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  1. Hi, I'm glad to see you got it resolved. However, I do like the syntax you are attempting in the original example. This might help you do it that way (untested, sorry): switch (ObjectiveSelect) do { case "BHType01": { deletevehicle g1;} case "BHType02": { deletevehicle g2;} default {};};
  2. Hello, I encountered a crash today that seems to occur no matter what addons (or none) I have loaded on the South Asia map. I'm not sure what exactly is causing it, because it appears when I face an empty region of the map from within a specific range of distances. How I can produce the crash: Set player at 0583 0569, face West, and zoom in, or set player at 0563 0568, face East, and zoom in, or set player at 0574 0575, face South, and zoom in, or set player at 0572 0558, face North, and zoom in. These form something approximating four points of a diamond about 2km wide. Facing the center of the diamond, and then zooming, triggers the freeze. Much of the audio cuts out, but I can continue to hear background ambience like birds and insencts. Oddly enough, when I place the player at the CENTER of this diamond, facing any direction, zoomed or not, no crash occurs. Can anyone else confirm this? I have attempted twice to validate files on Steam, but I don't have the utmost confidence in its thoroughness. EDIT: Have reinstalled almost all files for the game; updated video drivers, stress tested, tried changing view distances, etc. Still no change . . . this is a really strange crash, I feel like it's related to the terrain mesh or a LOD of something like a unique rock in the area (seems less likely since I don't think there are any unique rocks...). Also, reinstalling the game's data files would presumably fix it if that were the error. I really want to know if anyone else can reproduce this. Place a character at any of the grid squares above, bring up the compass, hold down the right mouse button to zoom and start turning around until the game freezes. For me it is like clockwork, with the same specific range of headings for each location I try from. It only happens within a specific minimum and maximum radius from a certain point, the exact location of which I can only guess at as being slightly west of the gas station near the first grid coordinates listed above. Anyone? I guess I'll find a way to submit a ticket, but I wanted to make sure it's not a problem on my end first. It's such a specific trigger that I'd be surprised if many people ever encountered it by chance. I only did because I was drawn to that gas station as a possible setting for infantry operations.
  3. Ah sorry, I suppose it is in a sense, haha. Anyway I was just more frustrated than anything, I personally don't care where anybody posts anything for the most part ;) My issue just involves a crash around a certain area of the South Asia map when I zoom in on a particular region from a particular distance. I think it's a terrain LOD issue or something, but I haven't actually done a complete delete->reinstallation of the game (though I did with all the south_asia specific pbo's I could find) to see if that fixes it. Sorry to get in the way of your own thread, although if you do find time to load up that map and place an infantry unit down at one of the coordinates in here and it crashes I'd be interested in finding out so I know it's a legitimate bug and not something on my end.
  4. Is this the proper forum for bug reports of this nature? I asked about one in the regular Troubleshooting forum weeks ago and have as yet gotten NO response. I am tempted to repost the whole thing here, as I want to know if anyone else can confirm. However, I am not really thinking this is where they belong; this is only for issues related to tools (like visitor, etc). Can anybody clarify?
  5. Sorry that this is technically a double post, but there's a ten-item limit, and these are military themed while (almost all) of the last batch was civilian:
  6. Here are some pics I snapped in a relative hurry; for some reason Steam stopped being able to take screenshots from within the game after the Rearmed patch but Fraps still works. These link images are all under 100k, the images at the pages they point to may not be so forgive me if I've misunderstood and consequently broken a rule. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. I know people may frown on such a non-substantive post as this but... In the "US" 'vets' means either veterans or veterinarians. I've never seen anyone neglect one usage in favor of the other; then again googling "vets" gives me tons of veterans links unless i throw in "uk", in which case I get only links to veterinarians. Very odd indeed ;p With regards to your issue, all I can do is agree with the above post . . . sometimes you have to stand in a very weird place for the 'sweet spot' to show up. I like to stand back holding 'alt' to see the interaction points and slowly move towards them until I get the option. Standing too close will frequently put you past the point where you can see it. If that doesn't fix your problem my first guesses would be either an addon/mod conflict, or a corrupt save file, or even corrupt data file.
  8. EDIT: My post was much too late, deleted. Sorry, irrelevant, haha.
  9. dwringer


    Actually I think the intention may be to always go back and select "Heliport" from the career mission select screen, then use the heliport menu (Esc > Heliport) or manually use the file cabinets in order to replay missions. I'm in a hurry atm and can't test it out; also, I'm not sure if this applies after beating the campaign or if you can restore your progress. It's a sim, though, do this missions over and over until you've aced them anyhow ;p EDIT: Sorry, reread your post and I'm afraid perhaps I misinterpreted how your problem manifests itself. I'll let you know what happens when I beat the career mode myself, at least :P
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    Well I can't say anything specifically on this, but to add to the mystery: If you are on the leaflet-distributing south asia mission and decide to skip it, at least in my case, this puts "Heliport: South Asia" in the list of career missions where I would expect the mission itself to appear. Selecting this and trying to revert to that point in the campaign simply gives me a black screen and kicks me right back out to the mission select screen. I can, however, go to the Seattle heliport and use the headset in order to trigger the memory and replay the mission. Also, I have noticed several times the options to "Resume" a mission even when I have never actually played it, and once or twice the game has crashed when I select "Resume". Not sure what's going on in here but something doesn't seem quite right.
  11. Absolutely agree, although I believe people may start to figure it out as time goes on. The only problem is a lot of the active interest in Arma 2 is only in passing for Day Z, the rest of the fans have probably taken a step or two back waiting for Arma 3. If Day Z were fully transitioned into TOH, then sure, but as the maps weren't given a real road infrastructure and aren't fully debugged for infantry or ground actions this is somewhat of a distant dream, and there's no real reason to move to the engine other than prettier skies and a greater view distance as far as that mod is concerned, afaik. That video, I might add, is really impressive. Some of the shots in the opening look photorealistic in the small browser-window video :)
  12. Just download the files from the second page of the thread you mention (links on the first page are dead). Place "watermisc.pbo" into a modfolder of your choice, i used [toh directory]\@FF\AddOns. Then put the "watered.United_States_H" file in your [users\my documents]\Take On Helicopters\missions folder. You will have to either add @FF to the -mod parameter of your startup line; or, if you don't want to/don't need to, simply enable @FF from the ingame list of Expansions (assuming you don't have a custom startup line) Now you should simply be able to open the Seattle map in your editor and load "watered" as one of the missions. From what I read on the other thread, though, changing the helicopter can mess with some of the configs - but moving locations should be no problem at all.
  13. PvPscene, that makes no sense; i'm referring to the duplicate entries in the .rpt more than any particular bug. However; the specific error message he is getting upon loading the game is the same one I got as well; I was simply explaining what I did to fix it. I'm sorry, after thinking about it and especially after seeing the issue resolved, I must admit I went through a lot of stages in troubleshooting my own installation; I suppose I was probably mistaken on this. However, I still contend the following is true: If one isn't sure what all directories to put in there, don't use a modline at all. Just enable the expansions through the ingame menu. That is BY FAR the simplest solution; if you get it to work THEN consider adding complexity to the system.
  14. This happened to me (the entries in your .rpt being like that) because i had directory junctions for my Arma2\Addons and Arma2\Dta folder inside my Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead folder. Thus TOH loads them when it loads Arma2, and again when it loads Arma2 OA. I recommend a thorough pruning of your data files so they're all in one place, get rid of any symbolic links except to mods you want Take On Helicopters to be able to see, and launch any/all expansions solely by going through the ingame menu (leave your startup shortcut with no parameters)
  15. Hi, if you have reinstalled Take On: Helicopters with no effect, try right clicking on it in your steam library, going to Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache after this finishes, if there are still issues, I believe you should do the same thing with Arma 2, and/or Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead. The latest patch automatically combines these products. If you have non steam versions of these products try reinstalling them.
  16. As far as I'm aware, you cannot integrate a2free without manually putting the shortcut into your modline. However; you might be able to take your Dta and Addons folders and either copy them or symlink/junction them into your TOH directory, then activate Arma2 Free as an expansion through the ingame menu. Thing is, I'm not sure if A2Free is equipped to show up automatically even that way. I THINK it will.
  17. Well saying it doesn't represent a Huey is like saying a fake Rolex doesn't represent a Rolex. There are some differences; the window layout around the cockpit seems to have microscopically different aspect ratios, there are extra stabilizers, the tail rotor is on the opposite side, and the engine has sloped rather than straight intakes. I think this can all be considered nitpicking as those things can ALL easily differ between variants; this is just a hypothetical variant of a Huey as far as I'm concerned. EDIT: SORRY! I got off topic with that. Uhh.. there is a set of taxi missions out there actually, it's integrated into the campaign so that funds directly go into your campaign account. I think it was released as an addon rather than a mission; check armaholic if you're interested. There, something slightly relevant, even if I was too lazy to pull a link ;)
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    Lost Rearmed activation

    if you don't have -mod= personally written into your desktop shortcut, it's probably not something that's relevant to your situation. Anyway, if you're using the Steam versions, launch Steam as Administrator and then run Arma 2, and then Arma 2: OA once each from within Steam. Then do the same for TOH. If you're not using the Steam versions, launch each of those programs in turn "as Administrator". With any luck this should automatically fix your problem. Otherwise you may need to check the integrity of your installations and make sure nothing was corrupted by a patch or something like that. I personally use Steam and had to go back into Steam as admin to relaunch TOH after patching; otherwise I got missing dependency errors all over the place. After doing this once, my normal desktop shortcuts resumed functioning normally.
  19. Hi: I used to have my setup the same way. I had directory junctions (same effect as copying really) for AddOns and Dta from arma2 in my arma2 oa folder. In one of the recent Arma2 patches, this has become unnecessary (presuming you have legal copies of all the games). Operation Arrowhead can find your Arma2 installation and files through the registry the same way TOH does. So remove these copies, remove -mod= from your shortcut, and enable the games as Expansions through the ingame menu (you can go back to -mod lines later once things are working). This should help; the only other thing I fear is that your Day Z and/or Lingor installations went directly into your arma2/AddOns or a2oa/expansion/addons folder. This might mean the files get loaded regardless of what you do; take a look in those places for any .pbo that did not come directly from Bohemia Interactive, and get rid of it.
  20. I have been trying to get this to work, and have only had luck thus far in one way: In the init of the groupleader of the team to be inserted, put {_x moveInCargo heli; _x assignAsCargo heli} forEach units group this; Now, put the very first waypoint you give this squad down where you want them to be inserted. Make this a "MOVE" waypoint. Do NOT synchronize this waypoint to anything. Finally, give your helicopter (in the above example named "heli") a "SCRIPTED" - "FAST-ROPE" waypoint next to the squad's "MOVE" waypoint. Leave them unsynchronized. In this waypoint's "On Activation" box, put: {unassignVehicle _x} forEach units group squad1; (Where "squad1" is the name of your group leader, or alternately put "squad1 = group this" in the init of the group leader and simply use {unassignVehicle _x} forEach units squad1;) Finally, I'm not sure why this works exactly, and I'm not sure that it does work entirely. The last mission I played had three separate squads in the helicopter... I unassigned all of them from the vehicle, but they didn't all seem to finish unloading before my FAST-ROPE waypoint ended and I was given a new destination. I didn't get the "ROPERS OUT" message, so I'm not sure. Maybe you should in fact synchronize some waypoints; I believe I tried this without success but I may be mistaken as to the exact process I tried.
  21. dwringer

    Track IR is it supported

    You may need to loa dyour TrackIR profiler software, go into the options and select Update Software and Games (or something along those lines). This will update the profiler software to the latest version, and enable in-game support for any supported games you have installed. I'm guessing if you absolutely can't get it to work in TOH, it is because this has not been configured.
  22. Ok ok... :D I guess I've been taking my ideas about what's possible from crazy places like Domination missions, where armor can be slingloaded by chinooks ;p Then again, at the very least there is this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/67/CH54B_and_M551_Sheridan.jpg/770px-CH54B_and_M551_Sheridan.jpg
  23. I want to see a helicopter strong enough to slingload an Abrams. I tried to hook one up this morning with blakeace's mod, and as soon as the connection was complete it basically caused a strange feedback loop which, long story short, drags my chopper straight to the ground - best case scenario. That would be my first choice of a new DLC - something to flesh out the ArmA 2 integration a bit more fully to allow scenarios like that. Fire fighting would be great also, I suppose either one is fine as far as I'm concerned. Crop dusting seems like it'd be pretty cool too, and could go along with that, so consider your suggestion seconded in that regard. Lastly, the user community could really make a LOT of these things as it is right now. Many of them won't even require addons that don't already exist, if any at all. The problem is there's not that big a userbase for TOH as of yet. As the Arma 2 community figures out that this is really Arma 2.5, that might hopefully change.
  24. I'm not really getting this. I have a slightly faster processor and a slightly faster video card, and if my average framerate on mostly-Very High settings gets above the 30-50 range I'd consider it a miracle. Of course, I have my viewdist. at ~6400. "Mostly High" settings at "3km" should be a lot faster, but if you have less of a system you'll start bottlenecking sooner. Arma is one game that makes it very difficult to blame solely a GPU or CPU. No matter what your system is, you will find the limits of AT LEAST one of those two components, and in doing so you will MOST LIKELY bottleneck the other as well.
  25. Here: http://cdn.withsix.com/software/su/su-setup.exe is a link to the old Six Updater, which still has CBA_TOH et al in its Mods browser. It might take you a little while to come to grips with how it actually works - not exactly user friendly, but then again the new version doesn't even offer the same features AFAIK - but you can install CBA_TOH directly from here. When I did, it automatically even put it into my TOH folder. By default it may not want to let you install it since it's not an Arma2 mod, but right click-> add to dynamic preset, and you should then be able to get it to install by right clicking it from the menu on the left -> updater ->install/update mods. Here's a link to mirrors of the six updater, not sure why the top link is not the most recent, or the version numbers diverge pretty rapidly: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/six-arma-updater/files EDIT: It seems you can just find the mod @CBA_TOH under the Mods tab, right click it and add it to your dynamic preset, then in the left-hand menu select Take-On H Vanilla. I think this by itself will tell the program you want to deal with TOH mods, and you can now right click @CBA_TOH under your Dynamic Preset (again in the left-hand menu) and select Updater Actions->Install/Update mod