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  1. AOCbravo2004

    Experimental City Island

    Oh yeah, in the Capitol building all the desks, chairs, bookcases, and mainframe computers are suspended in the air
  2. AOCbravo2004

    Experimental City Island

    The only suggestion I have for this is to get rid of the roads attached to a lot of the plots that way it is easier to integrate the building sets with the roads already included in OFP. Other then that it is good to go.
  3. AOCbravo2004

    RKSL Studios

    I'm going to venture a guess and say it was either Placebo or Hellfish that sent you that email.
  4. AOCbravo2004

    Couple of new addons

    Nope, no AIM-132's for USA. It makes more logistical sense to have only one IR AAM missile with off-boresight capabilities.
  5. AOCbravo2004


    Any other mirrors? I tried to download the patch but all I get is missing file.
  6. AOCbravo2004


    It is in the BAS Ranger/Delta pack
  7. AOCbravo2004

    Aircraft pilot modelling template

    RZN made a pilot pack, one pilot used the old flight gear, and one of the pilots was modeled after the combat edge system that the US military is transitioning to for the fighter pilots. You could ask RZN for permission to update that pilot pack.
  8. AOCbravo2004

    Usmc uh-1n

    Thats a UH-1Y Nope, it is not.
  9. AOCbravo2004

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    "one thing, does anyone know if the US army uses the M16a4? I knew the usmc does but i always thought the us army retained its a2s in anticipation of the xm8/oicw" To this day there are still Units within the Army carrying the M16A4 (Some National Guard units and Non-Combat related positions), The M4A1 (configured with an AN/PEQ sight, fore grip (optional) and a M68 Aimpoint (DM would be issued a ACOG 4x) is now the standard issued weapon in the Army) There were some units that are still using the M16A2 in the Army but have been replaced by either the A4 or 4A1 As seen in this photo: http://media.militaryphotos.net/photos/album19/ds1 M16A4 in use by the 4th ID: http://media.militaryphotos.net/photos/album19/ds3_4 Military Police(?) using A4: http://media.militaryphotos.net/photos/album19/abs As for the XM8 and OICW, Those projects have been suspended. As for the US soldiers, Just a suggestion maybe the FFUR team can use the US Army Ranger models from the BAS pack? I thought the Heavy Divisions in the Army were getting the 16A4 while the Light Divisions were getting the 4A1 At least that was the scuttlebutt I came across. Could be wrong of course since I am not army.
  10. AOCbravo2004

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    How's that new rig of yours running???
  11. AOCbravo2004

    Red Hammer Studios

    When it's ready
  12. AOCbravo2004

    Team Yankee Traffic Objects Pack

    I downloaded the file, I opened it up, and there was not .pbo file in the archive. DOH!
  13. AOCbravo2004

    LSR Addons

    as far as isee the guy in the picture is wearing a completely different system, different helmet so the mask couldalso be different. There are only two oxygen mask systems in use by the US military right now, the one in the picture, and the Combat Edge syste, where the hose is attached to the side of the mask. Also the helmets appear the same, the ingame shot just looks a bit stretched. I can't think of the designation for the helmet off the top of my head.
  14. AOCbravo2004

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    So does that mean that your SR-25 in your weapons pack has been virtually chambered for 556
  15. AOCbravo2004

    LSR Addons

    Holy schnikies!!! Those are porn-tastic!!! Great job as usual Laser!!!
  16. AOCbravo2004

    SgtEv SWAT Units

    Is that one of Jackal's new HK M4's??? I ask because of the ironsight behind the Aimpoint and the new flip up front iron sight.
  17. AOCbravo2004

    SgtEv SWAT Units

    Multi Cam AND OD is my opinion, but it's just that an opinion, and we all know opinions are like a-holes, everyone's got one HAHA.
  18. AOCbravo2004

    Fuerzas Armadas Mod

    Sweet!!!! Downloading now!!! For those that don't know, DESCARGAR AHORA is the download button.
  19. AOCbravo2004

    Fuerzas Armadas Mod

    Sweet!!!! Downloading now!!! For those that don't know, DESCARGAR AHORA is the download button.
  20. AOCbravo2004

    NIMOD Dynamic Weather

    I absolutely love it, BLIZZARD would be a lot of fun for a free for all mission HAHA, everyone running around blindly just opening up.
  21. AOCbravo2004

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    I saw an M40 in there and a few others
  22. AOCbravo2004

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Hey Jackal, I noticed that you have models of additional weapons in your pack but they are not listed in your readme, or appear to be active what so ever, any plans to make these weapons usable in the future???
  23. AOCbravo2004

    Nature Pack - Tropic

    So I take it this pack is cancelled since you have another thread going now for Nature Pack 3 which is based on Northern European vegetation???
  24. AOCbravo2004

    SgtEv SWAT Units

    I skimmed through this topic but is there going to be an EPD SWAT, MPD SWAT, or NPD SWAT patches??? I mean we already have all those police units for the islands made by DeadMeat.
  25. AOCbravo2004

    USMC Mod V 1.4

    Hey FK, everything is looking great, sorry I have not been able to get on MSN messenger and help you out lately, but I am currently a patient at the National Naval Medical Center, that's Bethesda for those that don't know the official name of the hospital. I don't know when I'll be able to get out of here and go back to Quantico, but I will let you know when I can get back to giving you info. Anyhow, keep up the great work, looking forward to it!