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  1. Thanks guys I'll give that a go tonight. I have stopped. Been learning a lot past few weeks. I apperciate the encouragement and help!!  

    I hate to change topics. But do you guys have a specific workflow?  For example, I am trying to get more involved with using Github and I love the command line (old school). I find it difficult navigating all the time to my Arma3 Profile mission folders to edit, upload, etc. 

    I was looking more into P drive but wasn't sure if there is an easier way of setting up a "working directory" on another hard drive of mine to make it easier to navigate. When I worked on websites, Hopefully that was not confusing. Just looking at making my workflow easier, testing/debugging, etc. 

  2. @Killzone_kid  Thank You and love your work BTW.  



    I am currently working on the mod Overthrow. I love the campaign style with our group. But we run into the issue with the persistent save system (profileNamespace) getting corrupted on our multi player sessions. Anyone know how to decode profileNameSpace by any chance because I know the variables are in there? 

    Long story short. I'm just setting up a MySQL database to store the data in there instead of the built in persistent save. I have a lot of work cut out for being new to sqf but I am having fun and learning and I have my motivation to learn more. Hopefully I will be contributing more to the community down the road.  I appreciate everyone's feed back!  


  3. So I have been learning scripting for a short while and obviously my drive like many of you is to improve a favorite mod my friends and I play which has not been updated in a very long time. On to my goal:


    I am trying to improve the mod by saving variables to a database. I have all that figured out but now I am trying to locate every variable in the scripts that need to be saved to MySql. I done a lot of this by scanning through the code, using find, etc inside Atom (Great for this BTW). But this process is very slow. 


    Is there a command such as AllVariables or utilizing GetVariables I can utilize and print to a text file? So I can obtain a list of the variables sent to NameSpace??


    I would image I would use a loop to pull through all the variables but through my research I cannot find how I would place them in a file that i could read. I come from the PHP world of programming. Any pointers or suggestions would be greatly appreciative. 

  4. On ‎12‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 6:01 PM, y_t said:

    When I attempt to join the mission on my dedicated server I get the following errors and cannot get past the lobby. Help appreciated.

    14:56:50 Warning Message: Picture \a3\ui_f_data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\destroy_ca.paa not found
    14:56:50 Warning Message: Picture \a3\ui_f_data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\kill_ca.paa not found
    14:56:50 Warning Message: Picture \a3\ui_f_data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\rifle_ca.paa not found
    14:56:50 Warning Message: Picture \a3\ui_f_data\igui\cfg\simpletasks\types\target_ca.paa not found


    Edit: Figured out that ASR AI was missing a config file. causing the mission to fail to load.

    Could you let me know what you did. I have the same issue. Thank you

  5. We use Leagueservers and I have not had any issues with them at all. Here is my two cents. If you are a small group that just want to play some custom missions or different maps, then leagueservers is your best route. It's cheap, fast to set up and their support is good enough for small clans/groups.

    I pay under 12.00 for a 12 man server right in Chicago where we all ping great.

    We run mostly Dula in Domination style with ACE MOD and love the server.

    http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ if anyone is ever interested in a relaxed, care free server where we all work as a team. We customized our Domination maps to give everyone a taste of what they want, fly, drive or shoot.

  6. Xeno awesome job!!

    One of our server admins modified the mission to suit our taste a little more. We added some respawnable little birds along with an 1 A-10, a Harrier Bomber and another harrier with sidewinders for the jet jocks.

    We are looking into adding that script that gives you the option of cutting power to the towns soon. If we are sucessful I'll let you know.

    Once again, awesome job!

  7. Xeno,

      I just wanted to say thanks from all us on our server. We play your mission non stop all day long. We love it and please keep up the good work. I'll start reporting bugs from our server once I get them.  Once again thanks.  

    We are running a server in Washington, DC.


    Really good server you have going there, I'm sure I'll be spending many hours on it!


    Thanks a ton, we just started it up. Let us know what we can do to improve it. I'm on xfire as syscrash if anyone uses it.

  8. Xeno,

        Some of my users have posted the following...  Mind you I just copied and pasted this. If this has been taken care of I applogize.  Keep up the excellent work!

    Quote[/b] ]

    -rescue operator can't rescue + can't get weapons out of crates and can't get into vehicles.

    - all rescue side missions won't work because of that.

    - MI17/Rocket coming to main mission and to our base, dissapear in air after a hit.

    -steve told me something about ammo drop's not working or not working correctly. (i.e. location of drop)

    -slinging with wrecker and passing over buildings still get's you killed. (very annoying) same for the regular chopper.

    Like I said above I'm not sure if you were aware of the bugs already and if so my applogies.