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    The Iraq thread 4

    Yes, we remember them; BBC
  2. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    No, but it was contracted by US DOD.
  3. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    The civilian helicopter posed no threat to the civilians, what would be the motive around this? Why not target a military helicopter that could pose more of a threat to them? Weird reasons I presume. Mercs are not civilians.
  4. turms

    How about a forum night?

    Just be sure that no-one else is using your wlan at the same time, its very easy to "hack" in somebodys wlan net and use it...
  5. turms

    Blue Screen Of Death

    Any help by addin paramete -nomap after your ofp.exe? I would also suggest running a memory diagnostic test of somekind.. EDIT: like this
  6. turms


    Buy resistance and update to 1.96
  7. turms

    European Politics Thread.

    What? are you seriously saying now that the nordic countrys are not part of europe? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europe You should know when to quit really.
  8. turms

    Ask a mod

    Why is the Iraq-thread unpinned?
  9. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    I agree with Jinef, religion is an very important factor in events happening in Iraq, and it shouldnt be banned from this debate.
  10. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    I agree with Bals completely. Interesting article about US loosing its military manpower Here at globalsecurity.org ,definetly worth reading. I wont copy paste in here becouse of the length of the article.
  11. turms

    Use a satellite and zoom in

    nasas "world wind" is also worthy of checking out..
  12. turms

    Use a satellite and zoom in

  13. turms

    Real life spidermen

    Parkour is the name of the game, as mentioned earlier in this thread.
  14. turms

    Real life spidermen

    Same thing as parkeuring? (sp?)
  15. turms

    Theme song

    Then you would like Blake´s Somalia 2006 map coop for FDFmod + FDF desertpack ;)
  16. turms

    Problem installing

    Too small RAM?
  17. turms

    OFP freezing

    Whats your pc´s heats?
  18. turms

    International Politics Thread

    How is this UNs fault in any way?
  19. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    Hi Walker. If your wondering about the Iraqi oil, you might want to check this
  20. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    Bulgaria Says Soldier Killed by U.S. Troops in Iraq Reuters Damn european commie magazines, how dare they publish such rubbish, when we actually dont know anything yet!!11 U.S. Army Struggles to Coax Recruits Amid Iraq War Some snips from the article: Any thoughts on the draft? Is it coming, or is the current situation improving?Reuters
  21. turms


    One of our squad members is having a problem that needs solving, quote from the guy: Any ideas?
  22. turms

    European Politics Thread.

    http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel....id=1720 (note the source) Page 2 A long read but a very interesting one. Check google for operation Gladio for more sources.
  23. turms


    Just wanted to pop in and say that the problem is solved, it was an ISP issue...
  24. turms

    The Middle East part 2

    BBC EDIT: fixed the quote tags
  25. turms

    Military Humor

    does anyone recalls more info about this? like.. did it really happen? This is the latest one :P BBC