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  1. I did a model of a Marder 1A2 or something... without the ablative armour and with the remote controlled MG3 turret on the back.

    It looks like you're doing fairly well! The exhast / air conditioning grille (???) on the right side of the door could be accomplished with a normal map, I think. It looks like you have most details present. How did you like modelling the mud flaps, btw? That made me want to kill someone. They are such a weird shape. They look simple but and square they aren't. Then again, I was in quite the state of exhaustion at that point.

    Well could be done with normal maps but i think that "big" Parts can be done as part of the mesh. Exhaust and the radiator grill are a pretty big part at the Marder. The Mud flaps are pretty easy to model. First i was thinking to that it is impossible to do, but it was easier as i though. :o

    I still have add some more details. I will post some pictures later.


    Ok here now pictures of the Marder with some more Details. The crates on the back are not these from the 1A5 we always have them on our Tanks for stuff to clean the 20mm gun.




    Actual Facecount 10785

  2. Well i am back from the shooting range and started with something i love...

    Some of you will know that thingy. I am not very far with it right now but i think you will see what it is.

    I started with an Marder 1A3. The Hull is almost done just need a lot more details.

    The actual Facecount is 6523. I have no idea what a good facecount is but it will get some more because of the turret and the other details.




  3. in P85 you have 1A2, 1A3, 1A5 as Marder old and Jaguar etc.

    good to see new German vehicles as Puma and would be good to see Marder from 90's , but doubling already existing work ? Puma is real lack, Marder 1A3, 1A5 would be very needed, new Leo, Merceds G, some vehicles etc.



    Hm didn't saw them yet :confused:

    But that are no Bundeswehr versions ;)