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    Releases + downloads /= feedback?

    Crashed your PC?! I've tested this out on quite a few PCs, it worked on an EEE PC 901 (1.6GHz Atom, 1GB RAM, Intel GMA950 Graphics). It's currently being run on my work's LAN which is mostly 2.8GHz P4's, 1GB RAM, Intel GMA950 (this is why I'm still making stuff for OFP), usually 6 player games with non-dedicated servers. So there shouldn't be any performance issues. The Oddball stuff especially is no more complicated than BIS's template missions. I'm surprised because I see MP servers still online with people playing on them (I stick to my LAN however), but the maps they're playing seem pretty mundane, you'd have thought the people running the servers would be interested in getting new maps. ---------- Post added at 03:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:01 PM ---------- Like I said, I'm most interested in what people think of the AI demo in pack 2 (BF Saint Phillippe.Eden.pbo), it's the only one with the AI scripting that allows single-player vs. bots, Battlefield 1942 style. I realise they're not perfect, but due to the lack of similar scripts it's the closest I've found to replicating Battlefield gameplay in single-player. The question is, are they good enough to provide an entertaining game?
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    Looking for.../please repost

    It should help yes, also the SOW site seems to be working again, so I'll try and get it from there as well. In the mean time I've finished my work on Battlefield1985. I've added a ticket based scoring system, added two more game modes (so it now supports conquest:double assault, conquest:assault and conquest:head-on), improved the vehicle respawning scripts and written some documentation in the form of a mission editors guide. Hopefully this will be enough for people to make their own missions from should they want to. I've released three example missions (one for each mission type) together with the documentation to Filefront as the Battlefield1985 conquest pack. So definate progress towards having some well documented mission "kits" for other editors to work on.
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    Looking for.../please repost

    Hi, I've been looking all over for the final version of Coin 2 and/or CCE (Coin Coop Engine). The link for Coin 2 (v1.12 beta) in This Thread doesn't seem to be working, nor does the link for CCE v0.41 public beta. Could someone repost these please? The only version of either I've been able to find is CCE v0.1 beta at Filefront. Perhaps someone could re-up the release versions on filefront, ofpgamepark or another reliable OFP related site? Also could anyone point me to where I can get hold of a release of Battlefield1985? The only version I've found has been messed about with and doesn't work very well. I've fixed most of it, but I'd like to make some versions that support the full range of BF2 conquest game types (not just "conquest head-on"), so I'd like to start afresh if possible.
  4. *zeewolf*

    Looking for.../please repost

    Mmmm ok, well Tacrod has been good enough to reup CCE and Coin2 as a pack to this link which seems to be working for now. Hopefully I'll be able to get these uploaded to Filefront or OFP.info soon. His CCE2 project is also active on this thread. I've also made a resistance version of CCE called PDCE (Partisan Dynamic Coop Engine) that I've uploaded it to filefront, this contains some interesting new features which some may find interesting, see the filefront page for more details. I'm working on getting some Battlefield1985 maps working, but the missions I'm working from are completely undocumented and not very easy to mod. That said I have made some progress making varients that support other conquest game types. However, It looks like I'm going to have to write the documentation for this one from scratch! So that just leaves Sinews Of War. Given the amount of work that the SOW team put into this and its sheer usefulness for advanced multiplayer mission editors, it would be a tragedy if all of their releases were lost. If anyone has releases of this can they please upload them?!
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    Looking for.../please repost

    Nice to get a reply from one of the authors of the work I'm referrencing, but I'm confused, the BIS wiki article on Sinews of War, seems to suggest that there was at least one working release made for OFP (SOW 1.0). Is this the case? If so, it should definately be placed on a public OFP source like OFP.info (now existing as ofp.gamepark.cz) or operationflashpoint.filefront.com, along with the final releases (even if they are labelled "beta") of other seminal pieces of scripting like DAC, COIN and Battlefield1985.
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    Creating a sentry

    It'd probably be better to have the sentry part of a different group to each patrol but with the same waypoints (moving in a patroling pattern with a cycle to loop them around). The difference being that you add an extra move waypoint in the town for the sentry after his cycle waypoint, make the respective detect trigger into a switch type then synchronise it to the sentry's cycle waypoint. Make the sentry's move waypoint combat mode "hold fire" or "never fire" and the combat mode "aware", now when the detect trigger is activated, the sentry is forced to go to the move waypoint in the town. If you want to trigger an event based on the sentry's presence in the town then put a small if present trigger over his town waypoint, then use the group mode to drag a connection to his move waypoint, this will make the waypoint only activated by members of his group. With regards to the rest of the patrol, you can do the same thing except instead of a move waypoint in the town use a seek and destroy or guard waypoint (depending on what you want them to do), bear in mind if they are the ones that detected the player, it will be difficult to stop them shooting at him. This is assuming of course that you want to do this all with triggers and synched waypoints, I usually use a single large detect trigger which starts a script, the script then works out what to do and moves waypoints around, activates switch triggers, spawns more soldiers etc. etc.
  7. Ok, I've changed the spawn section of the script to this: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">#notalive _vtype = _vtypes select _i deleteVehicle _v ~1 _v = _vtype createVehicle getPos _vl _v setDir getDir _vl _vehicles set [_i, _v] _vtime set [_i, 0] publicObject = _v ~0.1 publicVariable "publicObject" ~0.1 {_x reveal publicObject} foreach _players goto "continue" Where: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> _players = [W1,W2,W3,W4,E1,E2,E3,E4] Which are all the playable units in the mission and _vl is a preplaced game logic for that vehicle (no vehicles will spawn in until someone the control point), adding the reveal line seems to do the trick! I've tested it on a two PC LAN and there doesn't seem to be any delay in the get-in actions being added. Thanks! Anyone have any ideas where I can get the original Battlefield1985 or a mission that uses conquest gametypes? I'm also looking for a proper release of Sinews Of War (multiplayer saving functions) and releases of CCE and Coin2 (dl links in their respective threads aren't working).
  8. Hi, I'm trying to make some Battlefield2 style conquest maps for Flashpoint, I'm aware this has already been done once as "Battlefield1985" but I've been unable to find the original release of this, I found a version that someone edited and broke a load of stuff. I've managed to fix most of the scripts but my goal is to make a load of missions that offer the full range of conquest game types. Does anyone know if this has already been done in "Battlefield1985" or another mission? The version I have is best described as conquest head-on. With regards to the other half of the thread title, MP vehicle respawning, I've implemented the vehicle spawning for my mission as a script for each respawn point on the map that monitors the status of the respective control point (flag) and changes the type of vehicles it respawns depending on the side that controls it. The respawning loop is basically a modified version of Doolittle's vehicle respawn script (by adding a line that checks for changes in the control point ownership), using createvehicle to spawn the vehicle. It seems to work OK but when I ran it on a four player MP game over a LAN, we had a problem. When a vehicle respawned (even on the server which was non-dedicated), it took up to two minutes for get-in actions to appear on its action menu. I've noticed short delays before the actions appeared when using createvehicle before, but nothing this bad. Can anyone tell me what's going wrong?
  9. Do I need to do this locally on each client or can I just reveal them on the server when the vehicle is spawned?
  10. *zeewolf*

    Looking for.../please repost

    It just seems a real shame to me that quality missions like Coin 2, CCE and Battlefield1985 are so difficult to get now. They really need to be uploaded to places like ofpgamepark, which does an excellent job of maintaining a comprehensive selection of addons making them available to posterity. Let me give another example: The version of CCE I have is an early beta, you can clearly see evidence in the scripts that Sinews Of War saving was going to be incorporated at a later date, unfortunately not all of the SOW functions have been included in this version. The Sinews of war site apparently no longer exists and the only mission I've found that seems to include a full set of SOW functions is kutya's GDCE. Although GDCE is extremely well written, the fact remains that it is designed as a single-player dynamic campaign and cannot be used as the basis for a multiplayer mission. At the moment when I want to make a mission I'm having to pull apart or rewrite other people's missions to get at scripts, functions and "engines", that I know people on this very forum put a huge amount of work into, then released together with documentation and demo missions for other editors to use. If these amazing examples of Flashpoint scripting aren't kept available on stable public sources, isn't there the real danger that the work that went into these scripts/functions may be wasted, simply because no one can find them?