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    Failed to read the Shader cache file

    Would not expect support for this - just wondering are the other 2 posters using this language patcher also? In order to rule in/out this factor.
  2. DaveyBoy

    Failed to read the Shader cache file

    I installed the 1.02 patch for the german moriphicon DL ver 1.01. First time I rang the game it functioned fine using the new patch. I then rang the 6th sense patch german->English and I encoutered the error you mentioned above though it was preceded with an error stating "no entry '.CfgWorlds'". I reinstalled the 1.01 ver of the game then patched to 1.02 german and the game worked fine ... a problem with how the 6th sense language patch works with ver 1.02?
  3. DaveyBoy

    Deleted my profile

    Hit me with the stupid stick but I deleted on of my profiles from with ArmA. I cannot locate it now. Is there any way to restore this?