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    Patching ArmA 2 under Linux

    Well, I don't think anyone's saying to get rid of a self extracting .exe patching binary but rather simply "making available" a 7zip or Gzip file as a potential alternative (especially for *nix users) even if it does end up being larger in size. Either that or make a *nix executable self extracting binary patcher that does the exact same thing as the Windows only one. It would probably be pretty easily done considering everything on a arma2 *nix install is basically guaranteed to reside in the same directory all on the filesystem (it's not like *nix has windows type system BS to deal with or a registry and crap like that lol).
  2. Bob.Dob

    Patching ArmA 2 under Linux

    Yeah but the point is you still need to install the patch on Windows first so that's kind of what I'm trying to avoid having to do right? :o I don't know about six updater, I understand it's just like a repackaged renamed copy of rsync, so I'd rather just stick to using the official rsync straight up as I'm used to and you're right it probably would be a good option for me to consider. Maybe BIS could think about setting up an official rsync update server for patching Linux (and Windows for that matter) systems? Would be very handy for deploying patches/updates. I'll take a look at installing Wine also I suppose, although I'd rather avoid this method if possible. It would still be great if BIS could release the patches simply as files in 7zip or Gzip format as well instead of only the self extracting Windows .exe patcher.
  3. Bob.Dob

    Patching ArmA 2 under Linux

    Yeah that's what I figured. It's a bit ridiculous though considering BIS supports a a Linux server binary but doesn't have a simple native way of actually patching an already existing Linux ArmA 2 directory without having access to a Windows install and fast upload connection to re-upload the whole game each time a new patch comes out. Is there no way of getting a patch released or packaged simply as raw files within a 7zip or Gzip or something? :o
  4. How have you fellow Linux server admins been patching your ArmA 2's on your Linux boxes? The .exe patches released by BIS are unable to run naively under Linux? Or do they just expect each time there is an update/patch for people to have to install that first on a Windows box and then re upload the whole god damn game directory each and every time? That would seem totally and utterly ridiculous no?
  5. Bob.Dob

    1.05 released

    How is one supposed to update and patch a 1.04 linux server install? I presume this patch .exe file cannot be run on Linux? I think it's a bit ridiculous you guys support linux server daemon binary but not the ability to actually run BIS patches naively on a Linux OS (or am I mistaken?) ? I mean, is the only way BIS expects people to update their Linux servers be by installing these patches on their Windows client installs and then RE-UPLOADING the whole god damn game directory each time? Please tell me I'm wrong that sounds so ridiculous it's not even funny.... :(
  6. Is there not a way to simply connect with rsync client to a rsync server and sync/download without bothering with all this six sense updater stuff?
  7. So where does one find the official rsync server information to download/sync the ACE2 directories onto a server simply using rsync client without having to use the whole six sense modified rsync updater or whatever it is? Or are the servers listed in the config files the only ones available? PS - congrats on the beta release!
  8. Good point checking now! It's getting late here and I'm getting tired but I feel like I'm at least getting somewhere! Thanks again! :P :)
  9. I did run the install script (which runs the tolower tool) as I mentioned in my first post and yes all directory/file names in there are in lowercase and I am 100% positive I have ALL the addons and dta folders and any other folder/file that falls under the Windows \ArmA2 install directory fully transferred over to the linux server (the 2 directory sizes match). What else do you think it could possibly be? Thanks again!
  10. Good point mate! I will double check yet I just tested with some other 32-bit compiled apps and they seem to be running nicely on this new debian 64-bit without anything extra. Anyways I'll try a few more things and keep you posted (will even try to test it out on a older 32-bit linux box I have access to also if i can). APPRECIATE the feedback though, always helpful! PS - I know not to run such daemons under root, I was only trying as root to test as it didn't seem to be working any other way but it is a good point to reiterate. : ) ---------- Post added at 11:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:09 PM ---------- Alright well seems like I'm making some progress here! lol :p Here's what I get when I run ./server now (see pastebin link below)! What a mess I know! And it ends with a Segmentation Fault! Still no worky... :( http://pastebin.com/fce75f31
  11. Yeah I've tried alright (heck that's what in Maruk posted in the readme in the first to start it with ./server as opposed to ./arma2server. Same deal though it's almost as if "/arma2/server" bin is corrupt or not even there I dont' get it. :confused: # ./server -bash: ./server: No such file or directory #./arma2server at least gives me a log entry (same crap though as if "server" bin is not there somehow even tho it is - unless it's somehow corrupt but I assume I might get a different error if it was corrupt?) #cat /home/bobdob/arma2/log.2302.txt WATCHDOG (9328): [Tue Dec 1 21:35:24 CET 2009] Starting server (port 2302)... ./arma2server: line 109: /home/bobdob/arma2/server: No such file or directory WATCHDOG (9328): [Tue Dec 1 21:35:24 CET 2009] Server died, waiting to restart... WATCHDOG (9328): [Tue Dec 1 21:35:29 CET 2009] Starting server (port 2302)... PS - I haven't tried the Alpha version but I would hope I shouldn't...? (edit: I just tried Alpha Build 59962 also and it's the exact same thing server: No such file or directory) : ( What the... :confused: Is it possible this has something to with 32-bit vs 64-bit libs or something? Although I already have 32-bit support installed and working fine with other apps so I wonder...
  12. Right well I've finally tried it out on a brand spanking new Debian 5.0 "Lenny" 64bit install w/ Linux kernel 2.6.31.xxx (an Intel quad core system w/ 4gb RAM) but I must be missing something as it does not seem to be working and I was hoping someone here could perhaps shed some light. I copied over the ArmA 2 game directory to the server, placed the Linux beta server in the /arma2 game directory and ran the install script. All fine so far, it lowered all the directory names to lower case and came back with no errors and a successful install message. Next I launched the server process as root with ./arma2server start and again all fine with no errors (I can apparently start and stop the server with arma2server script and it always according to the verbose comes back with positive results). ./arma2server check gives me (and status says "Server should be running..."): ArmA 2 directory: /home/bobdob/arma2 OK Server executable: /home/bobdob/arma2/server OK Port number: 2302 Config file: server.cfg OK PID file: /home/bobdob/arma2/2302.pid RUN file: /home/bobdob/arma2/2302.run Now my problem is a netstat -alt shows no "server" or "arma2server" process listening on port 2302 or any other despite the process apparently being executed and running in the background. All other services and daemons (FTP etc.) work fine off the server to the WAN and I am 100% positive it has nothing to do with a firewall or network issues. From the log file (even tho the "server" bin is present there and permissions seem fine): ls -al ... -rwxr-xr-x 1 501 502 16088112 2009-11-13 15:55 server ... #cat /home/bobdob/arma2/log.2302.txt WATCHDOG (9328): [Tue Dec 1 21:35:24 CET 2009] Starting server (port 2302)... ./arma2server: line 109: /home/bobdob/arma2/server: No such file or directory WATCHDOG (9328): [Tue Dec 1 21:35:24 CET 2009] Server died, waiting to restart... WATCHDOG (9328): [Tue Dec 1 21:35:29 CET 2009] Starting server (port 2302)... Has anybody else had this issue? What's the deal with the "server" bin saying "No such file or directory"? Any ideas on what's going on here or how to fix or troubleshoot it?
  13. A) Keep the distros you're using coming guys! Will be interesting to see seeings how BIS doesn't seem to specify anything! B) Is this server binary fully 64-bit OS ready or are are any of you guys running it on 32 bit for performance reasons?
  14. How about the rest of you Linux server admins then? Which distros have you been using for dedicated ArmA 2 server?
  15. Can we know under which Linux distro BIS tested and originally "built" and "finalized" this dedicated version of the ArmA 2 Linux server bin? (ie. which is it known to best run under without too much excessive side tweaking - I presume BIS used a distro fairly "out of the box" Linux distro to build and test this? - What distro is the benchmark?)
  16. So what's the current verdict on the ArmA 2 "Linux" server by those who are using it / have tried it out (I see it's being called an "Alpha" still so I was just wondering)? Any time frame goal announced by BIS for aiming to release a Beta or a "Final"? As it stands though (2nd alpha build or whatever you're calling it) Is it all as "stable" (yes I know this can be a patronizing term ; ) and fully functional as the Windows server version or what? How about performance comparisons? Any hyperlinks to other threads/sites this might have already been discussed with some conclusions drawn would also naturally be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any insight on this matter.
  17. Anyone know when/if it be available on http://www.sprocketidea.com/ ??? Isn't that the "official" BIS online distributor ? Or is that only for "English" versions? :confused: I've never heard of "Petergames.de" before. Then again I'm not German so who knows.
  18. Bob.Dob

    ARMA 2 Launch Plans

    Good to hear Maruk, looking forward to trying it out! :) However on another note, I'm just wondering why is it you guys at BIS always seem to start with a "German Only" version? Are the vast majority of your sales in Germany or something? :confused: Technically speaking, I'm just wondering why you couldn't just prep an "international/multilingual" version? Either way, I have no problem being patient and even perhaps preferably waiting for a "pre patched" version.
  19. Bob.Dob

    Merlin - Training System

    Really excellent work with this Dr_Eyeball! The bug fix is also much MUCH appreciated! Keep up the good work mate!
  20. Bob.Dob

    coop 20 Invasion Tatawin "part one"

    Nice one Lightninguk! Had good fun on this mission last night! It's a really nice map indeed! Keep the missions coming mate!
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  22. Yeap, we'll take a look at it when we get a chance.
  23. Bob.Dob

    "A.C.E"new Missions "Operation_Countenance"

    Nice, look forward to trying this when I get home from holidays.
  24. Bob.Dob

    ACE Server up

    Correct, at this particular point in time there are currently only two official Operation Reality ArmA servers online, one being in France and the other being in Australia.
  25. Bob.Dob

    Afgan Patrol

    Looking good mate, look forward to playing some of these new missions with you and the guys when I get home from holidays. Keep up the good work mate.