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  1. A newer version of CorePatch ( is available on first post: - Really fixed "Bitter Chill" campaign mission bug: - Fixed two "Undefined variable.." errors on Shapur_BAF and Zargabad intro scenes: - Added CCP feature Nr. 67747: - Fixed CCP bug Nr. 69133 even relative to CIT bug Nr. 24844: - Added CCP feature Nr. 67651: - Fixed CCP bug Nr. 69186: - Fixed CCP bug Nr. 68114 even relative to CIT bug Nr. 15626: - Fixed CCP bug Nr. 66695: g0liath86
  2. I'm also working on these fixes for the next version of CorePatch!! ;) ---------- Post added at 23:01 ---------- Previous post was at 23:00 ---------- There is a huge amount of "ca\dubbing\..." errors in A2. It's very difficult to resolve all of them but I will try
  3. Finally I've corrected the Bitter Chill Mission bug (tested and re-tested!)! I'll include the fix in the next version of CorePatch! ;) g0liath86
  4. Very strange! On editor it was fine..I will further investigate immediately!
  5. Thank you jaunty and OMAC for your support! Sorry for that bug, it was a debug code that I've forgot to delete! FPDR Now, on first post, there's a new hotfixed version ( without that bug! Thank you again! g0liath86
  6. A newer version of CorePatch is available on first post. Here's the chengelog: - Fixed some more "undefined variable" errors of BIS Warfare Module - Improved Javelin CLU with improvements from Anzins mod with permissions by Defunkt From ANZINS Launchers v1.0 by Defunkt - Fixed CCP bug Nr. 71144 - Fixed BIS SP Mission "Bear Rising" - Fixed "Bitter Chill" campaign mission bug - Fixed main menu slow loading (thanks to OMAC) - Fixed CCP bug 69143 - Improved A2 M249: now it can use the "200Rnd_556x45_L110A1" magazine from BAF goliath86
  7. Thank you OMAC! I think that i've solved the loading problem! I will do some more tests to be sure ;)
  8. Here it is: CorePatch Thank you OMAC!
  9. Thank you OMAC for reporting! Yes, this is a simple fix that can be included inside CorePatch. I think that I will introduce the fix in the next version of CorePatch! ---------- Post added at 20:16 ---------- Previous post was at 20:14 ---------- Very strange issue! Did you have noticed that kind of error even with Corepatch It's important for me to know if with previous version of CorePatch this don't happen. BTW tahnk you for reporting OMAC!!
  10. goliath86

    ArmA 2: OA Pre-EoL Update - Thank you!

    I can't wait for this EoL update and I can give all my support, if needed :cool:
  11. Thank you PiZZADOX! I surely will fix it in the next version!! :D
  12. A newer version ( is available on first post: - Fixed few bugs of BIS SP Mission "Eye For Eye" - Fixed: Cannot load sound 'ca\dubbing\global\radio\male01\ru\hesdowne.wss' - Fixed: Warnings in ca\communityconfigurationproject_e\gameplay_fixedat1model\p3d\ccp_at1.p3d:shadow(1000) - Fixed: BIS SP Mission "Littlebird" - Fixed optics modes of "M4A1_HWS_GL" and "M4A1_HWS_GL_CAMO" In next versions of CorePatch I will try to implement more fixes from CCP. I've received permission from the Anzin's mod author to use it for CorePatch so I will fix some more weapon models of A2. Hope you enjoy! goliath86
  13. After some research I've found that this bug is not related to CorePatch but with ArmA 2 OA. Anyway I will fix it ;)
  14. Thank you jaunty! I will fix it for the next release!
  15. Thank you for reporting! I've tested CorePatch with CBA_CO. Saved and reloaded few times but I can't reproduce the freezing. All seems to run ok on my system: no rpt errors, no freezing. I don't know what is the problem, have you other mods activated? What is your launch command line?
  16. A newer version ( of CorePatch is available on first post: - Fixed two regressions from v1.0.0.17 version of CorePatch (thansk to OpusFmSPol for feedbacks) - Fixed CCP bug Nr. 67317 goliath86
  17. Thank you all guys and thank you OpusFmSpol for reporting! I'm aware of these problems and I will try to fix them ASAP for the next release! Thank you again and keep it up reporting me for any problems that occurs with Corepatch! goliath86 ---------- Post added at 15:12 ---------- Previous post was at 14:12 ---------- I've foud the problem with the missing .hpp include file. It is a problem with BinPBO that doesn't save the "List of files to copy directly" option. It's a strange problem because it worked perfectly until now. So I have to remember to rewrite that option whenever I have to pack the mod. I've fixed it for the next release Sorry for the problem guys! goliath86
  18. A newer version ( is available on first post: - Fixed BIS SP Mission "Trial By Fire" - Fixed BIS SP Mission "Eye For Eye" - Fixed CCP bug Nr. 70342 - Fixed CCP bug Nr. 68220 Obviously I have to thank all the contributor of CCP for their suggestions and reporting! This is the last update of CorePatch before Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! See you on 2015! Regards, goliath86
  19. In these days I'm trying to fix all the SP missions of ArmA 2 and ArmA 2 OA. To accomplish this, I'm playing all the SP mission one by one and I've noticed that with CorePatch activated, all the SP missions I've played are different (in a better way) from the same played without CorePatch. I don't know if this is only a placebo effect. Can anyone confirm this? Cheers, goliath86
  20. A newer version ( is available on first post: - Fixed many(!) errors of BIS Warfare Module: - Fixed SP Mission "War Welcome": I have to thank OpusFmSPol that provided me the very good errors list of BIS Warfare Module. With it in my hands I have fixed all the errors in less than half a time!! Thank you OpusFmSPol!! I think that all major errors (essentially referring to the "Undefined variable.." errors) of ArmA 2 OA 1.63 are fixed. In CorePatch, now, there are more than 100 fixes! All BIS Modules are fixed (there are some missing dialogs on SOM Module that I will surely fix). All the bootcamp missions (both from A2 and A2OA) are fixed (no .rpt errors). Now it is possible to play for hours without continuously receiving that annoying "Undefined variable.." errors. Future plans: Now I will focus on fixing remaining BIS Original mission and campaign. Surely I will further investigate on more "Undefined variable.." errors, if any. As my secondary objective, I will try to fix all the "ca\dubbing....." errors. ...but my primary objective, now, is to close as many bugs as I can that I find in the CCP project bug tracker on DevHeaven! Wish me good luck! :rolleyes: Regards goliath86
  21. Thank you guys! Thanks for your support! I'm only trying to support, as best as I can, a good game. @larsiano: for now I'm focusing only on ArmA 2 OA. When the CorePatch project will be at a good point, I will be happy to help anyone who needs it :D goliath86
  22. A new version ( is available on first post. - Fixed many "Undefined variable.." of BIS SOM Module: - Fixed dialog error of BIS SOM Module: - Added correct dialogs for "Transport" and "Supply Drop" support mission of BIS SOM Module (dialogs were deactivated!): - Improved CAS support mission of SOM Module: BIS SOM Module was very bugged. It continues to have some little bugs (especially regarding the dialogues) but nothing so important or "mission breaking". I will surely continue to improve SOM Module in future patch but now I'm focusing on fixing other bugs on remaining ArmA 2 OA modules that are high priority at this time. Cheers, goliath86
  23. goliath86

    reverting back to version 1.62

    Hi ronw92! I think that you can't revert back to 1.62 easily without reinstalling entirely ArmA 2. To stop error box showing maybe you have to disable the -showScriptErrors parameters from the launch options.
  24. Thank you all! Very appreciated! @Dwarden: I keep a list containing all authors involved and I can give it to you if necessary. It is even present a simple list, inside the readme.txt, at the bottom, of the addon. Regards, goliath86 ---------- Post added at 00:25 ---------- Previous post was at 22:58 ---------- A newer version ( is available: - Fixed many "Undefined variable..." errors of ACM module: - Fixed many "Undefined variable..." errors of Gita (Town Generator) module: Now Gita module shows correctly the loading screen of each town being created. - Fixed "Parachute Training" bootcamp mission of ArmA 2: - Fixed RPT spam of "Armor Training" and "Fixed Wing VTOL Training" bootcamp missions of ArmA 2: - Fixed "Helicopter Training" bootcamp mission of ArmA 2: Enjoy goliath86