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  1. If their is a will, their is a way. I am all for people protecting their hard work and locking files, but you have to come to the realization that people are going to figure out how to get around security. That is why security is a multi-million, if not billion dollar industry that has to constantly evolve and adapt to defeat new threats. I am also seeing the trend of relying on BIS. Hey BIS why cant you do this or that? Why won't you create a ability to lock files? Why can't we have mlods for A2 or OA? Maybe you should try creating an encryption program and see how long it takes to to get it to work properly. It is something that just doesn't happen over night and takes a lot of capital. Has BIS created a tool to lock PBOs and such? Yeah they have, but if I where smart, I wouldn't release the same tool to the community that you lock your proprietary information for your games. Once the tool is out and available, it will be easier to reverse engineer.
  2. All tests done to figure out how impervious an object is, is done under laboratory situations, not combat. What looks good on paper in the lab is not the same as when it goes to combat.
  3. Very nice sir. My only suggestion would turn the boots to black instead of tan.
  4. suhsjake

    New tutorials

    Play nice now Kristian.
  5. I also have to say, the MiG-15 never had an afterburner either. So what exactly are you trying to replicate?
  6. Attention to detail mate, attention to detail.
  7. He has already released it for alpha/pre-beta testing.
  8. The level of detail that Martin is putting into this, this is probably going to be the most realistic Island to date. Great work and keep it up. And please for the love of Jebus Martin, make back ups. This is too important to loose in a data crash/accidental deletion.
  9. You sir put it right. You sir are epic.
  10. Aright here. I am sitting with a Large PASGT in my lap. LWH and the PASGT are pretty much identical with identical thickness. 5/8 inches thick (15mm thick). So by that pic that he posted, it is pretty much spot on. If you do increase the thickness, it wouldn't be by much.
  11. suhsjake

    -=/UP-ARMORED Vehicles\=-

    You do realize that the HMMWV is still an open top vehicle and they can shoot you through the spaces?
  12. suhsjake

    -=/UP-ARMORED Vehicles\=-

    Looking good. Still waiting on the M1117 ASV and the LMT. Then its time to play National Guard.
  13. Yes it is very nice and easy on the older gen systems.
  14. suhsjake

    CDF Conscripts

    I would say PASGTs would be better than LWMH. How about some Croatian Woodland instead of the ugly TTsKO. Georgian National Guard http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3046/2746704204_a049bdab98.jpg?v=0 http://www.mod.gov.ge/2007/edu_gallery/240-L.jpg http://www.mod.gov.ge/2007/edu_gallery/241-L.jpg http://www.mod.gov.ge/2007/edu_gallery/244-L.jpg
  15. It comes out when it comes out. Not that hard to understand. Some of you people are worse than preteen girls at a Bieber concert.
  16. suhsjake

    CDF Militia/Conscripts

    Hope you haven't given up on this project yet. What about Semi only rifles very similar to what the Romanians did with the Garda versions of their rifle.
  17. I believe it is his smdi texture in combination with the rvmat. Nixo, I would be willing to help you on the rvmats. Also a bug, when you turn the head left or right in third person, the helmet strap clips into the head.
  18. suhsjake

    fox's small projects

    Call BS, but I have seen different SOPs. In my last unit (ARNG Line Infantry Company), we were allowed to buy non army issue boots as long as they met the criteria and where in regulation. The unit I am currently assigned to (ARNG HHC Infantry), we are only allowed Bates, Welco, and Belleville. In the previous unit as well, we were not allowed to go into a restaurant and sit to eat lunch while in ACUs, drive through only. In the current unit, we are allowed to. So yes, to each his own. Army sets its policy and it is interpreted down the line from division, to brigade, to battalion, to company. I may have not deployed, but I have been around plenty of grunts that have (some through multiple deployments). Every time, the SOP was different.
  19. suhsjake

    fox's small projects

    What grunts and GIs can do, carry, ware, etc is unit SOP dependent and every units SOP is made by the Commander and the Senior NCO. So you will see a variety of things across the Army.
  20. Left one is a Smith and Wesson 59, mddle is either a Glock 17 or 19, and the right is a Walther. Very nice Kheiro.
  21. suhsjake

    RFA Sir Tristian

    You mean the US Navy's new San Antonio class? They are pretty cool, even parts are built from World Trade Center Steel. But back on topic, this mod is pretty damn epic if you ask me.
  22. I am trying to find how BIS disables NVG Goggles when you switch over to optics (ie the config line). Correct if if I am wrong here, but in all actuality you cannot use Optics or Iron sights when you use NVGs, hence why we have AN/PEQ-2, AN/PAQ-4, and AN/PEQ-15. Its been a while since I have done an actual night fire.
  23. Looks like the grenade throw animations.
  24. suhsjake

    RFA Sir Tristian

    Finally an LST we can load stuff on and transport our vehicles to another place. Hurray for supply and logistics reallism. Good work, I love it and I would probably use it. I think PRACs would also be interested.