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    the Best war speech ever?

    The Churchill one fight on the beaches and all is a classic epic even though its a bit slow paced, but has some depth to it sort of like brittish action movies compared to american ones :D The independence day one is imo really awesome but the One Morpheus makes in the matrix movie is really great. The babylon 5 ones are kick ass, its a really great tv show even though the visual fx are highly dated :p
  2. lol walker nice one walker :D I got a copy but no gaming computer yet :P But sooner or later I'll get to play the holiest Fps vehicle combat sandbox awesome game ever made to this date. :)
  3. awesome looking su-33 :D
  4. Commando84

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    a preview of OFP DR http://www.gamesradar.com/pc/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising/preview/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-hands-on/a-20090721135415315093/g-20070419115621991051
  5. Commando84

    What is your favorite ARMA 2 Loadout?

    Imo its a great feature in the game that people can choose their loadouts so freely :) One of the best features in the game imo :) Freedom ftw!
  6. Commando84

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    lol this is like a rap battle between bis and cd fans duking it out :D Its still missing words like pop caps and schizzle and fool :D
  7. Commando84

    ArmA / Carrier Command?

    I dunno, I wouldn't blame Bis if they wanted to try their luck with something new :) I mean they've been in the vehicle fps game/ mil sim genre for some time now. Besides taking a break and doing something else for a while can get your creative flows back when you decide to come back to a projekt :)
  8. Can't a script be added to the current carrier that repairs and rearms and refuels choppers and planes when they land on the deck? Sort of like some of the features the LSD ship had for ofp? :)
  9. Commando84

    International Politics Thread

    btw a poll made by united minds and news paper aftonbladet put the pirate party at 4.2 % wich is just about what they would need to get a seat into the riksdagen wich is sort of like the Uk house of commons goverment or so. Despite political experts expecting the Pp to decline after the EU elections. One of the parties the christian democracts wich is part of the current goverment coalition wants to make a abortion registry. Imo everytime the words registry or surveillance and data mining ect. is mentioned more young people flee the mainstream parties and join the pirateparty...
  10. Commando84

    Man is going to the moon!

    Saing the moonlandings didn't happen is like saying nuclear weapons and the cold war didn't exist..
  11. Commando84

    Jan Prazak's Videos

    Nice video Jan! :) keep 'em coming! its the small things like this that really can help sales beyond the fanbase.
  12. Commando84


    sgt_flyer can you show me a wireframe version? Im wondering will the hatches be opened and closed when vehicles roll on or off? :)
  13. Commando84

    Man is going to the moon!

    ohh awesome, imo man would have been on Mars already and had a 10 times bigger ISS if it wasn't for the cold war and crap :P Nasa budget should be like increas by tripple the amount :)
  14. wicked stealth fighter fortran! :D can't wait to try it out someday :) What load outs you are gonna have? Lgb's and mavericks or stingers and lgb's ect? will it have a cannon?
  15. Clean looking sniper dude! :) its like perfect. Would be cool to see it with a normal map and the rest of the shiny stuff :D
  16. Commando84


    Btw what country versions you releasing this in? I've seen some pics on google there is a japanese version of this awesome vessel too :)
  17. Commando84

    Some genuine patch 1.03 information

    they used twitter once when the game was being shown at some show in the UK earlier this year. But i remember people complaining it was hard to read the messy structure of twitter. Its been a bit of Bis trademark imo to be a bit secretive and releasing info when they got some meat on their bones so to say. But as far as I know they are working on 1.03 patch, one of the devs said so in one of the threads in general :)
  18. Commando84

    CAT Afghanistan v1.2 ported by PMC

    Awesome stuff, gonna try this baby out this weekend with some random mission making fun :D
  19. ohh the dirtied up one in the second row bottom looks awesome :) Can't wait to see it up close when i get home in a couple of weeks :D
  20. Commando84

    Any Polish people, please come here

    Can't you just buy a english version? :)
  21. Commando84

    International Politics Thread

    Intresting youtube movie about the events that are unfolding in the EU and why we should stop them, things like the stockholm programme and Acta and all other spy on citizen crap that is making it way forward in the shadows..
  22. Commando84

    Sentinel AH-1Z Pack for Arma2

    maybe a winter camo one? unsure if there are any special camo maybe not.
  23. Commando84


    Looks awesome! I love the little details here and there like doors and door handles and "life rings". Can't wait to see more of your work in the future :)
  24. I think I've read somewhere 1.03 was bringing some mp optimizes :D
  25. Commando84

    Sentinel AH-1Z Pack for Arma2

    maybe make a worn out,gritty dirty one thats been in use for a long time that could work well for a terminator salvation , fallout , post apolaptic setting :D Make it extra sandy and scratchy? :)