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    Cat addon (static)

    Ok after long time i release my Cat addon. It is only an static obeject , i don't find anyone who could animate it so it won't move. You find it under empty/objects/cat(stand) thx to oyman for the config download
  2. Ya the Carbine was also my favourite. :bounce3:
  3. Sorry I could not control myself :D:popcornsmilie:
  4. Damn there are a lot of red letters :D :butbut:
  5. Here some Pictures of the Milan (WIP). I will do add it to the Marder and one you can use unmounted like the TOW Launchers. The unmounted Version will be on some Sandbags and one one a long tripod.
  6. You should show some pictures :bounce3:
  7. Yes Triangles are called faces. My Marder got 17.016 Points , 16.046 Faces. Just need the tracks and he is almost done. :) I am now working on a Milan, i will make one which you can use as static (like the TOW things) and one mounted on the Marder. :o
  8. Ok Finally the Turret is done too. That design of the turret is a hard piece of work but i think it turned out well. :confused: Actual Facecount 16.046
  9. And we got complete other ones :D
  10. Well could be done with normal maps but i think that "big" Parts can be done as part of the mesh. Exhaust and the radiator grill are a pretty big part at the Marder. The Mud flaps are pretty easy to model. First i was thinking to that it is impossible to do, but it was easier as i though. :o I still have add some more details. I will post some pictures later. Edit: Ok here now pictures of the Marder with some more Details. The crates on the back are not these from the 1A5 we always have them on our Tanks for stuff to clean the 20mm gun. Actual Facecount 10785
  11. Was there already one? :confused:
  12. Well i am back from the shooting range and started with something i love... Some of you will know that thingy. I am not very far with it right now but i think you will see what it is. I started with an Marder 1A3. The Hull is almost done just need a lot more details. The actual Facecount is 6523. I have no idea what a good facecount is but it will get some more because of the turret and the other details.
  13. I for myself had my goggles kind like that just a bit lower. But we use different goggles (Gentex EPS 21). Some soldiers also had them on the back of their helmet.
  14. I have made a complete new model of my Comanche to add some more detail to. I will make a Comanche with the Stabilisators at the back and with the radar and one without these things. Also i have started with the cockpit. The Facecount of the Comanche is at 9656
  15. I am working most on german Vehicles, because i want them and since i am from germany myself. But i am also working on complete tanks from my mind and from scratch or Vehicles from other countrys - the Comanche.
  16. I started texturing my models now and started with the Rah66 Comanche. Texture is from scratch and not completly finished! :) If you have some Ideas how i could get it look more realistic, just tell me.
  17. Hm didn't saw them yet :confused: But that are no Bundeswehr versions ;)
  18. Sure. I was thinking of the AA-Tank "Gepard" which is also based on the early Leopard 1 ;) So i think i could do that too.
  19. Correct ;) The Puma took 1 1/2 Days because it had no Blueprint.
  20. I am very creativ at the moment at making models. I think that are enough for the moment and i will start with texturing next time. Face count: 13.760
  21. Desert-Rat

    BWMod for ArmA II

    Oh well the Marder 1A5 has Mine protection other than the 1A3 and a different Sidearmor.
  22. Desert-Rat

    BWMod for ArmA II

    I am looking forward to my Marder 1A3. A lovely IFV :o I was driving it 4 years. :icon_w00t:
  23. Thanks mate :bounce3: was changed becaue images were to big ^^ BTW here now the final one with more Detail it has an count of 10.431Faces