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    Adding guys to group - new idea?

    Okay.. Haven't heard from BIS yet on why I get booted from the game sometimes but I did find out some things and posted it here: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=8&topic=3231
  2. I was working on a LARGE co-op mission and wanted a little diversity for the players so I came up with a few scripts that add guys(of the players choice) to a players group at a reinforcement/respawn point. Basically it allows a player to continually add extra guys under his/her command at the respawn point. It only allows up to a maximum # that the creator specifies. Take a look: First I added players that are in a group in and of themselves. Then I add the appropriate respawn point (Respawn_west for this example - I am using respawn at marker option). Then I add a game logic unit (we'll call this Create1) with the init field: this exec "addactions.sqs" Now the Addactions script is: _this addaction ["Create Soldier","1.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create Medic","2.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create Grenadier","3.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create AA Soldier","4.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create LAW Soldier","5.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create AT Soldier","6.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create Mortar Soldier","7.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create MG Soldier","8.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create Sniper","9.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create G36a Soldier","10.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create Steyr Soldier","11.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create XMS Soldier","12.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create Engineer","13.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create BlackOp","14.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create BlackOp (Day)","15.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create BlackOp (Laser)","16.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create BlackOp (XMS)","17.sqs"] _this addaction ["Create Heavy Grenadier","18.sqs"] exit (now you can add whatever you wish and call the scripts whatever you like, but this is only for example) Notice it adds actions to the game logic unit(anyone can use a different object if they like - truck for instance) that when a player gets close to it, the actions will appear in their menu somewhat like an ammo crate does. now in each numbered script that the action calls contains the following: _currentunits=count units group player ? _currentunits==1:_rank="LIEUTENANT" ? _currentunits==2:_rank="CORPORAL" ? _currentunits==3:_rank="PRIVATE" ? _currentunits>=4:goto "toomany" "SoldierWB" createunit [getpos create1,group player,"",1,_rank] exit #toomany titletext["You already have max units.","plain"] exit now everytime the player hits the action - it counts the number of guys he has (in this case max of 4 including himself) and adds the soldier to his group if he has room. "SoldierWB" can be of any type, and skill (in this case "1" or max skill) can be of any level. I have tested this in MP and it creates units similar to "grabbing ammo" with a maximum of 3 additional units in this case. Now the game logic unit in my map is right by the respawn point, but it can be anywhere you would like to place it. Also, the players have a higher rank than Lt. It makes it interesting, in that when I die.. I respawn and they still are under my command, but if they die they do not respawn and I can call up a new soldier of any of the types listed. Any comments or suggestions?
  3. I had similar problems... If you care to, take a look at my last post on this thread: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=8&topic=3197 Basically, there is a problem with the ded. server not recognizing these new units properly when created. At least this is what I am assuming. As my post says, I hope to get a reply from BIS on the rpt file I sent them. I will post the info here or link to it if I get some useful info.
  4. crashdome

    End Condition

    First of all, the best way is to use some sort of breifing editor that adds "objectives" into the breifing(or you could do it by hand, but you'll have to find a tutorial as I wont list how to do it here). Then, create a trigger and instead of an end condition, put: "1" objstatus "DONE" in the activation field (where 1 might be the objective number you want the check mark next to). Look in the command reference manual you can download here and view the syntax for the "objstatus" command. It's pretty self-explanatory. The hard part is adding the objectives to the breifing, in which I suggest a simple editor you can download almost anywhere OFP files are available.
  5. Personally, I like this idea... I see Rob's point of view, but it does take more than just the soldier to get a war won. Making a campaign or mission that involves mainly vehicles seems like it would appeal to some people more than just squad-level combat. (Besides, who is gonna pick you up at the extract point?) If they want it, I say more power to them. Just keep it balanced. Vehicles can be VERY powerful, especially on a small island. You use helicoptors, just add more shilkas and AA soldiers... You use tanks, add more rocket guys and tank stopping fences. Rob's is right though. Keep it simple and it could be great, but add too many and it's like the old game asteroids - shoot as fast as you can and don't run into anything - very boring.
  6. crashdome

    Adding guys to group - new idea?

    Thanks, I did find some problems though... for some reason when I order the "created units" around sometimes it will kick me out of the game and back to the desktop(especially when ordering them into tanks). I sent BIS the files to see why this happens and I hope to get an answer after the Hoildays... I'll let you guys know what they say. But the barracks and mobile APC thing is what I've been trying it on. I have a script that moves the game-logic with an M113 and I was afraid they would appear underneath,on top, or within the M113 and really mess things up, but NO! they do appear next to it instead of on top of it which makes it look real nice! I'm not sure what you mean by the setidentity? Isn't that for the description.txt file? or am I wrong?
  7. crashdome

    Virtual island?

    Well, I made two MP island campaigns with full bases. It was complete with civies and basically, west started on one side and east the other with a DMZ/Frontline zone that moved back and forth as bases were captured. But, with 300+ units the map lagged like all ####. Plus, as guys were killed (civies and such) we really started to view them as simple eye candy with no "real" purpose. So I deleted them to make the mission more stable. If I had a T1 line with a uber-powerful system to serve the game, I would have left it. Guess all those units aren't worth the bandwidth for most people, but I'd like to see it someday!
  8. crashdome

    Two questions

    as far as the join thing, just use: [Airunit1,Airunit2,etc..] join grpnull then type the samething only have them rejoin airunit1 instead of grpnull. This basically tells them to unjoin from everybody then rejoin airunit1 who is now in his own group again. unfortunately, they may lose any waypoints they had when they first started, but if you can script, then your good to go.
  9. Isn't their a command called "allowdammage" Referee allowdammage False or does it only work for vehicles? also.. for your engineer... in the init field try adding stuff like this: this addaction ["Drop Ammo Box","makeammo.sqs"] and then make a script called "makeammo.sqs" like: "reammoboxwest" createunit [getpos engineername,groupname] exit (although maybe createvehicle or camcreate works instead of createunit.. but this is just to provide an example) then this engineer you can order to build stuff by having the commander select the engineer, then select "6: Action" and then select "Drop Ammo Box". OR if you walk next to him, the action will appear in YOUR action menu list and then go away when you walk away from him. Personally I like the idea of having a guy build M2 guns or placing those tank stopping fences. It's a good idea Ace3! I might use this! Maybe even make an engineer playable with those actions added in.. so a player can walk around "building stuff"!
  10. crashdome

    problem with createUnit

    I was under the assumption that createvehicle and deletevehicle go hand in hand, but Createunit is altogether different. There is no "deleteunit" command for instance. So if you create a unit enter a new group name - i.e. "newguy" and he will be by himself. Then if you want to get rid of him try just kill him off or send him into the far reaches of the map into water somewhere.
  11. I tried adding an action to a trigger with no success, but I did come up with a new idea for making people choose their own type of guys under their command for any mission. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=8&topic=3197
  12. Planeshifter, Did you try adding the action to a trigger?? This idea just popped into my head and I might try this later. Perhaps if you created a trigger that did nothing... and set the size to cover whatever area, then added the action to that trigger, perhaps you can make the entire trigger area the object? Hmmm.... I'll let you know if this works.
  13. crashdome

    Double trigger?

    Well, you could add two triggers.. one for when the objective is taken.... then have a variable such as "Taken" equal true in the activation line. Then on the second trigger, instead of "this" in the conditon field make it "this and taken". that way it won't go off until the first trigger is satisfied. Will that work?
  14. crashdome

    "smart" base alarms?

    You can get quotes to work with it! simply create a variable for that command example: ejectguys=["eject",heli1] then: "_x action ejectguys" foreach units mygroup
  15. crashdome

    "smart" base alarms?

    Ahh.... ok... Well if you want dead people and passengers, then maybe have the trigger build a listright from the get go, then don't repeat it. It won't count anybody already in vehicles, I think, but it will get you a list quick. The only other way would be to build it in the init file by hand.
  16. I've searched every forum I can think of and haven't come across this one... I have a POW rescue mission. When a player reaches within the range of the POW's an action is added to their menu that says "Rescue POW". It essentially makes the POW's join the player, one by one. It works using a simple script that goes down the list of POW's and has them "join" plyr1 or plyr2, etc... It works fine in single mode and it also works fine for the server. However, the other players have the problem where they say they "1, follow 1" and nothing happens. Also, in the case of a dedicated server, it does not work for anyone. I tried using publicvariable to see if that would help, to no avail. I am seriously stuck guys... Thanx.
  17. crashdome

    "smart" base alarms?

    Oh, almost forgot....... the whole reason I was posting in the first place. Have a trigger cover the whole area of the map and set to "West is present" and make it repeat. That can be a constantly updated list of ALL west units. (note: it also includes vehicles and other "static" west units like tents - I'm pretty sure on this)
  18. crashdome

    "smart" base alarms?

    I tampered with this idea awhile ago and found that you need an extra trigger. Trig1: detect west units or whatever and wait to activate Trig2 Trig2: once this is activated turn alarm variable 1 to true on deactivation turn alarm 1 to false Trig3: detect if patrol still alive and if alarm var 1 is activated , then make Alarm variable 2 true Trig4: sound alarm if Alarm var 2 is satisfied I tried this concept and found it goes off half of the time even if you nail the patrol. Also, it does make for ALOT of triggers if you have various patrols and groups, but the important fact is that once a trigger has satisfied it's condition, no amount of Countdown or Timeout will stop it from eventually goin off. Hence the need for the alarm variables. I don't know, give it a shot, and if anyone comes up with a good working script or trigger framework, let me know. It frustrated me to the point of not wanting to work on it anymore.
  19. crashdome

    Co-op Map Authors Plz Read

    I have made several co-op missions for my friends and I, and I have to say that a respawn into your own group of guys is the way to go if you want that sort of thing. It doesn't hamper realism, because you are still careful not to get your own squad nailed. Also, it helps with the sudden "miracle shot" some AI guys may do to you. Â I would go with either, but in long missions that certainly helps. There is nothing like walking thru half a mission and your friend gets nailed by a helicopter or something then starts to whine about starting over. It makes me laugh but after a awhile I need to institute a respawn just to keep his sorry butt happy(Maybe make it delay 30 secs, just to make him sweat). Â I would have liked to have a capture POW's and they join your squad (to replenish lives on those two hour long missions so to speak) but NOOooo!!... OFP doesnt support MP "join" features!!.... Â Oh well, it does make for lengthy replayability. Anyways, LAN rocks.. Internet Play sux... blah blah blah and all that jazz! You don't like em? make your own! Â
  20. crashdome

    I need help!!!

    either use the leader's name and it will call the group... or you can use "group unitname" where unitname is the name of a unit within that group
  21. crashdome

    Multiplayer games with MANY players

    In response to OpFlash not running on your S3 savage... way back when, a friend of mine installed a Savage4(played the game several times) and did a re-install for 1.27 only to find it didn't work. All it said was "Error!" and gave no description of the problem. Even the preferences didn't work. Even if we didn't patch the game. Couldn't figure out why until we realized he did not have the config file the preferences creates when you first run it. This was the only difference from when he put it in and it worked, to when he re-installed it. So we copied the config file from my computer to his and manuelly adjusted it and it runs great. The only problem is the preferences still doesn't operate right.
  22. crashdome

    Overlapping Triggers?

    Can't remember where... but I heard some other people having problems with triggers in 1.29. Perhaps you should reinstall with 1.27 then test?