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  1. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    none of your images or links work for me any mirrors for it? edit: nevermind, found one
  2. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    yeh, ive noticed that too, plus had my cockpit disapear more than a few times what frames are people getting, i seem to be getting 7-10 at most, less when theres several other aircraft/vehicles in the vicinity with my XP2000 + Geforce 4 Ti4200
  3. acidcrash

    Modern usmc marpat

    Dedicated grenadiers as in a man with the Russian RG-1 GL or a man with a GP-25 affixed underneath the barrel of his AK-74M? AK the 6G-30 came with the MM1 in the patch
  4. acidcrash

    Naa marin & deadsodier f15

    Link i cant find it on ofp.info but i that link above works
  5. acidcrash

    Ah-1w supercobra? please?

    USMC mod i think it was, is finishing the one BAS were making more info here
  6. acidcrash

    Canceling an objective

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">"0" objstatus "failed" where failed is you can have "done", "failed", "hidden" and "active" so if I understand you right, you will probebly want another objective to appear, so then in the init.sqs you would have "1" objstatus "hidden" and for when the new objective is revealed where the old objective is made a failure, put also "1" objstatus "active"
  7. acidcrash

    Istanbul bomb blasts

    and the rest of us get dragged along for the ride why bomb banks though? i find that rather odd...
  8. acidcrash


    right, just tested it and this works: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">(fuel vehiclename) > 0.9
  9. acidcrash

    Northrop f-5e, beta 1

    firstly good work! second, lee your suggested fix works nicely, stable yet manuverable third, slight problem in that you can walk through the F5...ie can be standing inside the wing with your head popping out the top overall great work though
  10. acidcrash


    i think its meant to be [(fuel uaz) > 0.9]
  11. acidcrash

    Make some drawing on maps

    yes but its limited, you cant really do much with it, if it was like deathguy said... like paint then that would be much better, but also be able to rotate the markers, currently the arrow is pretty useless ingame as it cant be pointed (atleast not that im aware of) and so is always pointing up, also to be able to warp (ie turn the straight arrow into a curve to indicate going around something or flanking)
  12. yes highly annoying when they flood like that and you not know who it is, alternately have a pure chat screen, like fullscreen so you can see more than the 4 lines (or whatever it is) at a time, sort of like the drop down console in games like Half Life perhaps?
  13. acidcrash

    Bas tonal-tango pack

    also put it on a webhost, not local to you (eg http://www.whatever .com/img.jpg)
  14. acidcrash

    Making friends enemies.

    nope, 0% is right, that way they would be on east side but not have an east soldier as leader
  15. acidcrash

    Planning a mission

    basically the authority to call upon other assets in the area? would be ok for SP i guess, though not for MP imo
  16. acidcrash

    Iaf's new f-16/i's

    yep conformal fuel tanks add another 3,050 lbs of fuel which is the equivelant to the center line fuel tank iirc, bit more info here intake looks the same to me though
  17. acidcrash

    Jam update for winter units?

    this would sure save me alot of effort instead of adding all the weapons by hand... roll on the JAM winter and Nam kit!
  18. acidcrash

    Sb audigy ls

    i got Audigy 2 Platinum myself, no problems with it, works great... no more crackling in vehicles like my old SB 1024 Live! had
  19. acidcrash

    More flexible inventory

    like this you mean?
  20. acidcrash

    Falklands mod progress

    could it not be simulated by using abit of setposing? like i dont know, say have in the action menu "forward" "back" "left" "right or whatever when the tow truck is X distance away from the aircraft... though i dont know if tat would work or not
  21. acidcrash

    Coc unified artillery 1.0 released

    i didnt have any problems with fps on tequila sunrise, though spitball express did slow down alot for me still, excelent work
  22. acidcrash

    The m2/m3 bradley

    gah you had to start teasing us again! Â Â Â bad DeadMeat! bad!
  23. acidcrash

    Moderators, finally you meet understandment.

    quick 1 minute job, but you get the idea
  24. acidcrash

    Hummers anygood ones

    they said they would do a woodland version also in time, iirc
  25. acidcrash

    Reloading while running an jumping

    have done (while moving) its not as hard as you make it out to be, depending on rifle granted. but yeh, interuptable reload would also be a plus, instead of getting caught with your pants round your ankles so to speak