all your support points. exemple first rank need 25 point, but until you reach first rank only few point will be lost, exemple: 15 lost, so 10 left. ect..... If you add many on what i said here, many peoples will be happy and game will be more funny for all. And if any of yours, have experience, just remake Mfcti from ofp to Arma. Have nice days
  15. DevilBass

    Emergency Response Team Mod

    Hello new update but all model you see, is only in a beta stage so, dont worry if have some change on public release more update comming soon!!! http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/9435/flashpointresistance200zz2.png http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/4696/flashpointresistance200ty8.png http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/4854/flashpointresistance200du5.png http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/9743/flashpointresistance200vf3.png http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/4500/flashpointresistance200df2.png http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/6177/flashpointresistance200to7.png
  16. DevilBass

    Emergency Response Team Mod

    Hello all long time!!! dont give any news to team ERt, maybe 5 days lol about my skinnig job, sorry for my english speak more french, but here have some fresh picture: more update coming soon!!! http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/5822/flashpointresistance200gl1.png http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/7420/flashpointresistance200jh3.png http://img393.imageshack.us/img393/5905/flashpointresistance200pu2.png