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  1. meh, yep your right its bitching about the CD which is deffinately there sad_o.gif *waves CD at the error on screen*

    back to 1.0 for the time being i think rock.gif

    edit: US only? meh again... that will teach me not to get a copy imported before its released in the UK crazy_o.gif

  2. yeh, but it isnt in the WG addpack sad_o.gif

    Where is the problem?!

    MfG Lee rock.gif

    in the WG addpack:

    HMMWV with M2

    HMMWV with Ml19 GL

    HMMWV with ITOW

    HMMWV with 81mm Morter

    BRDM with 81mm Morter

    BRDM with Konkurs(sp?)

    what im saying is, in the WG addpack (NOT the OPFOR pack) has no Machine gun armed BRDM to counter the Machine gun armed HMMWV. For general use this might not be of much concern, but seeing as the WG addpack is used in the WG league, East are disadvantaged in that sense

  3. hehe i wondered when this would come back again, i was thinking of it the other day... weird wow_o.gif

    this year:

    Economic Left/Right: -5.38

    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.87

    last year:

    Economic Left/Right: -4.12

    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -1.85

  4. yes, i have a nasty habit of getting into a spin at low level and so i cant pull of the spin in time sad_o.gif

    still, fun playing chicken with an F15 in the Su27 with a combined closure rate of almost 3000kmph biggrin_o.gif

    just dont try to climb or turn when he fires at you... lol... not a chance in hell you will be able to turn sharp enough crazy_o.gif

  5. meh, we let this get to the second page sad_o.gif

    anywho, ive been spending alot of time in the Su27 last few days and I enver realised just how easy its radar is compared to the F15, i can get a solid contact most of the time and a solid lock a little less (due to violent turns or what not) compared to once in a blue moon with the F15 rock.gif

  6. BIS are busy working on OFP2, they may well be implementing that into it.

    what you ask for would take alot of their time up which could be time spent working on OFP2

    besides, I think its fine, join a squad if you want better MP games, they are far better than playing on your own so to speak

  7. hmm yes I would like to get some MP in too, and I also prefer A10...

    hope its not a pain in the arse MP system like Falcon was, required a load of port forwarding (client side, not just server side!) which with a router like mine that ignores all rules you set...... meh

  8. hell it might even stop people like Espectro (remember him? "evil banned m00 cow") from driving... has the uncanny ability to crash a jeep on a straight road biggrin_o.gif

    but then i too agree that perhaps having only pilot class able to fly, crew able to operate armoured vehicles and the such

    plus adding some more detail into it... rather than just "forward" "backward" "left" "right" i mean

  9. its not quite as high, but here is SWAF's resident high pinger... poor bastage has to be on a monkey powered modem or something, nevermind 56k


    (an Austrian server, he is Columbian)

    maybe he comes second place? heh