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  1. acidcrash

    Please clean your systems people!

    ditto, i never seem to get mail virii.... and id just as soon keep it that way. doesnt stop me getting hundreds of spam mail daily though
  2. acidcrash

    External harddrives

    Any PC can have two CDROM drives and two hard drives without using any extra controllers like raid. Simply setup the two Hard drives as Master and Slave on one IDE channel, and the two CDROMS as Master and Slave on the other IDE channel. Job done. BIS should sell a CD ROM drive that has no eject button but has OFP2 sealed inside it. Â I'd buy one. -=Die Alive=- haha you wouldnt believe how many times i have thought the exact same thing! gets annoying having to constantly swap CDs around then going to play flashpoint...realise the CD isnt in one of the cd drives and have to go hunting for it <span id='ME'><center>Acidcrash preorders one </center></span>
  3. acidcrash

    Game physics

    are you fully patched? they were introduced in one of the patches...cant remember which though sorry
  4. acidcrash

    Game physics

    no in OFP:RES
  5. acidcrash

    Better damage model?

    i wouldnt mind seeing the rifles/machine guns being able to kill tanks sorted (fire for long enough and even a supresed Glock can! granted it will take a looong time)
  6. acidcrash

    Helo parachuting

    why should it take up inventory slots?!? it doesnt go in your ammo pouches you know!
  7. acidcrash

    Gunner and pilot coordination

    i would much prefer if the hat on the joystick auto-snapped to center after you release it unless you had free look on (*) as im sick of turning and then having to faff around to recenter it which usually then leads to me getting hurt shall we say... perhaps if pilot and gunner BOTH had abilty to fire, not just gunner?
  8. acidcrash

    External harddrives

    yep, get another IDE controler or RAID (both use PCI slots)
  9. acidcrash

    External harddrives

    why not get another internal? if you havent already got one, just get an IDE ribbon with twin slots instead of a single (example) edit: badger beat me to it
  10. acidcrash

    Uncontrollable chopper collective

    do you have a joystick with throttle control? as i had something similar a while back and couldnt figure what it was till one day i noticed the throttle was pushed all the way forward and so was constantly trying to climb
  11. acidcrash

    100-120 man mp mission test tonight 9 pm est

    hehe you must have been unlucky, i had 130 on there and was fine ;) (well till the yellow squad then the red square lol)
  12. acidcrash

    New bas thread

    yup i agree with stt about that, well worth it
  13. acidcrash

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    scope i dunno what resolution you run, but they arent the right shape and size for a wallpaper, try adding the black strips accross top and bottom (as if it were a cutscene) anyway, to add some validity to my post Matrix wannabe a couple of GRU Spetz Naval infantry beach landing strange what you start to do at 4:30am isnt it?
  14. acidcrash

    Your iq?

    140 Inventive Inquisitor (whats one of those? ) oh well... im guessing you found this from the banner on the BBC news site also? lol (whats the max you can get on these IQ tests anyway?) "You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are exceptionally good at teaching others." hah, if only that were true
  15. acidcrash

    New addon released

    Like it says in the description : I really like that leopardskin one...Wow...Now I gotta think of a great mission/game for this awesome addon  i didnt read the readme
  16. acidcrash

    Weapons requests

    im guessing he is implying they jam alot?
  17. acidcrash

    New addon released

    hehe these buggys are great fun another thing i noticed, they got random textures examples 1 and 2 examples 3 and 4 example 5 examples 6, 7 and 8 and example 9 nice work, look really good and are fun to drive
  18. acidcrash

    New bas thread

    im gonna try stay neutral here: a suggestion: why not just let BAS (and any other team for that matter) tell us the stuff when its ready as they sure dont want to tell us before, understandebly... all is happening atm is pissing em off with insistant questions...let em work in peace and wait for them to release the info, it will (hopefully) be more interesting and a suprise then *dons flame proof suit and runs for cover*
  19. acidcrash

    New bas thread

    so you say you have cancled those projects, is there even the slightest chance you will come back to them in future, maybe after you have finished your current projects?
  20. acidcrash

    Pre made ammo boxes

    we sort of already have that, the green one with netting on it has just basic rifle (M16/AK74) magazines and grenades, white has ammo for launchers and other more bulkier stuff (satchels and mines for example) and the green without camo (OFPR only) has hand guns and other OFPR introduced weapon ammo also, you can empty them and add your own stuff to them by using first <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">clearMagazineCargo unit to remove all magazines then <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">this addmagazinecargo ["name",number]
  21. acidcrash

    Weapons requests

    one example would be the WW2 rifle used by the UK and commonwealth forces, Enfield .303 (photo)
  22. acidcrash

    Hide body

    a) Avon has like several people now, an alternating avatar b) yes I would also like to see dragging them or whatever...alternately, bury them (need only apply to dead )
  23. acidcrash

    Usmc updates thread

    first off, good work second, small bug report, whether you know or not i dont know 1) script error; i get this on mission load 2) Altitude; though the BAS MH47 had this problem and that was roadway problem right? also, regarding the rotorwash, i know in the readme it mentions it, but i still think it is just a tad far back, yes i agree it should be offset but i think it is just a little too far back, but thats just my oppinion anyway, to recap nice work look forward to the final
  24. acidcrash

    Wgcti addpack 1.21 full install

    hmm am i the only one whos mission looks for some addons with _121 on the end yet i did download all the addons and theres no addons with _121 on the end of them
  25. acidcrash

    Ofp2 software protection

    that doesnt stop hundreds, maybe thousands of keys being stolen and used, which has the effect of you not being able to play while the person who has stolen your key plays happily